Product Launch Ultimatum

Case Study:
How I Made $1843 in 20 Days
With 4027 Visitors from Warrior Forum
Written By:
Leo Banks
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Introduction …………………………………………………………………….. 3
What is a WSO? ………………………………………………………… 3
Find something that will sell ………………………………………………… 5
Product Creation Ideas ……………………………………………….. 5
My WSO Idea ………………………………………………………….… 6
Creating My First WSO …………………………………………………….…. 8
Sales Thread …………………………………………………….……… 8
Getting Targeted Traffic ……………………………………………………… 12
Traffic from WSO section ……………………………………… 13
The Result ……………………………………………………………………… 15
$388 at the First Day ……………………………………………….…. 15
4027 Views and 19 Sales in 20 Days ………………………………. 16
Extras: Start Having Your Own Success Story …………………………. 18
Coaching/Service WSO ………………………………………………. 18
Best Offer EVER! ……………………………………………………… 19
What If You Are Not an Expert? ……………………………………. 20
The Tipping Point ……………………………………………………… 20
Why People Will Pay You ……………………………………………. 21
No Need To Drive Traffic …………………………………………….. 21
How To Offer Your Coaching ……………………………………….. 22
Scale Up Your Business …………………………………………….. 24
Conclusion …………………………………………………………………….. 26
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First of all, congratulation that you decided to buy this ebook. The first step to be successful is to be a great learner. And you are! What I’m going to talk about is something very simple but effective. I’m going to show you how I made $1,940 from my first WSO.
If you’re trying to make money online. I’m sure you’ve heard of Push Button Riches before, how you can get rich overnight. It floats around you.
So let me tell you honestly. There is no Push Button to make money. If you want the Push Button you still have to put your effort to create it. No one will create it for you. This means to make things happen, you need to work to get it. There is no shortcut to success.
The knowledge you have is worthless unless you start taking action and apply it. The good news is that you took the first action by purchasing this book. So the rest you have to do is to apply knowledge you read here and not take any other shiny objects which seem to be a shortcut.
The biggest mistake for most of new marketers is trying to find shiny new method without taking action until they see the result. Be patient and don’t get distracted with any other methods. Stick with one proven method and you will see the result.
For this ebook, I will make everything as simple as possible. Hence it’s easy for you to follow and apply. You will not see tons of content because I will make it straight to the point how I made it.
What is a WSO?
One of the best online marketing forums on the internet is Warrior Forum. It’s a great place to find out information and what’s new about internet marketing.
Many successful online marketers launched their careers there. We can say that Warrior Forum has created many millionaires.
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If you’re in internet marketing field. There is no better resource community than the Warrior Forum. So, if you’re not a member yet, head over to and sign up for an account now.
Warrior Special Offers (WSO) is one of the section on Warrior Forum. It’s the section where members can offer their products or services to other members with a special price.
Simply put your product or service to WSO section and you will get connected with eager buyers. It’s one of the easiest ways to make money on the internet.
And that’s what I realized. So I started to think what I could offer to those buyers, something which was valuable. What’s in my mind was that if I can help them get what they want, I will get what I want.
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Find something that sells
As I told you, what’s in my mind was if I can help people to get what they want, then I will get what I want. You should also have this mindset too, to help people reach their goals. It’s very simple. People want to pay anyone who can really solve their problems.
So I was thinking what I can do to help people. I do simple research to find out “what people are looking for”.
I went to Warrior Forum and checked Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum and Warrior Special Offers (WSO) section. I found out what people are looking for was how they can start making money online.
There are a lot of new marketers there who are looking for information which will help them to reach their goals. It’s not just how they can get started. They are also looking for other information about internet marketing such as creating squeeze page, using paid traffic, list building, increasing conversion rate, product creation, etc.
This is your opportunity to serve people. You have to find out what you are master at which can help people. Always ask yourself that, if you are a buyer, will your knowledge help them? If your answer is yes, then you can get started to create your own product.
Product Creation Ideas
For new marketers, if you don’t have any experience about product creation, you may think it’s very difficult to create your own product.
Also, since a lot of internet marketing products are about making money online. If you never made money online, how can you do it?
The answer is very simple, your WSO can be anything as long as you created it yourself. Remember, if you can solve people’s problem, they are willing to pay you. You just have to fulfill common need. Always deliver value in your product.
Here are some product ideas for you to create your WSO:
– Ebook
– Report
– Article
– Interview
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– 6 –
– Video Course
– Tutorial
– Software
– Keyword Lists
– Webinar
– MP3 downloads
– Membership Site
– Website Template
And some service ideas which can be:
– Article Writing
– Web Design
– Graphic Design
– Programming
– SEO Service
– Coaching/Mentoring
– Anything else which people are willing to pay for you to do for them
You can see that there are a lot of ideas I gave you. Just transform your knowledge or skills into product or service, then you are ready to create your WSO.
For me, I chose Coaching/Mentoring.
My WSO Idea
I chose Coaching/Mentoring service as my first WSO. My coaching program idea is about how people can start making money online with Google AdSense which I already had knowledge and familiar with it. I was sure that I can help people with my coaching program.
How to make money online is a common need for people who are in internet marketing field. Moreover, not only new marketers but also for those who already attended in AdSense program and who already had their own websites, they should be interested in my offer if they can improve the result from attending my coaching program. I knew how to help them and that’s why people are willing to pay me.
Remember I always tell you to help people since this is the key of success for my first WSO.
It’s very simple for me to deliver service for my coaching program. After they made a payment, I just have to schedule a time for the session. My session takes about 2 hours which my clients will learn everything they need to know to create a simple site and start earning with AdSense.
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– 7 –
After that if my clients need help, I offer them support for free until they make the result. And that is how I provide value to my customers.
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– 8 –
Creating My First WSO
This is my first WSO and the first time I created my product. Somehow I wanted to make sure I do everything like advanced marketers since I don’t want people to judge me as a newbie who is trying to sell crap stuff and can’t really help them. If things turn out to be like that I will not be able to get any sale.
It seemed to be difficult for me since I didn’t have any reputation there. But I realized that the first thing people see on your offer and will judge if you are a newbie or advanced marketer is your sales page. This meant if I would like to be an advanced marketer, I have to act like advanced marketer.
In addition, you don’t need a website to create your WSO and get sales. You need only sales thread. This is the reason why you should create it as best as you can.
Hence I started looking for my sales page idea by searching on WSO section and considered how advanced and successful marketers did with their sales page.
I saw something in common for them. Organized well, easy to read, interesting headline and sales letter, told exactly what customer will get, offered satisfaction guaranteed, affordable price and had reviews.
It’s not too difficult to identify why some products are getting a lot of sales and some are not making any sales. I’m sure you can guess if each product will get sales by just visiting sales threads.
These were what I realized so I reverse engineered advanced marketer sales threads and made everything as similar as I can to them. I knew this would make me look like advanced marketer which I knew I am.
Sales Thread
So I started creating my sales thread. It’s very easy to do that. You can start your sales thread by just clicking ‘Create a new WSO’. Then you’re ready to setup everything.
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– 9 –
Then I filled up my WSO detail on this page.
My WSO title is “[Live Coaching] Start Making Daily Profits in Few Days with AdSense – GUARANTEED RESULT!”
I will not talk about this process much since when you do it, there will be an explanation note which you can follow very easily.
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– 10 –
Then I started creating my sales page here.
And this is how it looks after my thread get approved.
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– 11 –
Here is the URL to my thread.
You can go to URL above and check out yourself to see how my complete sales thread looks.
If you can’t access it, you can search for my username, imbnk. And find the thread I started.
And that’s how I did it. I paid attention a lot to my subject line, sales page, and reviews. I made sure it is what advanced marketers always do to their sales threads.
I decided to set my coaching program price at $97 which I would have to do online session and spent about 2 hours with my client after I got a sale.
This seemed to be high price for the first WSO. Somehow, I was sure that my clients would get value from my coaching program more than $97.
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– 12 –
Getting Targeted Traffic
Once you setup your sales thread, it’s automated. Very simple since ‘Traffic + Conversions = Sales’. And with WSO, you don’t need to play around with building sites. You need only a great sales thread with high conversion.
The more traffic you get and the higher the conversion, the more sale you will make. Money is made by traffic and conversions which convert traffic into sales.
The good news is that you get targeted traffic for free after you launched your WSO which costs only $20. Remember that people who are in WSO section are hungry buyers, so keep focusing on what you offer. If your WSO gives value to people and really help them then you will get tons of sales easily.
Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum section is another place you can get free traffic. You can see that there are a lot of people viewing it. As same as WSO section.
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– 13 –
There are many threads under Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum section. Which you can go to answer the thread with valuable content.
Don’t forget to add your signature which links back to your WSO so that people will be able to see it. If you do this every day, with consistency, you will get more targeted traffic to your WSO.
This is an example how I did it.
Do not spam your post since people will see clearly that you are spamming and just want to promote your WSO. You may also get notification from moderator for spamming reason. Make sure you read all the rules before doing anything.
Traffic from WSO Section
I did almost nothing after I launched my WSO since targeted traffic was already ready for me. With catchy WSO title, people would click to see my thread. I just had to prepare making sales and answering questions to people who are interested in my offer.
Let me show you the potential of WSO traffic.
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– 14 –
You can see that many threads have more than 1000 views of targeted visitors. Some of them reached 10k views and some reached over 100k views!
Although they might have to bump their thread many times to reach that amount of visitors, that doesn’t matter as long as they can make profit from it. I’m so confident that if it was you, you will do it too.
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– 15 –
The Result
The result I got from my first WSO was very surprised. I spent in total about 5 hours to setup everything; my subject line, sales letter, and graphic.
I didn’t have any reviews on my thread since this is my first WSO and I had no idea how to get it. The only thing I knew was I can really help people with my offer. And that’s enough.
After my thread had launched, there were many people asked me for more information about my WSO and sent me PM. After I answered all of their questions very quick and honestly how I could help them. Then I got my first sales!
$388 at the First Day
This is my first WSO and the first day after launching it I got 4 sales. And that means I made $388 in total revenue.
Here you can see my sales report.
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– 16 –
From the screenshot above, you can see that I got 703 views and all of them are from WSO section which costs only $20. Conversion rate might be a bit low since it is high price offer.
Somehow, I needed only 1 sale to make profit and this is the benefit of high price offer. In order to make $97, you can have $97 product which generates just only 1 sale or you can have $9.7 product which generates 10 sales. This depends on you.
4027 Views and 19 Sales in 20 Days
After launching my first WSO. I reached 4000 views in 20 days and this generated revenue in total $1843 from 4027 views and 19 sales. Is it interesting?
Here you can see my sales report in 20 days.
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– 17 –
I bumped my thread for only 2 times which means I got 4027 views from targeted visitors for just about $60. Only $60 for 4027 targeted traffic. And that’s very cheap.
This is why WSO section is one of the best place to promote your offer. For $60, if you buy quality solo ads, you will get only 100 visitors and you may not get any sales.
You can also see that it’s $1843 pure profit since I don’t have any affiliate payments. All sales are made from WSO section! What’s interesting is that if I scale this up and also get traffic from affiliates who promote product for me I will get more sales and generate more income.
Here is my stat on affiliate marketplace section.
My earnings per visitor or EPV is $0.43 which means each visitor will generate $0.43 for me. That’s not bad right?
Remember that my WSO is still running. So, if I bump my thread again and again, I will be able to generate more and more sales.
Targeted traffic is already waiting for you. It’s that simple – ‘Traffic + Conversions = Sales’. You just need to create product that sells. In addition, you can get started today. Don’t forget I spent only 5 hours and had been launching it for only 20 days to generate $1843. Hence I’m so confident that you can it too.
And that is how I made $1843 from my first WSO.
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– 18 –
Extras: Start Having Your Own Success Story
Now you know how I made my success story. It’s your turn to make your own too. There is no shortcut to success and start taking action is the key to reach your goal.
What most people believe is that they need to be technical or expert to make real money online.
Although I’ve been earning with Google AdSense. I don’t call it “Business” since I still have to wait for Google to approve my earning and pay me each month.
They hold the rules and my income can go back to zero anytime if they change it.
Google AdSense is a good income stream if you want to earn some extras money. But if you want to have a real online business, they can’t give you.
What I’m going to tell you next is how you can build your real online business, not just earning some extras money. It’s a starting point which you can scale it up and earn as much as you can.
Let me tell you that I’m not technical or expert. Even though I know how to create website, you can see that it didn’t involve in my success story you read.
From my success story, all I did is creating my sales page and offered coaching service I’m familiar with. So you can do it too. You just have to think what you can offer to people. And that’s enough to make real money online.
Coaching/Service WSO
As I explained you before there are many product ideas you can create for your WSO. A lot of newbies are intimidated by the idea of creating an ebook or video tutorial product.
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– 19 –
You can do like other too but you should know that offering coaching and/or a service is actually much easier… there is no product to research or create, just a sales page.
Another advantage of offering coaching/services is the higher payout (usually in the $50-$200+ range). Because the payouts are bigger, there is no need to recruit affiliates – you can make good money from just the organic traffic on the forum. Like what I already did!
So you know the advantages of coaching and service WSO. Does it sound interesting? Let’s talk in detail.
Best Offer EVER!
Create your sales page once and generate many sales of your coaching program to worldwide audience.
Ask yourself, ‘Is it worth?’ if,
You spend 2 hours to coach your client and earn $97.
You do one-on-one coaching via email and make $197.
You do one-on-one coaching via email and also give live call for 30 minutes a week per month and charge for $500.
‘Yes, it’s worth.’ right?
You can make tons of money very fast if you offer coaching WSO. As long as you give value to your clients, they will be happy to pay you.
There are tons of new marketers who are looking for offers which can help them solve their problems. All you have to do is to find what their problems are.
Find what they need, and fulfill their needs.
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– 20 –
What If You Are Not an Expert?
You don’t need to be an expert at any chosen field.
The main thing you should understand is that… You don’t have to change the world with your information. You just have to teach people who is less educated than you are on the topic you chose.
And that’s what makes you become an expert.
You don’t have to know everything. But have to know something someone else doesn’t.
You can coach clients in any niche market. I do suggest topic about internet marketing if you want to launch your WSO since it’s the most targeted niche in the forum.
If you never have any experience in internet marketing field… Find topic you’re interested in, study, and become expert about it. There are a lot of information on the forum which you can learn to become expert in short time.
The Tipping Point
I was classed as ‘newbie’ before. I had failed many times until I started making real money online.
I was thinking that I would make money first and then invest in a mentor to help me later. Then I still failed repeatedly for years.
Then I accepted I needed help from people who already achieved their success. And when I found my mentor, that changed my whole business.
You probably have no idea what you should do to start making results like I was before. But there’s someone who’s done it. You need to get help from this person who will make a huge difference in your business.
I talk from my experience. And that’s why I suggest you to consider offering coaching. A lot of newbies are looking for someone to help them get started something.
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– 21 –
And if you’re not expert at anything and not sure if you can really help people about what you’re going to coach them… Find a mentor. Then you will shorten your time to success.
Why People Will Pay You
Have you ever though “You wish you knew what you know now”?
A mentor can help you shorten your time to success. You can avoid common mistakes most people make with the support of your mentor.
And that’s why people will pay for you.
Ask yourself that “Are you going to pay for someone who can really help you achieve your goal?”
That’s what I always mentioned. If you can help people to get what they want, then you will get what you want.
Within one month of getting a mentor, I generated my first real money online. You can do it too if you have a mentor. Also anyone.
Now ask yourself this question, “What value are you going to offer to your clients?” And then start working on what you need to do and start helping people with your coaching.
For price of your coaching, this depends on value you give them. You can charge your client as much as you can as long as you give them value more than the price.
In my opinion, price range between $49-$197 would be reasonable and affordable for buyers in warrior forum. Anyway, you can charge more if you’re advanced marketer and confident that your coaching is worth the price you set for client who will attend.
No Need To Drive Traffic
I already mentioned what and how I did to get more than 4000 visitors in 20 days to my first WSO.
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– 22 –
You need only sales page. So just make sure your sales page is good enough and have high conversion. The best and cheapest way is to reverse engineer advanced marketer sales page.
By offering coaching WSO which costs just only $49, you need only 1 sale to make profit instantly. There is no need to recruit much affiliates to promote your WSO. Only traffic from Warrior Forum is enough to make just 1 sale.
After your WSO has launched, you just have to sit and wait to answer questions to people who are interested in your offer and start getting sales.
How To Offer Your Coaching
It doesn’t take much time to offer coaching to your clients. You can decide yourself how you will offer it. I will give you some idea.
After you got clients. You can deliver your coaching by…
Video – You can offer group coaching by creating coaching videos and send them to your clients each week by AutoResponder.
For example, you created 8 videos and set AutoResponder to send training lesson on Monday. Schedule a Q&A session each week on Thursday and answer client’s questions on the Q&A call, live webinar, or via email… This will save a lot of your time.
Email – You can offer personal coaching for each client by giving your personal email to your clients and give a lesson through it.
Your lesson depends on your client’s basic knowledge and will be different for each one. Your clients will have an opportunity to reach you personally via email every day or every week for a month.
Live Call – You can offer either personal or group coaching for each client by doing a live call via Skype.
I’ve seen someone who offers 1-on-1 coaching by giving a live call 30 minutes per week for a month to their client. And he charges $500 per client doing that.
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– 23 –
For Skype group coaching, you may also give Q&A session to answer your client’s question.
These are just ideas. Choose the method to offer it which is suitable for your coaching so your clients will be able to learn and get as much as value from your coaching.
Extra Tips: Step by Step Coaching Email
You may streamline your coaching program into 11 simple steps so your client can progress at their own pace while having a total clarity on what they need to do next.
Make sure your clients complete each step then you should review each step they’ve completed and give them suggestion. Let them sends their work for review at your email.
You should carefully review each step they’ve completed and give them suggestions. Treat their works as though it was your own and set high standard. Don’t give them a pass on low quality works.
Lastly, let them do actual work themselves but you guide them through the entire process from beginning to end.
Remember, do not let them move on to the next step until you’ve cleared for the previous one.
Here are the 11 steps:
1. Clients introduce themselves: This will let you know their marketing background.
2. Clients read your guide: You should have a guide which give them overview of what they have to do.
3. Clients brainstorm three topics: Let them think of at least three topics about their product ideas. They sent you ideas and you decide which works best for them.
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– 24 –
4. Clients create the rough draft of their product: They send their rough draft, you review it and give suggestion.
5. Clients create five subject lines: They need a great subject line for their sales thread. Let them send you at least 5 subject line ideas, you review them and give suggestions for developing the best one.
6. Clients create the sales page copy: They send their rough draft of sales page copy, you review it and give suggestion.
7. Clients set up sales funnel: They already created a finished product as well as their sales page and subject line. Then they need to set up their sales funnel.
8. Clients get reviews: Reviews give them better conversion rate for their product. Let them create a review invitation message and send you for review.
9. Clients get JV partners: JV partners affiliates help them promote their product. Let them create JV partner invitation message and send you for review.
10. Clients submit WSO sales page for approval (But don’t pay fee to go live yet.)
11. Final Step: Once everything is lined up (product, sales page, reviews, affiliates, etc.) you make a final assessment to make sure everything is ready for launch.
Please noted that this is just an idea. You don’t have to follow me every step. Just make sure that you have outline for your coaching program since that makes you easier to work with your coaching clients.
Scale Up Your Business
After you got sales and offered coaching to clients, always ask for reviews from clients who attended your coaching program. This will make you well-known and make it easier for new interested people to make a decision to join your coaching.
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– 25 –
You already have your first success story, don’t just stop here. You can also place your offer on other marketplace like WarriorPlus or JVZoo. Here you will get more sales and affiliates to promote your offer.
Lastly, don’t forget to engage your AutoResponder to your offer. Doing that so you are building a list on autopilot. And… It’s not just a list. But a buyers list!
A buyer is always a buyer. When you have a list of buyers, you can promote your offers to them again and again.
Since your clients will become repeated buyers, that’s why you have to make sure you deliver value to your first time customer. So they will buy you again and again and again when you promote any offer.
One subscriber on your buyer list would generate you on average $1-$2 per month. So if you make 100 sales with one WSO you can make an extra income $100 per month.
Moreover, if they are your coaching clients which is high ticket product then you would generate more. Maybe $10 per month for each subscriber or $1000 per month extra income.
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– 26 –
I already told you how I did everything with my first WSO and how you can have your own success story. The rest for you is to start taking action and see the result as same as I did.
This is not just theory, it’s exactly what and how I did it. And I’m so confident to say it really works!
Your first WSO might not be perfect. You don’t need to be great to start, you just have to start to be great… Remember that people don’t pay for what you know but they pay for what you do. So it’s really important to take action if you want to see the result.
If you follow my steps exactly and take daily action, you will be able to generate income as much as you can. You don’t need a lot of money to get started, only $20 to launch your WSO. So, money shouldn’t be a problem.
You need to understand that you can become successful if you stick with one system and make it profitable. Stop chasing shiny objects and start doing real business.
Treat this like a business so you get business. Treat this like a part time job so you get part time job. You can choose it yourself.
Challenge yourself to stick with WSO creation. Make a 30 day commitment. Commit to yourself you will not chase for or apply any other methods until you make result from it…
Repeat to yourself “I will persist until I succeed” everyday… And with that mindset, I’m so confident you will make the result.
It’s time to prove it yourself. TAKE ACTION NOW!
To Your Success,
Leo Banks
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