The Ultimate Traffic Guide

The Ultimate Traffic Guide
The Ultimate Traffic Report

Traffic is the lifeblood of your online business, you could have the most amazing, life-changing
product or service on the internet but if no-one sees it or gets to hear about it then it’s
completely useless.

No Traffic = No Sales = No Cash. End of story.

As you probably know there are two methods of traffic generation. Paid and free. There are pros and
cons of both, paid traffic can be virtually instant but will cost you. And if you don’t know what
you are doing you can lose your shirt very quickly (speaking from personal experience). Free
traffic does take some time and some work but doesn’t have to cost you a penny. Set up correctly
you can have multiple traffic streams coming from multiple sources for no cost at all, but you have
to do it right. Which is where my ‘traffic magnetizer system’ comes in.

My traffic magnetizer system is broken down into three steps.

1) Find out where the traffic you want is already going.

2) Create amazing content that your potential prospects will love and get value from.

3) Give them exactly what they want.

One of the biggest myths about generating traffic is it doesn’t take any work, this couldn’t be
further from the truth. If you want to see healthy traffic numbers hitting your site then you have
to put the effort in.

When I say “work” I mean “create amazing content”. This needn’t be as boring and laborious as you
think, I actually enjoy researching new topics in my industry and then sharing with other
like-minded people.

But your content has to be top quality and how good your content is will determine whether your
prospects will want to visit your site. If your content sucks they won’t bother. Period!

When it comes to creating content you can either 1) create it yourself 2) outsource it or 3) use
PLR (Private Label Rights) material.

Creating the content yourself is, in my opinion, the best option because it will be unique to you
with your own personality injected into it. This is something that you will not get with
outsourcing or using PLR. And of course it can be free. If the content is already in your head and
you can just roll it out then great but most of us
have to do a little research first.

Search for your keywords in google and check out the sites in the organic listings. Also type in
‘your keyword’ + blog and check out the results, blogs are better known for their content being
fresh and up to date. Go to Youtube and type your keywords in the search bar and check out what
videos are showing in the results. Just these three strategies will give you an abundance of
content, but when researching you must never directly copy anyone else’s content, reading for
research purposes is fine but never copy.

You can also find out what information products are being sold in your marketplace from places like or This will also give you an idea of what is being talked about in your
niche right now and should give you plenty of ideas. I would buy some of the products and consume
as much content as I can then create my own using my new found knowledge.


Outsourcing is a great way to get your content created quickly but this will obviously cost you
money, it doesn’t have to be overly expensive but it will cost you something. I have seen content
creators advertising their services for as little as 1.5 cents a word. That’s a 500 word article
for $7.50.

Good places to go to find outsourcers are, and the warrior forum has a
services section where content creators advertise their services. Make a post on the warrior forum
or any other forum you may be a member of and ask other marketers if they know any good writers.
Using content creators that other marketers have used before and been happy with is a great way to
ensure the content will be good quality. You can also join some face-book groups in your niche and
ask around for referrals.

If you find an outsourcer who didn’t come from a recommendation then always do your due diligence
on them. Check the feedback on their profiles. Ask to see sample work and make sure that the
content they create for you is 100% original and hasn’t been used elsewhere. You have to state this
from the start to your outsourcer so there isn’t any confusion.

Now you have some mind-blowing, fresh content you have to start using it to attract visitors to
your site. Here are some great starting places-


Forums are the perfect place to start when finding where your prospects are congregating. A forum
is basically an online community who share a common
interest. The quickest way to find forums in your marketplace is to do a google search for the
following terms

‘your keyword’ + discussion

‘your keyword’ + forum

‘your keyword’ + thread

‘your keyword’ + vbulletin

‘your keyword’ + phpbb

‘your keyword’ + invision

‘your keyword’ + board

‘your keyword’ + view topic

This will give you an absolute plethora of forums in your marketplace to join but make sure the
ones you do join are still active. Make sure there have been posts made in the last few days,
joining forums that haven’t had any activity since 2006 is a
waste of your time.

You can also go to a forum search engine, type your keywords into their search bar and go through
all the results. Two reliable forum search engines are-

Your must read the forum rules before you start to post anything, breaking the rules even by
accident is a sure-fire way to get yourself banned.

Introduce your-self to the rest of the members. There usually is a designated ‘new members’ section
where you can tell everyone about yourself and what you do, subtle promotion of your website may be
allowed but check the guidelines first.

Try and use your real name as your forum username, this allows your prospects to get to know the
real you and not just someone hiding behind a computer screen. If you can’t use your real name or
simply do not want to then use a name that is memorable not just ‘barry2340z’ or something equally
as random.
You can usually leave a link to your website in your signature file, this will show up at the
bottom of every post you create and in your profile page. You want to make your signature entry
like a headline of a sales page so it attracts attention with a call
to action. If you are in an internet marketing forum and in your signature is ‘Discover how I built
a list of 30,924 subscribers in 30 days using other people’s traffic’ which
is hyperlinked to your website, then ‘click here’ underneath, that is going to get member’s
attention and get the clicks you are after.

Start to read all the threads, answer questions, provide helpful resources and post helpful
content. Participate and become a valued member of the forum and traffic will come to your website
as a natural consequence. Only respond to posts that you are confident you know the correct answer
to, the quickest way to destroy your
credibility is to give wrong information. If you don’t know the answer, don’t get involved.

What you do NOT want to do is blatantly self-promote. No-body responds to that and you could be
banned from the forum.

Google+ Groups

Google+ groups drive traffic to your site pretty much the same way as forums just on a different
platform but they work in the same way. There are groups for every niche under the sun and they are
full of targeted prospects. Your approach should be the same as with a forum, you will drive
traffic back to your site by actively involving yourself in the group. Asking and answering good
questions, providing great content and resources. If you just go into a group and start spamming
everyone then you will be ignored or even worse banned. Offering good information and building a
credible reputation is key.

You need to take some time to fill out your profile details and replace multi coloured header that
you are supplied with. Also upload a picture of yourself do not leave the blue face-less picture as
it makes you look like a spammer. Take the time to fill out your ‘story’ on your profile page.
Taking care of these little details makes you look more professional and shows people that you have
made some effort on your profile.


Adswapping is a fantastic way to drive traffic when done properly. In a nutshell you contact
another marketer in the same niche as you who has an email list of similar size and you agree to
email your list a promotion for them if they will email a promotion to their list for you. It is a
mutually beneficial way to leverage someone else’s hard work to drive traffic and build your

One thing that is very important is the offer that you mail. You can mail an immediate paid offer
but testing has shown that this decreases the responsiveness of the swap so you should mail each
other’s lists a squeeze page with a downloadable free gift this way you are more likely to get the
click and the sign up. Make sure you personalize the landing page to the JV partner who has mailed
for you, have a headline like ‘Free gift only available to subscribers of john smith’ this also
will increase response.

To find potential adswap partners you should be looking in forums or social media groups in your
niche and simply ask members if they are interested in doing an adswap

You can also go to or to see other product creators in your niche, if they
are selling products it is pretty much guaranteed they have an email list.

Adswaps work so well because when a list owner emails your promotion to his/her list they are
basically recommending you and if they have a good relationship with their list the trust they have
built up will transfer to you. Even though you have done nothing to earn it.

If you are just getting started and have a very small size list, some other marketers may have a
problem mailing theirs if it is significantly bigger. Hardly seems fair them mailing their 20k list
while you only have 100 subscribers but you can cut a deal where they only mail a portion of their
list so it equates to the same amount that you are mailing.

One trick you can use if the potential partner has a much bigger list than you is to have an
affiliate offer in place. Offer to pay them a commission on every one of their subscribers who
eventually buys from you. This creates another incentive as well as you emailing their promotion to
your list.

One very important thing to remember is always carry out the mailings yourself, never allow someone
else to mail your list directly. This is an invasion of privacy and will probably be flagged up as
spam. It could be the quickest way to destroy the email list that you have put blood, sweat and
tears into building.
JV Giveaway Events

The idea behind a JV giveaway event is where the host of the event invites partners who are list
owners in a similar niche who all contribute a free gift.

The gift can be any kind of digital product, a free report, an e-book, video or audio products,
software products, membership passes etc. The host of the event then adds all the gifts into one
member’s area, this is where the visitors will go to download the gifts of their choice but in
return will have to opt-in into a mailing list.

Obviously you do need to have a mailing list and a product to give away but all the content
creation strategies you have learnt in this report will make it easy to create something of value.

The event is obviously heavily promoted by every marketer involved and will result in an explosive
traffic surge while the launch is running and also get you a boatload of new subscribers.

If you do search for ‘your niche’ + giveaway events then you should find some or – is a great place to go.

Blog Commenting

Find a high traffic blog in your marketplace and leave a comment at the bottom of a popular post
with a link back to your website.

Do a google search for your keywords and ‘your keyword’ + blog and go through the listings for the
first five pages of the google results. This will give you the most popular sites/blogs to get your
links on.

The key to successfully getting traffic using this method is the content of the comment you leave.

Everyone leaves comments such as ‘great post bob’ or ‘thanks for the good information here’s a link
to my site’ comments like this will not get readers clicking through to your website. You need to
leave intelligent and informative comments, like a mini blog post, adding value to the original
post. Think of it as an extension of the post that you are commenting on. Hit the topic from a
different angle, offer a fresh point of view, even go so far as to not entirely agree with
everything the author of the post said as long as you are constructive with your comments and do
not start an argument by telling them they don’t know what they are talking about. This leads us
into our next traffic generation method
Guest Posting

On the same high traffic blogs that you are leaving comments on you can also ask to have one of
your posts featured on their blog/website with a link incorporated back to your site. The trick to
this strategy is getting the site owner to agree to your post
going on their site. Remember this site could be their only source of income, their livelihood so
they won’t let just anybody write posts for them you have to 1) get noticed by them and 2) prove
you are going to add a tremendous amount of value.

Once you have found a potential blog or site you want to guest post for you find the contact
details for the site owner and join their email list, download any newsletters or audio/video
courses they may have and consume their content. Leave comments on their posts as discussed in the
previous section, follow them on twitter, find them
on facebook, make sure you have had some sort of interaction with them and they are aware you are
alive. I have seen some blog owners who personally respond to a lot of their blog comments so
leaving intelligent, relevant comments will get you noticed.

Then contact the site owner via email and use a catchy subject line. They must receive hundreds of
guest post requests and the majority probably won’t even get opened especially if the subject line
is ‘guest post’. Try using something like ‘Hey (site owner first name) would love your thoughts on
my xyz post’ or something that will get their attention so they at least open your email.

Make sure you personalize the email. Do not just send out a standard template these are spotted a
mile away from professional site owners and will most likely be ignored. Briefly mention their
content you have consumed or blog posts that you
have commented on, what you liked and how it benefited you, really tailor your email to that
particular site owner.

Try and keep the email short and succinct, no-one wants to trawl through pages and pages of your
guest post request they will get bored and close your email.

Show how you will add value. Don’t overdo a subject that has already been done to death as they
will probably not want another article on the same topic, having said that if you were to offer a
fresh point of view or a slight twist then that could work in your favour, just make sure you show
how it will be different.

Attach a copy of your post you would like them to feature and make it your best work. Don’t try and
keep all your best content for your own site.

Tumblr is very underused as a traffic source but make no mistake about it done correctly the
micro-blogging platform will send a flood of visitors.

Go to and sign up for a free account. They walk you through the process and you will be
set up in less than 30 seconds. Then start uploading content to your blog and customize it. Change
the theme, upload a header just so it looks individual to you. But don’t spend too long making your
blog look pretty, we are more
interested in posting links to our site on other people’s posts and watching them go viral.

Tumblr posts have a heart icon in the bottom right hand corner which is basically a
‘like’, next to that you have a re-share button which will re-share someone else’s post to your
dashboard. The trick with Tumblr is to find a post, picture or any other upload that has a lot of
likes and re-shares. Start to follow all the people that have liked and
re-shared that post and they will start to follow you back. These people are highly interactive and
more likely to re-share and ‘like’ your content which obviously is linked back to your website.
Then you want to re-share the popular post to your dashboard but you have the ability to edit the
post before you do, this is where you will link back to your website on the post that is already
being shared all over Tumblr. I have seen posts with 20,000+ likes and re-shares, that is a hell of
a lot of eyeballs
seeing your link.


Without a doubt the most powerful of the social media sites. You can have thousands of twitter
followers and facebook friends but none will perform as well as linkedin connections. Linkedin is a
social media site for professionals, not a place to update how drunk you got on Friday night or
photos of your dinner. This is a place to make solid business connections and strong JV partners
but most importantly a great place to get traffic

The key to traffic generation with linkedin is to first to set up a professional looking profile.
You can do a google search for ‘ “your keywords”’ and this will bring up all the
profiles of your linkedin competitors. These are definitely profiles that you want to model your
profile on, if they are ranking on the first page of google they are doing something right.

Then start to build your connections, the bigger your connections list the more traffic you will
see. Import your email contacts and join some groups in your niche. You cannot send a connection
request to just anybody on linkedin, you have to know them personally or had a past business
interaction with them. A way around this is to join various groups in your niche, linkedin does
allow you to send a connection request to
someone who is in the same group as you.

Start posting your content to the groups you have joined. You can submit posts to multiple groups
at once all linking back to your site. You can also direct message your connections (up to 50 at
once) with your content, if you provide great information and add a lot of value your traffic will
come naturally.

Article Marketing

There is a common misconception among internet marketers that article marketing is dead and no
longer worth your time trying to drive traffic to your site using this method. Any marketer who
thinks this is just not doing it correctly or can’t be bothered to write good, structured articles.
I actually like other marketers who think like this because it means they aren’t doing it and they
are telling everyone else not to do it which eliminates some of my competition. The fact is article
marketing flat out works when used correctly, one of the old favourites for sure in traffic

Here are a few reasons why you should use article marketing in your traffic generation efforts-

1) Article marketing is 100% free. The only thing you have to put in is your time

2) Generates traffic for years to come which you couldn’t stop even if you wanted to

3) When you write good quality articles about a topic you are knowledgeable in you will be viewed
as a person of authority.

4) Having read your top quality articles other marketers in your niche could approach you for a
JV as you are seen as an expert in your marketplace.

5) Your content gets picked up by other site owners and put onto their site which gives your
article, and website link, the chance to go super viral.

The list goes on. But articles have to be structured correctly to have the right impact on your
prospects so I am going to share some of my tips for writing great articles.

Do not write your articles for the search engines, write them for your readers. Do not overstuff
them with keywords so they do not make any sense, you want to keep your
keyword density to about 1.5% (1.5 keywords for every 100 words) You need to provide good
information and add a lot of value, readers will be more likely to finish your article and end up
at your resource box which is where your website link will be. Keywords are very important but
don’t go overboard and target long tail keywords (3 words or more) to increase your chances of
ranking for those terms. Articles should
be about 500 words, any shorter and the directories won’t accept them and much longer you could
potentially put readers off before they start if they your article has
2000 words. People have short attention spans and you would have to be very clever to keep their
interest for that long. A 500 word article would have your main keyword placed around 4-5 times,
once in every element of your article.

Write your article as if you are speaking directly to your reader, this will bring the relationship
you have with your reader much closer and if they connect with you on a personal level they are
more likely to want to know more about you. Use phrases like
‘guess what I thought of that’ and ‘did you know….?’

Check your spelling and grammar, there is nothing worse than destroying your credibility with a few
spelling mistakes. It makes you look unprofessional and with some article directories there is no
taking them down once they are published.

It is important to know the elements that need to be present in your article before you begin to
write it. These are –

Headline Introduction Body Summary Resource box

Your headline is probably the most important element, the quality of your headline will determine
whether or not your reader will click through and read the rest of your article. It needs to grab
your reader’s attention and be relevant to their search.
Use power words such as ‘secrets’, ‘tips’, ‘exposed’, tricks’. Words that will generate some
curiosity. Also use numbers in your headline but keep them under 10, any more than that and your
reader could see it as a chore to read.

If they see ’50 ways to…..’ it can be off putting. Use headlines such as ‘Top 3 secret ways to…….’
Or ‘Discover 10 tricks to…..’.

Asking a question as a headline also works well. If I was writing an article on article marketing
and I had ‘Why is article marketing so important in driving traffic?’ that could be the exact
question my prospect was looking to answer.

‘How to’ headlines are good attention grabbers as they give the reader the impression that they are
going to learn something from your article. ‘How to build a list of
30,000 subscribers in 10 days or less’ tells people exactly what they are going to get from reading
my article.

Buy niche specific magazines and check out what headlines are being used. Go to and
check out what titles are being used in books in your marketplace also the table of contents should
give you some good ideas.


Make sure your introduction conveys to your reader exactly what they are going to get from your
article and must match exactly what your headline advertises. Make them curious so they want to
continue reading, use a statement like ‘this will all make sense once you have read this article’.

Your introduction will determine whether or not your reader will continue to read the rest of your
article or just click away. You need to reinforce that they have made the right decision in
clicking on your title and checking your article out.

A good way to start your introduction is too state a fact that will interest them. Use statements
such is ‘It is shocking that……..’, ‘can you believe……?’ or ‘I was
amazed when I discovered…….?’ Etc.


The biggest mistake most marketers make in their content body is they do not deliver on the promise
of their title. If you tell people that you have 10 secret strategies for SEO domination then you
have to deliver on your promise.

When starting to write your article you need to think of every point you want to make, this will be
the ‘meat’ of your content. Mention each point one by one using sub headings and try and tell a
story or give an example in relation to what you have just discussed. People like to read stories,
it captivates their attention and you easily emphasize your point.

As I mentioned use sub headings for each point, bullet points are also good as they break the
article up and use short sentences and paragraphs with plenty of white space.
Lotsandlotsandlotsandlotsandlots of words all crammed together makes your article very difficult to


The summary is where you want to re-emphasise all the benefits of your article and point your
reader towards your resource box. You can say ‘this summarises the article, you can get more hints
and tips on xyz if you visit my website’ this will then have the reader looking for the website you
mentioned in your resource box

Resource box

This is the most important part of your article so it is worth checking and double checking. The
resource box is the only place you can freely advertise your website and if you have done your job
properly with your article all your reader will need is a strong call to action and incentive to
click your link and visit your site. If I had
written an article on SEO and captivated the reader’s attention until the end then in
my resource box I would write ‘Daniel Craig shares more SEO secrets at his blog Visit his blog and sign up for a free audio series where he shares some of
his most closely guarded secrets’. This technique creates a ‘hard to resist’ resource box and works
very well with the incentive of a free download.

Now you have you articles created you have to get them submitted to article directories. These
directories vary in popularity but the some good ones to use are

There are hundreds more out there and if you do a search in google for ‘article directories’ you
will get a lot more showing up and these are popular if they are ranking well in google. You can
also check out this site-

This site is great because it lists the top 50 article directories by traffic and pagerank.

Podcasting with Itunes

You should think of Itunes as a search engine in itself. Just like google or yahoo, people flock to
Itunes every day looking for information. Your job is to correctly set up your podcast, make it
look professional and get in front of your prospects to drive them to your website via your podcast
page where you can put your link.

Downloading podcasts is so popular with content consumers because of the convenience. If they find
your podcast but don’t have time to listen to every episode they can download it to their Ipod and
listen anywhere they like. It also appeals to
your more auditory audience (people who retain more information by listening).

There are lots of podcast directories you can submit to but I will be focussing on
Itunes in this report.

Your first step should be to create and upload 5 episodes or ‘shows’ as they are known in Itunes.
These can either be just you talking or an interview you have done with an expert in your niche.

Get some professional looking graphics done so your podcast stands out. Itunes loves this and so
will your prospects when they arrive at your page. It makes you look like
a person of authority, a real business and someone to be trusted.

Don’t charge for your podcasts, there is an abundance of free content on Itunes and if someone sees
your podcast which is priced at $5 next to somebody else’s who’s is
free they will more than likely choose the free one (unless you are a mega celebrity in your
niche). Which may happen in time but for now, give it away.

Write a good, detailed description about your podcast with carefully placed keywords. Let people
know exactly what they are going to learn when they listen, and hopefully subscribe, to your
podcast. Turning listeners into subscribers is key on
Itunes. The bigger following of subscribers you have the more traffic you are going to drive.

Some people will just naturally subscribe if they get value from your content and you are seen to
be consistent with your production but it doesn’t hurt to give them a ‘call- to-action’ at the end
of your show and in your description. Tell people WHERE and HOW to subscribe and WHY they should.

The trick to getting traffic to your podcast in Itunes is getting ranked in Itunes for your
keywords. There is no exact algorithm for ranking in Itunes but there are a few strategies that are
known to work.
Stay Active

After uploading your 5 episodes don’t disappear of the face of the earth. You have to be consistent
with your podcast, there is no point in doing your first 5 shows then never coming back. You have
to upload new, fresh content on a regular basis to keep your listeners interested and attract new

Ratings and Reviews

The ratings and reviews section is where your listeners leave you a star rating and a review about
your podcast. Basically the more reviews you get and higher star rating you receive the higher you
will rank. Your ratings and reviews tell Itunes that you have a popular podcast

So how do you go about getting ratings and reviews? Your listeners will not always leave you a
review because they enjoyed your content, even if they found it absolutely mind blowing, some do
but most don’t. There are a couple of things you can do to increase your likelihood of a review
being left. These will also increase subscribers to your podcast.

Just ask!! The old adage ‘If you don’t ask you don’t get’. Ask in the end of your show
‘If you liked my show then please leave me a review’ and tell them how to do it. You will be
surprised at how effective this is.

Leave positive ratings and reviews for other podcasters in your niche. Leave intelligent comments
on their podcasts and highlight key points you liked in their show. They will in turn tend to
reciprocate and leave you positive reviews on your podcasts.

Once you have some reviews, mention in your future episodes the ratings and reviews you have
received previously but most importantly mention WHO left it. This then will encourage other
podcasters to then leave you reviews in the hope that they get a mention on your future episodes.
Create a buzz. Say you had 50 reviews, if you mention in your show ‘ If I get to 75 reviews by next
Saturday then I am going to do XYZ’ people will respond and start to share your podcast around. XYZ
could be a free report or video course from your website that you know your listeners will be
interested in or 5 podcast shows about one particular topic. Make sure it is something that is
going to create a buzz to get everyone sharing and asking others to leave you a review. You could
even hold a
prize raffle for everyone that has left a review, mention this four weeks prior to the raffle in
every show leading up to it and watch your listeners scramble to the review page.

Don’t buy artificial reviews. There are websites you can go to buy a stack of positive reviews to
increase your rankings and trick Itunes into thinking your podcast is more popular than it actually
is. The problem with this is Itunes will see a flock of reviews come in all at once and they will
be highlighted as not genuine and then discounted.

I sincerely hope you got some value from my Ultimate Traffic Report

Please come and visit me at for more free hints and tips.

Rank Easy Google Peasy

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Chapter 1 – Why
Over the last 20 years of dabbling in the internet marketing, website creating, and
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about SEO and how I am ranking my content on the first page of Google. It is really not
rocket science, but it is a science. It is not hard and can be done quite quickly.
Just a few of my rankings below:
RankEasy GooglePeasy
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Because to save room, I just took a small section of the screen shot. The complete
screen shots of these and more are all located at the end of this guide.
You see once you have these skills of persuading Google to show your page above and
before your competitions page, you win! This course and the techniques I teach you to
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Now we all want to be rich, some of us just want a extra $100 a week. Others want to
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looking at your content. What if just 100 people a month was dropping by your blog or
website? That’s cool Larry but how does that make me money?
I say to you what if you had the skills to apply what you did to get those hundred people
coming by your site and you did not stop at just one article of content on your blog. What
if you had 10 of these pages pulling in 100 people! That’s right, now you know where I
am going with this. You could probably pull in some great sales with 1,000 people a
week dropping by your offer on your blog or website. However, you could easily create
10 in a month, why stop there? What if you did it 100 times! Now, you are on track for
10,000 people eyeing what you have to sell but it’s not just the shear numbers. These
10,000 people are “targeted” to what you are selling. You just put a ad out in the black
hole and people interested in your ad, because they searched for the keyword you are
targeting have raised their hand. They are saying I am interested in what you are
offering. I was looking for this and I may buy what you are selling. When targeted
buyers see your offer, you become wealthy and rich.
The key knowing how to do it and doing it again and again. What I am going to teach
you is priceless. You will be able to outrank and outsell your competition not just next
week, but forever!
What I am going to teach you step by step is not very hard. Let’s get to it!
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
Chapter 2 – The Basics
Domain Name and Hosting
I am going to start off with the basics so that anyone can follow this. The first thing you
need is a website or blog, but even before you start there, you need to have some idea
of what you are trying to do. For instance if I were trying to sell items related to Puppies,
I would not want to get a domain name of CatsRus. Seems simple but many people use
old domain names that may not have anything to do with what they are trying to sell. So
before you sabotage yourself with a domain name that is irrelevant to what you are
trying to accomplish. Do some thinking first. I’m my case I tried to stay away from a
particular product and just use my own name ( that I can
keep forever, even if I stop promoting a certain product.
Now that you have decided on a domain name you need to see if it is available. Check
on your domain name at or any other webhosting company you desire.
Secure your domain name, they are pretty cheap, and if the cost of a domain name is a
obstacle maybe this isn’t for you:)
Now while you are in the process of securing your domain name, you will probably be
offered hosting as well. This is space on a webserver that will have the physical files to
make your website show to the world. I say go ahead and get the hosting, you will need
it if you want to have a blog or website.
There are also free places to create a blog but you will have a name like Google will still rank great content on free blog systems but I think
of it like this. If you are going to put all your time and effort into creating content and
trying to rank on Google. You should have it on your own system. This way if you decide
to sell advertising or change the way it looks, you are in control.
OK, so now we have a domain name and some webspace to host your site. It will just
be a blank site and you will have to take a course in html programming:) Just
kidding…you would have to do that in the old days, but now we have WordPress.
You must get WordPress and I am going to tell you why.
a) WordPress is easy to create content and post
b) WordPress is loved by Google for ranking
c) WordPress allows you to easily install “Plugins” and there are some that we will use in
order to RankEasy GooglePeasy.
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
So when you do get your domain name, and hosting, there will be a option to install
Wordpress on your website, make sure to get this. Once you have completed these
steps. Go to Chapter 3.
Complete Step by Step Chapter 2 Action:
1. Get your domain name.
2. Get your hosting.
3. Get WordPress installed.
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
Chapter 3 – Installing Plugins
Installing plugins on our wordpress site creates a boatload of functionality and style
(themes). The basic themes that come with the default WordPress installation is kinda
cheezy in my opinion. There are many free and cheap theme plugins for your website
style. The one I use is from but there are many
others, just do a search for wordpress themes and decide on one and download it.
Your theme you just downloaded will be in a “.zip” file. To install it is easy, just login to
your wordpress admin area. Usually at and once inside, on
the left side click on “Plugins”, then “Add New”. Once the new page comes up click on
“Upload” and then “choose file” migrate to where you have the plugin “.zip” file located
and select it. Then click “Install Now”. You are done. There may be some other
configuration settings to do depending on the Theme plugin. Just follow the Theme
plugin directions.
Now that you have your domain and website and theme all set, go to Chapter 4.
Complete Step by Step Chapter 3 Action:
1. Install a WordPress Theme.
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
Chapter 4 – Making SEO RankEasy GooglePeasy
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great skill to have. But you don’t need to
dedicate months to learn SEO, because there is a much better way. This is also the
reason you need a WordPress site. We are going to use a SEO plugin and one of the
best is called SEOPressor. If you already have this plugin installed on your site, you are
halfway to the secret good stuff.
Others that do not yet have SEOPressor plugin cannot compete with us. You absolutely
must get it if you want to RankEasy GooglePeasy with us. Sure there will be a one time
payment, but it is fairly cheap and will pay for itself over and over hand over fist.
Click Here to get SEOPressor >
Download the plugin to a place where you can find it. Upload and Install the plugin as
the directions say.
Now we are almost ready to RankEasy GooglePeasy! We need two more FREE plugins.
The first one will create about 12 social bookmark links to every page/post once we
publish it. Stay with me here, because it will all fit into place later on and you will say
…ah ha
Get the FREE Version of Nextscripts plugin >

Social Networks Auto Poster {SNAP} – Free plugin for WordPress

Install it per directions


and set up your sites that the plugin will post at.
The next plugin we need to install is “Rich Reviews”. This plugin will give us the stars
rating and number of votes called a rich snippet that you see on the search results such
as shown below.
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
Get it here >
Install Rich Reviews plugin and activate it.
Go to Chapter 5.
Complete Step by Step Chapter 4 Action:
1. Install SEOPressor plugin.
2. Install Nextscripts plugin and Configure Plugin
a. Join each of the sites for Nextscripts if you don’t have accounts already.
b. Enter you username and password for each account.
3. Install and activate Rich Reviews plugin.
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
Chapter 5 – RSS Feed URLs
RSS (Rich Site Summary); originally RDF Site Summary; often dubbed Really Simple
Syndication, uses a family of standard web feed formats to publish frequently updated
information: blog entries, news headlines, audio, video. An RSS document (called
“feed”, “web feed”,or “channel”) includes full or summarized text, and metadata, like
publishing date and author’s name.
RSS feeds enable publishers to syndicate data automatically. A standard XML file
format ensures compatibility with many different machines/programs. RSS feeds also
benefit users who want to receive timely updates from favorite websites or to aggregate
data from many sites.
For each website/blog (Your Website) and bookmark sites (inside Nextscripts) there is a
Feed URL. We need to capture these URLs and copy them to a text file. We will be
using them on the last step for some awesome backlink creation strategy.
To get your feed URL just type in and see if it comes up. It may
just be code if you browser cannot read it. This is ok. We are just validating that the site
is producing a RSS feed. Copy these feeds URLs to a text file for later. Once you have
all these feed sites, go to Chapter 6.
Complete Step by Step Chapter 5 Action:
1. Find and copy your website RSS and Nextscripts Plugin sites RSS feed URLs.
Tip: Complete instructions on how to find RSS Feed URLs are in the videos on
Audience Builder Pro webpage, Chapter 6.
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
Chapter 6 – Audience Builder Pro – One Ingredient of the Secret Sauce
Rob Fore is a renowned SEO expert and has created a product that will greatly bump up
our SEO results. You must have hundreds to thousands of backlinks to your site to
overcome your competition. You need a bigger stick than they have, and to get many
backlinks automatically, audience builder pro will do this for you.
What is Audience Builder and how will it help me in my SEO
rankings on Google? Audience Builder is a new product
offering by Rob Fore for MLSP members, but you don’t have to
be a MLSP member to purchase the services that Audience
Builder provides. The headlines “Brand New Technology Gets
50 Authority Links Per Day to Your Site for GUARANTEED
Traffic, Leads, and Sales… 100% on Autopilot” sounds great
and if you listen to the video, you will soon realize that this
headline can become true for anyone who follows the simple 3
step system. So I decided to give it a try and with the low price,
I decided to get one submission. Now when I say one
submissions, it is not just one link. well actually it is just one
link, but this one link is a master RSS feed with as many website and social feeds as
you have. You just have to watch the video to grasp the concept I am trying to convey.
Sign up for Audience Builder Pro and submit your RSS Master Feed URL that contains
all the other feed URLs you have copied in Chapter 5. Audience Builder Pro webpage
will give you the step by step details on how to do this as well.
Get it here >
Complete Step by Step Chapter 6 Action:
1. Signup for Audience Builder Pro and submit your Master RSS Feed URL.
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
Chapter 7 – Find a Product to Promote!
At last we have set up everything we need to get us the RankEasy GooglePeasy! going,
we just create SEO Optimized content and publish and presto we get many backlinks
from our Nextscripts plugin and also backlinks from many other domains from Audience
Builder Pro. You will see your ranking on Google soon, lets get started creating a post
for a particular product and keyword phrase.
Keyword research is key to getting the correct targeted traffic. Also if you think you can
compete with narrow focused highly competitive keywords like puppies you will be
disappointed. But when you target something like “potty training puppies” Boom! You
have struck gold!
You can bypass keyword research if you are going to promote a affiliate product. The
three keywords to use will be:
 Product review
 Product scam
 Product testimonial
Replacing product with the product name.
So lets go to and find a affiliate product that we want to rank on
Google for, so we can make money!
 Login to clickbank and select market place.
 Under categories on the left I select “E-Business & E-Marketing”
 Now I like to rank the products by “Gravity”
Grav: Short for GRAVITY™ performance statistic, this number represents a unique
calculation by ClickBank that takes into account the number of different affiliates who
earned a commission by promoting this product over the past 12 weeks. Since more
recent transactions are given a higher value, this number can give you an idea of what
products are “hot” at the moment, in terms of being promoted by many affiliates and
making a good number of sales. However, high gravity can also indicate that there will
be a lot of competition in promoting this product.
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
Now we are not afraid of competition! Because we know how to RankEasy
The product I found I would like to rank for is “WP Profit Builder” a WordPress plugin by
Sean Donahoe. I looked at the sales page and I like this product.
I click on the “PROMOTE” button and get the link that will give me credit. I copy and
paste it into notepad so I have it handy in the future.
Complete Step by Step Chapter 7 Action:
1. Login or signup for
2. Find a product and get your affiliate URL
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
Chapter 8 – Create A Post
Now lets go create a high ranking post for this product with the keyword “WP Profit
Builder Review”.
Login to your WordPress site
Click Post and Add New
For this product the title will be WP Profit Builder Review – What is it?
I need four sections that I will use for a outline as well as my Headings 1 thru 4.
H1 will be a repeat of my title WP Profit Builder Review –
What is It?
write about the product and what it is…
H2 will be WP Profit Builder Review – How Does It Work?
write about the product and how it works…
H3 will be WP Profit Builder Review – Alternative to Lead
write about the product and what it can replace, in this case
another product called lead pages which is very expensive
compared to WP Profit Builder.
H4 will be WP Profit Builder Review Video
Embed a youtube video “youtube is owned by google and
you will get a higher ranking compare to pages without.
Tip: Having trouble coming up with the words? Search on
Google for the same keyword and copy some text out of
other reviews. Paste them in notepad and rewrite them with
your own words. Remember Google likes unique content.
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
Now that you have the text of the page complete with your 4 headings. You need two
Tip: Search on Google for the keyword and then click on images. Download them by
right clicking and save as…rename to your keyword.jpg or
variations of keyword.jpg.
Place image 1 to the right of Heading 1 by clicking your
curser to the right of the text. Click “Add Media” then “Upload
Files” Select the file and “Insert to Post”.
Put your keywords in Title, Caption, Alt Text, and Description.
Alignment to the Right and click the “Insert into Post” button.
Repeat for image 2 to the right of the h3 heading.
Under the h4 heading for video. You should make a video and
upload to youtube (best option and more discussed in
Chapter 9) or search and find someone else’s video related to
your keyword. (use the one with most views).
Now get the embed code from youtube, then in your
wordpress article switch from visual to text with the tabs on
the top right to see the html code. Scroll to the bottom and
paste the embed code for you video.
Now save as DRAFT to see your SEO score. (Don’t PUBLISH
until we get to the last chapter.) You should of course try to
get the perfect SEO score of 100! However, 80 to 100 is good
as well. If your score is low you can try to add more keywords
through out the article. Just follow the suggestions that the SEOPressor plugin suggest.
As you can see, I got a perfect 100 score!
Complete Step by Step Chapter 8 Action:
1. Create a SEO Optimized article about your product and save as DRAFT.
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
Chapter 9 – Video SEO – The Second Ingredient of the Secret Sauce
If you create your own videos, upload to Youtube and
make sure to use the keywords in your video title and
description. You also want to add tags related to your
keywords as well.
Once the video is available for viewing on Youtube, go to
share and get the URL to your video. Now we need some
views on the video!
There are many places to get views on your video. I use and you can get thousands of views,
likes, and shares for a couple of dollars.
Complete Step by Step Chapter 9 Action (optional):
1. If you have created your own video and uploaded
to youtube and embedded into your article, get
some views on it.
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
Chapter 10 – Rich Snippets – The Third Ingredient of the Secret Sauce
Structured data with Rich Snippets will make your URL stand out from the others and
thus be clicked on more than a URL without Rich Snippets. See the stars and ratings in
the image, that is a Rich Snippet for reviews.
We are going to use a trick with our Rich Reviews Plugin to get the Rich Snippets set up
on our WordPress site once and then everything we publish will have it.
So login to your WordPress site and select Rich Reviews on the left and Options. You
want to select just the “Require Approval” box.
Now go to the dashboard of the Rich Reviews Plugin. The Dashboard will show all the
short codes to use. We want to use [RICH_REVIEWS_FORM category=”none”] so copy
and paste this code into the article by selecting the text tab on the top right so the code
shows and paste [RICH_REVIEWS_FORM category=”none”] below your article content.
Save and PUBLISH.
View the article in your browser and go ahead and fill out the form and give yourself a
rating and submit it.
Do this for a couple of different articles.
Now login to your WordPress site and approve the reviews you just gave yourself:)
Now go to Appearance…Widgets…and slide a text box under the footer.
Open the text box and paste in short code of [RICH_REVIEWS_SNIPPET
Click Save
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
Complete Step by Step Chapter 10 Action:
1. Select Rich Reviews on the left and Options.
2. Select just the “Require Approval” box.
3. Go to the dashboard of the Rich Reviews Plugin. The Dashboard will show all the
short codes to use.
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
4. We want to use [RICH_REVIEWS_FORM category=”none”] so copy and paste this
code into the article by selecting the text tab on the top right so the code shows and
paste [RICH_REVIEWS_FORM category=”none”] below your article content. Save and
5. View the article in your browser and go ahead and fill out the form and give yourself a
rating and submit it.
Do this for a couple of different articles or one article a few times.
Now login to your WordPress site and approve the reviews you just gave yourself:)
6.Go to Appearance…Widgets.
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
7.…and slide a text box under the footer.
Open the text box and paste in short code of [RICH_REVIEWS_SNIPPET
Click Save
8. Now your reviews will be shown for all your articles.
You can also test it in Google webmaster tools.
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
Chapter 11 – Google Data Highlighter
You can use Googles webmaster tool called Data Highlighter to help Google determine
the layout and data on your website. Just sign into webmaster tools and select your
verified site.
On the dashboard, click crawl
Then click Data Highlighter
Specify the starting page for teaching Data Highlighter about your site.
Click Start Highlighting
Enter a URL
Select a type of data to highlight on the page ie “Articles”
Click Tag this page and others like it.
Click OK
On the page, use your mouse to select image or text.
Once you make a selection a popup menu will appear…click the type of data you
Continue selecting and clicking types
Click Done
Check your search engine results in a day or two!
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
Chapter 12 – Results using these techniques
Below are some of my results by using the same techniques I have discussed and
demonstrated. All these were captured with Google Chrome in the Incognito Mode as to
show results without giving any bias as if I were logged into Google.
Page 1, Spot 5 for “Natural Backlink Service”
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
Page 1, Spot 8 for “WP Profit Builder Testimonial”
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
Page 1, Spot 1 for “Audience Builder Pro Review”
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
Page 1, Spot 6 for “Build My Income Daily Review”
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
Page 1, Spot 9 for “5figureday review”
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
Page 1, Spot 3 for “SEOPressor wordpress plugin testimonial”
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
Page 1, Spot 1 for “Information Product Profits Review”
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
Page 1, Spot 3 for “Safelist Genie Review”
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
Page 1, Spot 2 for “UDIMI Review”
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
Page 1, Spot 7 for “Safe-Swaps Review”
RankEasy GooglePeasy
Copyright © 2014
Page 1, Spot 6 for “Social Lead Chief Review”
I hope this guide and the techniques I use have been helpful to you. Be sure to stop by

Ultimate Traffic Monster

Ultimate Traffic Monster
The Publisher has strived to be as accurate and complete as
possible in the creation of this report, notwithstanding the fact that
he does not warrant or represent at any time that the contents
within are accurate due to the rapidly changing nature of the
While all attempts have been made to verify information
provided in this publication, the Publisher assumes no
responsibility for errors, omissions, or contrary interpretation of
the subject matter herein. Any perceived slights of specific
persons, peoples, or organizations are unintentional.
In practical advice books, like anything else in life, there
are no guarantees of income made. Readers are cautioned to
reply on their own judgment about their individual circumstances
to act accordingly.
This book is not intended for use as a source of legal,
business, accounting or financial advice. All readers are advised
to seek services of competent professionals in legal, business,
accounting, and finance field.
Copyright information contained in this report may not be
reproduced, distributed or copied publicly in any way, including
Internet, e-mail, newsgroups, or reprinting.
Any violator will be subject to the maximum fine and
penalty imposed by law. Purchasers of this product are granted a
license to use the information contained herein for their own
personal use only. Any violators will be pursued and punished to
the fullest extent of the law.
About Me
Hey, it’s Naidy!
Congratulations and thank you for purchasing The Ultimate
Traffic Monster and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed in
what I have in store for you.
I really appreciate you putting your trust in me and I’ll try my best
to reward you for investing your time and money in this course.
If you haven’t heard of my boring story… My name is Naidy
Phoon, I’m a full-time Internet marketer from Malaysia.
I dropped out of college at the age of 19 and have been doing
Internet marketing ever since.
IM has allowed many people to escape the rat race, but I was
able to avoid it altogether.
Never had a job in my life, and I intend to keep it that way.
I specialize in product creation and affiliate marketing.
Throughout my IM journey I’ve made mistakes, I’ve learned from
the best, and I love helping other people achieving their goals.
I’m always on the lookout for new marketing techniques and
traffic sources and this is one of the most powerful one that I’ve
Many sellers boast of their ability to dominate the front page of
Google, but I’ll do better than that . I’ll dominate the front page of
the Internet – without having to perform those mundane tasks that
you and I are well familiar with.
The tasks that you will perform have a much,much better reward
to effort ratio compared to SEO tasks.
If you haven’t guessed it by now, I’m talking about Reddit
If you’ve been online for awhile, you probably know of Reddit.
Reddit calls itself the front page of the Internet, and trust me,
they’re not far off.
Let me share with you some Reddit stats to whet your appetite :
– Just under 20 MILLION unique visitors per month – that’s right,
20,000,000 UNIQUE visitors a month.
– 170 MILLION page views per month – once again, 170,000,000
page views per month.
Imagine… Being able to get a tiny piece of that traffic pie…. You
do the math! Oh man, I’m getting excited just thinking about it!
Here’s what Reddit can do for you :
Okay, I know what you’re thinking : Naidy, if Reddit is really so
powerful, why aren’t more gurus creating products on them and
why aren’t marketers finding success?
The reason is, Reddit is a really,really tough beast to tame.
The language that they use is unique to them, and they have
some unspoken rules that one must adhere to at all costs.
The problem is, there exists many short-sighted marketers who
have one goal and one goal only, which is to make money off the
bat without the slightest intentions of providing value.
Reddit users can smell these types of marketers ten miles away
and annihilates them in a very,very effective manner. They
absolutely hate hollow, non-helpful marketing pitches.
I repeat, Reddit is extremely marketer unfriendly.
Please keep that in mind. I’ve had many friends who were
absolutely annihilated trying to promote products and services on
To succeed in Reddit, one has to truly intend to be helpful and be
willing to give before he or she gets. Reddit users punish louzy
content vehemently, but reward good content very,very well
There’s a right way of doing things, which I will show you; and a
wrong way of doing things, which I will also show you.
Brace yourself, for if you’ve never used Reddit before, you’re in
for a culture shock.
In this course, I’ll cover how to drive floods of free traffic using the
power of Reddit and make tons of commissions if you’re an
affiliate, or floods of direct Paypal payments if you’re a merchant.
Before You Proceed
Before you go ahead and become a marketer at Reddit, I must
tell you something, both as a marketer and a Reddit user.
Firstly, as a marketer. Reddit is an extremely powerful source,
even much so than other social networking sites.
Having said that, please promise me that you will be ethical and
be value-oriented in your marketing. I will talk about the reasons
for this later on and the way to go about it. What do I mean about
this, do NOT spam, do NOT be mean to other users, do NOT post
rubbish content – because these methods DO NOT work on
Reddit. Also, if you’re new to Reddit, please go through the
course slowly and follow the system to the letter.
From a Reddit user’s standpoint, I plead that you enter
Reddit with the intention of providing value. Reddit is like a
home to me and I do not want to be the one responsible for
bringing in a bunch of spammy marketers.
Instead, my hope is that ethical marketers like yourself will
add color and value to the already wonderful and exciting
community of Reddit.
Understanding Reddit
Here’s the mascot of Reddit – his name is Snoo.
Cute, isn’t it! 🙂
Here are some stats we’re going to take into consideration when
marketing on Reddit.
** The median Reddit user age is 25-34, and is in the lowest
income bracket – this means that we obviously don’t want to be
selling stuff that are too expensive.
**Also, Reddit users are mostly men. So one should take that into
consideration when choosing their offers.
**Another fact – The popularity of an article is inversely
proportional to its length. This means that most of the time, we
should keep our articles short and straight to the point.
The majority of Reddit users are tech-savvy, young and
They are extremely intelligent, which means that B.S. Fake
review videos promoting some weight loss product will not work.
They’re not afraid to voice their opinions, and will often engage in
long, civil (mostly) discussions.
Here are some terms that you must understand if you want to
succeed in Reddit :
– Subreddit
A subreddit is a sub-set of the reddit community. For example,
there’s the “loseit” subreddit, where reddit members that are
dedicated to weight loss document their progress and ask
questions. Other examples of subreddits include “videos”,
“fitness”, etc…
Subreddits are written in the format : r/subreddit.
Ex. r/videos, r/fitness, r/loseit, etc..
There are over 100,000 subreddits – some consist of as many as
hundreds of thousands of members, some as little as a couple.
Subreddits can be public or private.
– Upvotes
Upvotes are synonymous to “likes” and “+1s”. Reddit users give
upvotes to posts or comments that they like.
– Downvotes
The opposite of upvotes.
-Submission score (Huge factor in Reddit ranking)
No. of upvotes – No. of downvotes
– Karma
Karma is a reflection of the goodwill that you’ve done for the
Reddit community. It’s displayed on your user panel.
According to Wikipedia, Users gain one point of link karma when
another user votes up their submission and lose a point when a
user votes down their submission.
But in reality this is not always the case. Many have tried but can’t
really figure out the algorithm. I’d say it’s 75% of the net upvotes.
So if you receive 10 upvotes you’ll probably get 5-7 link karma.
Here are some popular reddit jargon. Some of these are not
exclusive to Reddit, but they’re useful to know.
Original poster : The person who started a thread or submitted a
Today I learned : Self-explanatory
Ask me anything : Self-explanatory
Too long,didn’t read : Something like “long story short”.
Ex. (after a long story) TL;DR, I learned that cats are funny..
– IAmA
I am a : Self-explanatory
Not safe for work : Content inappropriate for public viewing.
Not safe for life : Hazardous activity, do not imitate.
Too much information : Self-explanatory.
Picking Your Offer
Choosing the right offers is absolutely crucial if you want to
succeed in Reddit.
Here are some criteria that must be taken into consideration
when selecting offers to promote on Reddit, whether you’re an
affiliate marketer or product owner.
I’ve mentioned above that Reddit users are predominantly young
and below in lower income brackets, we don’t want to choose
offers that are too expensive.
So if you’re an affiliate you could go with CPA offers or lower
priced digital/physical products. Trial offers, email/zip/form
submits work best.
Whereas if you’re a product owner you’ll want to present your
lower ticket offers, at least for your front end offer.
Quality and Reputation
You do NOT want to attempt to fool Reddit users. They have a
great eye for poor products and are highly skeptical – they’ll
search for reviews online, they’ll ask for opinions, etc.. So make
sure that the product that you’re selling is of good quality and has
a good reputation in the marketplace.
Remember – demographics,demographics and demographics! A
large majority of Reddit users are male, so keep that in mind
when choosing your niche.
If you don’t have your own product, simply search for affiliate
products to promote. You can promote cost-per-sale offers or
cost-per-action offers. Here are the places that you can search
for these offers :
Building A Website
This is a must. Why you ask ?
Direct linking does not work on Reddit. Not only will your post get
downvoted into oblivion, nobody will buy, and you’ll receive a ton
of heat from Reddit users.
So what we need to do is create a simple website. If you already
have a website, you can use that.
And from that affiliate/vendor website, we’ll create an
informational and/or informative post and include the link to the
website post in our reddit post.
Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to do this.
Always keep this in mind :
Reddit users come on Reddit to learn and to be entertained, not
to be pitched offers.People like to buy, they just don’t like to be
sold to.
There’s a sense of control associated with the act of buying, but
not the state of being sold to. That’s why most people hate pushy
car salesmen who chase them around the showroom, compared
to one that treats them like human – offering them a drink,
keeping their distance, and answering their questions patiently.
That’s what we’re going to do on Reddit – we’re going to offer the
users drinks (awesome content), keeping our distance (being
conservative) and answering the questions patiently. (interacting)
Don’t be a pushy car salesman!
For now, just create your affiliate website before your proceed, if
you don’t already have a website.
Simple websites like those that are similar to those that are
Google Adwords compliant (just a couple of posts and pages) will
do – More than a landing page, but less than an authority site –
though if you already have an authority site that’s even more
If you don’t already know how to build a simple website, check
out the “cash-sucking machine” report that I’ve attached as a
The domain registrar that I recommend is Namecheap
Whereas the hosting company that I recommend is Hostgator.
Before posting on Reddit, we have to first find out the current hot
topics. You’ll find that the front page of Reddit is often a reflection
of the current trends and happenings.
For example, during the World Cup, the front page of Reddit was
filled with news about it. I’m not talking about a particular
subreddit here, I’m talking about the entire Reddit, that’s right –
the front page of the Internet.
So choose your topic wisely by capitalizing on current hot topics
and you may hit a homerun.
I do not advice going for these general hot topics, I suggest
finding for hot topics/news in your particular niche, so that you
can dominate related subreddits.
Here are some sites that you can use to keep up with the current
So for example when you head over to, you can see
a bunch of hot news on the front page.
But if you want to be more specific, you can choose a category of
news at the top of the page.
Like I said, we’ll be linking to posts on our website which promote
affiliate offers.
One way to do this is to create informational videos.
If you’re good at creating videos, you can create one within
minutes. Just a short video giving some valuable information will
The tools that I use are Camtasia studio to record the screen and
to record my voice and Microsoft Powerpoint to create the slides.
After that, I sync the both.
If you’re feeling adventurous, take out that camera and start
filming! Reddit users respond very well when there’s that human
If you’re not good at videos, you can outsource it at Fiverr.
Once again it’s important to be value-oriented in our Reddit
Those fake reviews/testimonials videos do not work well at all.
Even worse are those videos that basically show a still image and
ask the prospects to click on the link in the description. Worst way
to market on Reddit.
Instead, get videos like this that provide information and/or
You could create Powerpoint presentations using Camtasia +
Microsoft Powerpoint (or other free software)
Here are a couple of very,very good gigs that I often use
synergistically to create videos :
John is a great guy who does good work!
Tim delivers his work very quickly. Just provide your powerpoint
slides and your audio and he’ll sync them.
After that simply upload your video(s) to Youtube and post them
on your website.
Articles are great because they are easy to create and they
attract a lot of visitors to our site. You can either write them
yourself or outsource them at website like Epicwrite or Iwriter.
I hate being repetitive, but once again please create
content-packed articles and not just a 10-word review article of
some weight loss product linking to a Clickbank offer.
If you have a hard time producing quality content, here’s a trick.
Here’s a super cool way that you can use to find thousands of
PDF files that you can use to bounce ideas off.
Remember, don’t plagiarize. The ramifications could be severe.
It’s okay to extract some key elements, but don’t copy word for
First, go to
Then, in the search bar, key in this search term :
Your Sub-Niche/Niche filetype:pdf
So if your sub-niche was weight loss for women, you would key in
weight loss for women filetype:pdf
You’ll see a ton of PDF files that you can download and get ideas
and content from.
You can create images that have a high tendency to go viral like
memes or funny ones or you could create infograhics that Reddit
users love as they illustrate information in an easy-to-digest
Again, you can outsource this at Fiverr or create them yourself. I
like using Picmonkey to create attractive images for free.
Here’s one of mine :
Whichever type of post you decide to go with I highly recommend
you contribute to the community and accumulate some karma
first before linking to your own offers, or to affiliate offers.
Creating An Account
Creating an account on Reddit is extremely easy. Just enter your
username, password and email and you’re good to go! You don’t
even need to confirm your email address!
First, click on the “register” button.
It takes literally just seconds to create an account, so I
recommend that you use a new one for every niche that you
venture into, or if you want, every new offer your promote.
There are what we call “throwaway” accounts which are accounts
that are dispensable. So if your rep is completely ruined in one
account/profile of yours you can always create a new one. But
remember, the one post/day rule still applies. Reddit tracks users’
IP addresses. And please do not try to get around it, it’s just not
worth it.
You’ll want to choose a username that is highly related to your
Choosing A Subreddit
Now, it’s time to choose a subreddit that is highly relevant to your
If you remember, a sub-reddit is a sub-set of the reddit
community. Each sub-reddit has its own moderators (volunteers)
and its own rules.
To search for a relevant subreddit, simply type in the main
keyword of your offer.
For example, if I’m promoting a weight loss offer, I’ll just type in
the phrase “weight loss”.
You’ll see a list of related subreddits alongside the number of
Reddit Posts
Before proceeding, make sure to read the posting guidelines of
the subreddit so that you don’t break any rules.
Hold your horses! I know that you’re excited to post on Reddit
and drive floods of traffic to website and offers. But here’s the
thing. Most people are used to quantity posting when it comes to
social media marketing. They post in hundreds of Facebook
groups, pin thousands of images on Pinterest,etc..
But we’re only going to post once per day on Reddit.
Yup, that wasn’t a typo. Only one post per day. We’re going to
focus on the quality of the post, rather than the quantity. I’m
talking about posts here, not comments. This is because Reddit
is extremely spam-sensitive hence new accounts have
many restrictions.
There are two types of posts that users can submit in Reddit :
Text Posts
Pretty self explanatory – text posts are similar to articles where
there’s a title and text that expand on the title beneath.
Let’s take a look at the anatomy of a Reddit text post.
To submit a text post, click on “submit a new text post”.
There are three steps to submitting a text post :
The Title
First, we’ll need a great title.
My absolute favorite title generator is Portent’s title maker which
was recommended to me by a friend. Click Here to go to access
the free tool.
Simply enter your keyword and you’ll get tons of headline/title
For the “text” field, you’ll have to enter some
informative/entertaining content that is relevant to the subreddit
and your offer.
At the end of the article, you’ll want to leave a link to the original
source of the article, which is the link to the post on your website.
Choose A Subreddit
We’ve covered selecting an appropriate subreddit above, so at
this point just select the subrredit that you’ve decided on. Lastly,
click on “submit”.
Link Submits
The process of submitting a link is similar to that of submitting a
text post in the sense that you have to choose a subreddit and
enter a title. But there’s no need for any content.
These links usually lead to images or videos.
So if you’ve created some infographics or some videos, link
submits are the way to go.
To submit a link, click on “submit a new link”.
Same steps apply : Enter a great title, enter the URL to the video
or the image, choose a subreddit, then submit.
Ranking Factors
There’s not much documentation on Reddit search algorithms,
but there are a couple of ranking factors that you should take into
consideration when trying to rank your posts on the front page of
your subreddit.
Upvotes/Submission Score
Explanation :
Upvotes received during the first 10 hours count a lot towards the
rankings of your text post or link.
This is why you often see posts with much,much less upvotes
outranking those with a higher amount of upvotes, sometimes by
the thousands.
Solution :
– Submit your text posts or links early in the morning or in the
evening. These are before and after office hours – The best time
is at/before 5am EST. If your content is very good and you’ve got
an awesome title, you’ll have no problems rising to the top of the
rankings organically.
– I’m not telling you to do this, but I’m just saying that this is what
some people do. There are people that provide upvotes for a fee –
Gig sellers on Fiverr, indepedent service providers. Sites like
enhanceview also sell upvotes. Lastly, there are groups that
swap upvotes. Buying upvotes, especially if they’re delivered in
less than 10-12 of posting, will propel the post to the top of the
rankings fast.
– Ensure the quality of your content. This is a must. Must,must
must! Why? Because even if you buy a thousand upvotes and
your content is terrible, Reddit users will know what’s up and
they’ll downvote you like crazy and your submission score will be
reduced to zero. So IF you decide to buy upvotes, know that it’s
just a catalyst to get your quality content seen by Reddit users,
not a long-term solution.
– Don’t worry if the upvotes don’t come instantly. It’s Reddit’s
in-built mechanism to prevent the bandwagon effect – more
people upvoting the posts because the existing number of
upvotes was already high, instead of upvoting because it was an
awesome post.
Explanation :
The number of comments is indicative of interest in your post and
will positively affect your rankings.
Solutions :
– You don’t need to, and shouldn’t buy comments. Why?
Firstly, they won’t respond to your comments to their comments.
Also, most bought comments are generic and terrible, Reddit
users can sense bought comments a mile away.
They’ll come naturally as your posts start to rank and they get
exposure. Unlike posts, there aren’t really many restrictions on
comments, but moderation is key.
– Respond to comments, this really helps because people then
know that you’re a real person and not just a bot spamming links.
It also creates a snowball effects, because someone might
comment on the comment of others, or the comment of the
comment of the comment of the… 🙂
– Be nice! Reddit users won’t hesitate to voice their honest
opinions, so even if they leave a negative comment, don’t take it
personally and be professional.
Explanation :
It’s debatable whether karma make a big difference in the
rankings of the posts that you submit, but one thing’s for sure –
people will trust you better if you have a high karma score and
this adds credibility to your posts.
Solution :
-Contribute regularly and submit posts in different upvote-worthy
-This is a subreddit that I’ve just discovered. It’s a place for
beginners to accumulate karma without much work at all.
You can acquire karma very quickly using this subreddit, but
please promise me that you’ll adhere to the rules.
Subreddit Size
The concept is simple – The more subscribers a particular
subreddit has, the more potential there is for traffic, but the more
competition there is. The inverse is true.
Think of subreddits of keywords. A generic keyword has more
search volume, hence there is more potential for traffic, but they
are incredibly competitive and difficult to rank for, whereas
long-tail keywords with less potential for traffic but are less
competitive and are easier to rank for.
At the beginning, we’ll want to post in subreddits that have a
medium-sized subscriber base.
This ensures that we get enough traffic, and makes it possible for
us to actually appear on the front page or the second page and
get a decent amount of exposure.
It’s much easier to hit a home run with these subreddits and when
you do, you’ll get an immediate surge of traffic to your offers. It’s
really mind-blowing.
Anything above 2000 and below 10000 should be fine for now –
make sure it’s related to your offer though.
So… Now What?
If you’ve taken action, one of these three things would’ve
happened at this point :
– You get a steady stream of traffic for days.
– You get an explosion of traffic flooding through the gates.
– Nothing happens.
I hope that either the first or second scenario occurs for you.
If you do indeed find that nothing happens, there are some
tweaks that you can make :
– Change your title. Your title may not be attention-grabbing
enough. Take a look at the front page of Reddit and see what
kinds of titles work best on Reddit.
– Post more stuff before submitting links to your own offers. Social
proof is paramount in Reddit, for reasons I’ve mentioned
previously. Submit links/text posts that are irrelevant to your offer,
accumulate some Karma points, then try again.
– Choose a smaller subreddit. Go down to subreddits with only
hundreds of subscribers if you really can’t get traffic, then build it
up from there.
– Choose a different niche. It could be that the niche that you’ve
chosen isn’t that hot in Reddit or the buyer intent is weak.
Experiment with other niches and you may see an astounding
The Mistake That I Made :
I’m going to share with you a mistake that I made in hopes that
you’ll learn from it and avoid it in your marketing.
I had a successful video in the muscle building niche which
I saw traffic rolling in and got excited. The video was at around
9,000 views and generated $2100++ of commissions for me.
The mistake that I made that caused me to lose my Youtube
video was this.
I decided to take it up a notch – I purchased views from a site
called enhanceview, hoping that it’ll increase the perceived
popularity of the video.
Big mistake. Without notice, my video was instantly taken down
by Youtube.
I’ve been slapped by Google before, but never Youtube.
The lesson here is ,
It’s better to depend on legitimate methods on obtaining views
rather than quick-fixes.
But if you do purchase views, be smart about it.
I will not elaborate 🙂
Reddit Paid Advertising
I’m not going to get into this, because honestly I find that the free
method should suffice, but feel free to experiment with it.
Reddit ads start at $0.75 CPM (per thousand impressions) and
the minimum spend is $5.
Reddit ads are delivered in the form of a sponsored link, i.e. a
post at the top of the page.
Like with regular posts, you get the option of submitting a link or a
text post.
One word of advice, you’ll want to start off in extremely targeted
and small subreddits, before going into larger, broader ones.
Don’t start off with the main page option – it’s unlikely that you’ll
see a positive ROI off the bat.
Adult Offers
There are subreddits that are NSFW which contain adult content.
CPA networks like Peerfly have adult offers that you can
promote. There are tons of in-house affiliate programs online too.
To access the nsfw subreddits, click here (Warning : Adult
It’s really interesting that the subscriber base of these subreddits
are enormous! (many of them have 6-figure subscribers) .. So the
potential in these subreddits are unimaginably huge.
There’s not much you have to do differently, actually. Just create
a mini-site like covered previously and submit links/text posts.
This is completely optional, though.
Don’t do it if it makes you uncomfortable at all.
Tips :
– Don’t submit more than one post per day, regardless if you use
another account, Reddit tracks your IP address
– Submit a couple of posts that don’t link to your stuff first, then
start posting those that link to your offers.
– Find out more about Reddiquette (Reddit Etiquette) here.
– Start off with small/medium sized subreddits, then move on to
bigger ones once you get the hang of things.
-Read the posting guidelines and FAQ before beginning posting
in a subreddit.
– The ideal posting time is before 5am EST.
– Submit a combination of links and text posts
– Don’t get distracted! It’s a lot of fun on Reddit and I get carried
away sometimes.
Final Words
Once again, I want to congratulate you because you now have in
your hands a blueprint to drive thousands of visitors to your offers
for FREE!
Thank you for putting your trust in me and I sincerely hope that
this guide serves you well.
Remember – Systems don’t fail, people do. What I’ve covered so
far absolutely works, it’s been proven over and over again.
But nothing works unless you do : 97%-99% of people who buy
this guide won’t do anything about it, they’ll just leave it to rot on
their hard drive, not unleashing the true power of this system. But
you’re different – you’re an entrepreneur who wants to make a
difference in your life and in your business, so please take
massive action and you will see massive results!
To Your Success,

Undercover Traffic Blueprint

Undercover Traffic Blueprint

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All the material contained in this book is provided for educational and informational purposes
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effective, the author does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy or use/misuse of this
Thank You
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First let me thank you for your trust and buying Undercover Traffic Blueprint, I’ve put my personal
experience in this course and broke down every of information I’ve learned. I do my best to provide
screenshots, resources and detailed descriptions of every step.
About DK
ROI based Internet

Digi Krypton is a digital marketing online website based on the concepts of ROI. At Digi Krypton,
we have been working hard day and night with our valued clients on a global level to offer them
the best form of digital marketing
Table of Content

Lets get started with your online success!
1 Introduction
2 Select Niche
3 Create Account
4 Find Niche Groups
How to publish your
5 content
6 How to scale your clicks
7 More Traffic Sources
8 Everyone Can Earn

9 Support Link
The whole content of this product both in written and graphic format are official Copyright – Digi
Hi guys,
Do you want to know the secret staircase that can boost your daily earning?
Okay, let me reveal it for you.
Well, for the starter you’ll need a Facebook account, with complete profile. Facebook is the
biggest social network and you can connect to thousands of people right away and can invite them
back to your profile, blog or e-store.
Tip: Most of the people gives a good weightage to girls’ profile. So create a ID with girl’s name
and complete all the details.
NOTE: You can work with as much accounts as much you can but do not spam with money making LINKS,
otherwise group admin will remove you.
You can divert lots of traffic and make money with your affiliate links, Adsense, CPA and more.
First you’ve to pick your category. For example, Tattoos, Technology, Cars & Vehicles and most
trending category. These days cricket groups are in trend. But you can choose another category too.

The whole content of this product both in written and graphic format are official Copyright – Digi
You know your niche so choose the pick category according to it. If you don’t have any niche yet
then check and and find something suitable.
There are lots of people on Facebook that will convert in your traffic, Facebook is the place where
you can work with any niche and target people for free. It might sound a bit tricky but you can do
it once you understand how to.
You can simply follow these steps and zing!

The whole content of this product both in written and graphic format are official Copyright – Digi
First go to: WwW.facebook.corn and create an account with name of any
American girl.
You can also find all the profile information at
l f叫

Connect with friends and the world around you on Facebook.
Sign Up
It’s free and always will be.

Michelle Gerardi
See photos and updates from frlends n News Feed
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船 Female J Male
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r剖. o u’ Do回 u..p叫CV . r叫油、Q OU’ C∞Mυ宜!
Sign Up

dlo。lKRYPT0 N 7
The whole content of this product both in written and graphic format are official Copyright 一 Digi

After completing your Facebook registration, you will able to edit your profile details.
Give details and also upload a nice display pic, this will help people to
recognize you.
Once you are done with your account then you have to treat it like it’s of a real person. Give a
nice about me and all the other stuff people might like to know.
The whole content of this product both in written and graphic format are official Copyright – Digi

There are three types of Groups in Facebook,
• Public
• Closed
• Secret
Well, you only need to join only closed groups, Because public groups has thousands of peoples but
they are not following every posts due to spam. But closed groups work. People join closed groups
for healthy
discussions, So you shall go for Closed groups.
As our niche is Tattoo, here’s the example of how can you search related
Type this in Facebook search bar “Groups Named Tattoo”. It will shows all group with named tattoo.
Check the screen shots.
The whole content of this product both in written and graphic format are official Copyright – Digi

Join at least 5 groups daily and wait for them to approve you. Normally most of the groups will
approve you within 24 hours,
NOTE: Post your link in 10 groups within 1 hour.

Posts People Photos Groups More ..

包 N側 sF制
.r;J Messages
す Events

T通貨00 Apprenti ce
Closed Group 二
‘e’core tf’ join our Tatt∞句prentlce Group Here,we are sharing
the lattoo ideas and expenence As a tattoo a
52.449 昨lembers
Pages Feed
回Like Pages
Tattoo’d Inked Misfits
Closed Group

:-;- Creale page
e :0 ‘le 10 ut:: C razy place!We are very lald back In here.We have
‘eri very few rules in here This is not a gr.
20,527 members


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Closed Group
S4S 30k – WorldWI… 2

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Newbie Markelers … 4

… Pakistani SEO & … 2(}.
T円 s g ‘)L 0 S for fellow ta柱。oed singles 10 chalaná share 凶R∞s
and slones so feel free10 add people and 打1
4 777 members
rrL’ S4S- P拙而p Page… 5
哩rt aNlme PaGes S4S … 2
Tattoo Drop
Public Group

S4S Bollywo伺 Page 6
S4s vans fashion t… 11
内p,ace forTao柱A。rtlsls and Cω 恰ctors 10 show thelrwork and
shootIhe breeze 刈Iwelcome 10 poslbut any I
3.339 members

dlo。lKRYPT0 N 10
The whole content of this product both in written and graphic format are official Copyright 一
Digi Krypton
Lots of group might come up but you just have to focus on “CLOSED GROUP” and do not send more than
5 request in a day and try to join groups having more than 5,000 members.
Tip: Create minimum vive Facebook account and join 5 groups daily with each ID, so in the end of
the day you can post in 25 groups.
Note: Join different groups with different Facebook account and do not join same group.
Also remember, try to post relevant post in groups otherwise group admin will ban you with reason
of spaming.
Tip: Always participate with other posts in different groups so peoples can see you are real.

The whole content of this product both in written and graphic format are official Copyright – Digi
Before you post anything, You need to short your URL to track clicks.
Use Its working fine for me and top of it is Free!
Get your short URL and you are ready to post now

The whole content of this product both in written and graphic format are official Copyright – Digi
Once you’re approve by closed groups you need to post your link with
attractive title. (See next page for example post)
Note: Please do not post more then 5 to 8 links in a day with each ID, So if you have 5 Ids and you
post 5 links in different groups it will be around
25 posts in a day and once you’re done with 25 groups you can get
thousands of visitors.
Try to post in different groups and join 4 to 5 groups on daily basis so you will get unique
visitors and group owners will never ban you.
More Groups + More Post = More Traffic

The whole content of this product both in written and graphic format are official Copyright – Digi
Anyways,I joined a group and thats how I posted.
図Wrはe Post 巴Add Photo J Video 自Ask Question 8Add File
Feather Tattoo – A Trend that never Fades Away! Top Trending Tattoos 2015 you must see

Visは now: http://思.QJl!.
Top Gorgeous Trending Tattoos 2015 – Viral Vola Trending Tattoos 2015 has become something very
common these days and is more like a fashion that is being followed by people all over the world

も O
+ e lS ‘i@’
dlo。lKRYPT0 N 13
The whole content of this product both in written and graphic format are official Copyright 一
Digi Krypton
Try to post viral images and videos to get more engagement.
Its my personal experience peoples are engaged more with attractive photos and some times groups
owners pin your post too.
Read other traffic sources as well, You will get tons of traffic daily. Below are the some few
click stats:

The whole content of this product both in written and graphic format are official Copyright – Digi
Here are the top Most Popular Traffic sources websites, you can post your
link and get more traffic, But don’t spam, always play natural game.
Twitter (Tweet your link with different relevant hashtags)
Pinterest (Post your links with proper profile)
Google Plus+ (Post your link, its also a big social network)
Tumblr (Post your link here too)
Reddit (Post you link to relevant subreddit, Sometimes reddit generate massive traffic)
StumbleUpon (Its also a big gun for traffic)
YouTube (Make a simple slideshow video and post it with attractive title and tags)
SlideShare (Post your slideshow with link)

The whole content of this product both in written and graphic format are official Copyright – Digi
You can generate traffic for your affiliates products, below is the list of best
affiliates websites, you can work with any of them.
Diablo Media
The whole content of this product both in written and graphic format are official Copyright – Digi
You can earn with CPC (Cost per click), there are lots of CPC websites.
Please check below trusted CPC websites.
The whole content of this product both in written and graphic format are official Copyright – Digi
You can generate TIER – 1 traffic for your adsense website.
You can also make $100/per day with this method. Click below link to start with google adsense.
Google Adsense

The whole content of this product both in written and graphic format are official Copyright – Digi
If you have any question email at:
If you want me to help via live text chat then check out this page, Support Page
To your journey towards untapped
Ali Ahmed

Unstoppable Forum Traffic

Unstoppable Forum Traffic
7 Closely Guarded Warrior Forum Traffic Streams for FLOODING
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„Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ by Raimundas M. 1
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regardless of my own results and experience, may not produce the same results (or any results)
for you.
I make absolutely no guarantee, expressed or implied that by following the advice below you will
make any money or improve current profits, as there are several factors and variables that come
into play regarding any given business.
Primarily, results will depend on the nature of the product or business model, the conditions of the
marketplace, the experience of the individual, the application of said principles, and situations and
elements that are beyond your control.
As with any business endeavor, you assume all risk related to investment and money based on
your own discretion and at your own potential expense.
Liability Disclaimer
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a full understanding that you, solely, are responsible for anything that may occur as a result of
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You further agree that the author cannot be held responsible in any way for the success or failure
of your business as a result of the information presented below.
It is your responsibility to conduct your own due diligence regarding the safe and successful
operation of your business if you intend to apply any of this information in any way to your
business operations.
„Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ by Raimundas M. 2
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[NO] – Can sell resale rights.
[NO] – Can sell master resale rights.
[NO] – Can sell PLR.
[NO] – Can sell via auction sites.
[NO] – Can add to a FREE Membership.
„Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ by Raimundas M. 3
Message From The Author
It’s Raimundas M from 🙂
First, I would like to congratulate you on picking up the „Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ guide.
You know.
I’m always super excited to share my knowledge.
Especially when it comes to driving traffic.
If you could give me just 15 minutes, I will show you seven powerful Warrior Forum traffic
methods that you could implement RIGHT NOW and start receiving traffic ALMOST IMMEDIATELY.
Here’s the quick story:
A couple years ago I use to buy solo ads like crazy.
I remember the time when you could’ve bought pretty nice quality clicks for only $30 (100 clicks).
One of my favorite places to buy MMO/Bizz-Op traffic back then was Safe-Swaps (now
In fact, my name is still in the list of the top solo ad buyers on „“ (ex
„Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ by Raimundas M. 4
However, as years passed, the cost of solo ads increased, and the quality went down.
Well, actually, I still use them time to time and it’s great when you have several reliable solo ad
vendors that you can count on and get a nice amount of quality traffic any time you want.
You will agree with me that it’s a real pain in the arse when you want to test new ones.
Not that it only takes a lot of time and effort finding them, but it also can cost you a lot of money.
If you bought solo ads before, I think you can relate to that.
As I like to say, „good things never last forever“.
Same happened with the Solo Ad traffic quality.
One late evening, after blowing up $90 on a useless solo ad, I got really tired of that.
After getting my Facebook Ads account suspended a few years ago, the only place that’s left for
me was Warrior Forum.
So I thought if I could find at least just a couple of easy ways to siphon a small portion of that
quality traffic CONSISTENTLY and PREDICTABLY, I could easily expand my MMO/Bizz-Op niche
business faster and easier.
While others were still banging their heads to the wall trying to convert Solo Ad traffic, I got ALL
IN into the Warrior Forum and soon started quietly building my lists from there.
„Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ by Raimundas M. 5
In the past several months Warrior Forum has been really good to me.
Using seven strategies that you are about to discover, I managed to receive a huge amount of
enthusiastic and eager-to-learn IM related traffic to my blog, squeeze pages, and sales pages.
As I later find out, it’s extremely high quality traffic, and most importantly, ready to spend money.
Below you will find my JVZoo affiliate stats.
Not 100% of earnings are made from the Warrior Forum subscribers as I do send to my all lists at
once, but the majority of them (around 85%).
This WSO is not just about building your email list.
You can use these seven powerful methods for driving traffic to almost any site you want.
Some of them even allow you to link directly to the affiliate offer, if you want to.
Although, I’m pretty sure you already know that building an email list (especially a list of buyers)
and owning your own on-demand traffic source is the way to go.
So, if you are ready, let’s get straight into the meat and potatoes, and get you some of that
awesome traffic 🙂
Your Warrior Forum Blog
„I have my own personal Warrior Forum blog?“
Yes 🙂
It’s one of those traffic generation tools on the Warrior Forum that almost no one ever use.
While Warrior Forum rank pretty high on Google search engine, I would say they are leaving a ton
of traffic on the table.
„Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ by Raimundas M. 6
To access your blog, simply click on your name, then „Blog“ and „View {your_name} Blog“:
You can post anything you want here, as long as it’s related to marketing.
But, do the posts get read?
Not only do they get read, but they also receive a nice amount of traffic from the search engines.
Here’s one of my blog posts on WF:
„Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ by Raimundas M. 7
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Leveraging this Warrior Forum’s feature alone on a daily basis, you can receive a nice and steady
traffic to your squeeze pages, personal blog, or your sales pages.
I still receive a handful of sales, simply by linking from my WF blog back to the sales page.
And don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be very lengthy posts.
Short, quality posts work well.
By the way, the minute you post something new on your WF blog, your blog entry will appear at
the bottom of the Warrior Forum, as shown below.
This always brings a nice spike of traffic to your post 😉
To start blogging, simply click on the „Post to your Blog“ link on the left side menu:
„Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ by Raimundas M. 8
Method #2
Classified Ads Section
The Classified Ads Section on Warrior Forum has been used for many things.
Some sell solo ads.
Some offer their services.
Some offer coaching.
But did you know, however, that you can make a free offer and build a list, sending your traffic
directly to the squeeze page?
The Classified Ads Section is one of those sections on WF where you can link to your squeeze page
without any problems.
Here is one of my offers:
The beauty of having your thread on this WF Section is that Classified Ads Section are mostly
visited by buyers.
Here are some more free offers on Classified Ads:
4,310 views. Think you can get subscribers from that?
Here’s another one:
Actually, let’s dig a bit deeper into this…
„Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ by Raimundas M. 9
Here’s how simple the post looks:
And here’s where the >>CLICK HERE<< link leads to:
Nothing fancy, right?
To post and bump your thread on this section, it will cost you $20.
So this one is not free.
UPDATE: From 2015, all ‘Free WSO’s’ now should be posted on this section.
„Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ by Raimundas M. 10
Method #3
Posting cheap ($0,01-$1,00) WSOs
Warrior Forum Special Offers section is crawling with buyer traffic.
This is the place where people are actually looking to BUY stuff.
Warrior Forum members have been taught for years that the WSO section is dedicated to paid
products, and those who are not interested in spending money rarely ever look inside.
This is where smart marketers came in and started posting ‘Free WSOs,’ WSOs that cost $0 to the
end user, but in order to download the WSO, the user must enter his or her email address.
This worked extremely well and people were building buyer leads like crazy, but after 2015, the
new Warrior Forum owner decided to change this and move ‘Free WSOs’ to the Classified Ads
Section, leaving Warrior Special Offers section for paid WSOs only.
You can still take advantage of this section by posting super cheap ($0,01-$1,00) WSOs and fill
your Auto Responders with pure buyers very quickly.
Here is a live example of a $1 WSO:
Let’s take a look inside:
„Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ by Raimundas M. 11
To sell $1 WSO, you don’t have to be some kind of super ninja copywriter, but I would at least
have a very enticing header, a couple paragraphs of text and some reviews/testimonials.
Let’s find another one:
This one is from David Kirby.
As you can see, it has over 31K views and it’s still going strong.
Even though the offer was published on 2013 September 14th, David is still bumping the thread
even nowdays.
Which only tells us that it’s working and he’s at least making his money back for every new bump.
Let’s take a quick glance inside:
Here’s the link to the live thread:
In fact, this is a great example of how you want to model/structure your cheap $1 WSOs.
I’m sure David did a ton of testing and found a winning sales copy for his WSO.
To post a thread on the Warrior Special Offers section, you will need to spend $20 as well…
„Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ by Raimundas M. 12
Method #4
Paid Banner Ads
Buying banner ad space on Warrior Forum is one of my favorite methods of getting instant traffic.
The last time I checked, this method allowed you to direct link to any affiliate offer you want.
However, if you are planning to do this, make sure the offer is converting well, because you are
going to spend $100 (for the top banner ad) or $50 (for the bottom banner ad) to be shown for
one day.
Your results will vary, but just to demonstrate the power of this, here’s how much traffic I
personally get when buying banner ads on WF for my IM niche business:
„Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ by Raimundas M. 13
To get your banner ad up and running, simply visit this link:
Advertise on Warrior Forum
You will land on this page:
Here, you can choose where and how many days you want your banner ad to be shown.
It’s super easy to set up, and as soon as your banner ad is approved, it will go live.
It will run EXACTLY 24 hours (if set for one day) from the moment your ad is approved.
Here is one crucial tip I can give from my own experience:
Be very specific with your banner ad message.
Don’t just say „How to make money online“ or „Want to make money online?“ in your banner ads.
This won’t attract a lot of attention. I have tried.
Rather, make your message very clear and specific.
For example:
„How to X using X in X days, regardless of X.“
You get the idea. Details will make your banner ad look more believable, increase curiousity, as
well as clicks.
„Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ by Raimundas M. 14
Method #5
Best Online Resources Section
Now, we are getting into some hidden gems of the Warrior Forum 🙂
But be warned, you must be very careful when using this.
Basically, there is a „Best Online Resources“ forum section on WF for listing sources of FREE
eBooks or PDF’s.
There is also a uniform forum policy that you are NOT allowed to use affiliate links or link
directly to your squeeze pages in this section.
So, how the hell do we get traffic and subscribers from this?
There are a couple of ways we can use to capture that traffic 🙂
Here are some of my threads inside this WF section:
The best part is that it’s free to post, and no approvals are required 😉
To drive traffic to your squeeze page, you can either:
1. Post your .pdf that has a link to your squeeze page somewhere inside the .pdf.
2. Zip your .pdf and an innocent ‘unadvertised bonus’ shortcut that redirects to your squeeze page.
3. Link to your own blog, which has a lightbox pop-up for capturing email addresses.
„Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ by Raimundas M. 15
Actually, let’s take a minute and I will show you the power of this section.
There’s one thread that’s super hot right now:
This guy got over 1K free views in just 7 days.
Let’s see what he’s doing:
Let’s click on the link and see where it takes us:
„Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ by Raimundas M. 16
The „Download“ button links to the .pdf file:
It’s actually pretty good content.
But as you know, even the best content is shared for a reason 🙂
The .pdf is filled with affiliate links and also links to his website a couple of times.
If I where him, I would have zipped that .pdf and included a shortcut that redirects to the squeeze
page or even an affiliate offer.
That way he could get more out of the traffic is he is getting now.
„Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ by Raimundas M. 17
Method #6
Your Signature File
I know, I know.
Nothing ground-breaking here 🙂
Just wanted to cover EVERY single strategy possible, that’s why it’s here.
So, if you are an active WarriorForum member or have something valuable to share with the
community, you had better have a signature file with the link to your squeeze page or sales page.
Signature traffic is actually one of the most qualified traffic you can get from the Warrior Forum.
The reason being is that your signature appears after every post you make on WF, and it acts as a
relationship and trust building tool.
If Warrior Forum visitors like your posts and your style and appreciate your help, they will most
likely be interested in what else you have to offer and click on your signature link.
Here’s a quick tip: To save time and energy and get the best results possible, make sure you
post on threads that are related to your signature text.
For example, if your signature is related to list building; in this case, it’s wise to participate in the
„Email Marketing“ section, as well as the „Main Internet Marketing Forum“ (in the threads
discussing list building and traffic related questions).
To set up your signature on WF, simply follow the steps below:
Step 1. Click on your name in the Warrior Forum:
„Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ by Raimundas M. 18
Step 2. Click on „Customize Profile“:
Step 3. Click on „Edit Signature“ on the left, and add your signature:
Want to add a link inside your signature?
Just highlight the text you want and click on the „globe“ icon:
„Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ by Raimundas M. 19
Method #7
The War Room Section
„The War Room“ section is another place on WF filled with HUNGRY BUYERS.
To access „The War Room“ Private Forum, people pay a $97/year subscription payment.
So, only those who have a PayPal account and don’t hesitate to spend money on their knowledge,
will see your thread inside this section.
Because I joined The War Room in 2011 (before acquired the Warrior Forum), I still
have access to this section for free (until 2031).
However, all of the new members who want to join The War Room today are required to pay a
monthly fee.
And believe me; there are many of them who join this private forum every day.
The War Room is basically a place where members share their best stuff with other Warrior Forum
You will find a ton of Paid WSOs, graphics, software, plugins and other cool stuff FOR FREE.
„OK Raimundas, all this sounds great and stuff, but how do I get traffic to my squeeze page or any
other page of my choice from here?“
„Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ by Raimundas M. 20
Let’s open up „The War Room“ and I will show you.
This is the first page of the War Room.
Let’s take the „[FREE] Facebook, Twitter and Youtube Cover Template“ thread for this example:
„Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ by Raimundas M. 21
Now, let’s see what happens when you click on the „DOWNLOAD HERE“ link:
What do we have here, huh?
A link to download your graphics (at the right), but there is also a sneakily added squeeze page on
the left 🙂
Think people opt-in?
Moreover, these subscribers are fricking pure buyers.
By the way, you don’t have to offer graphics; this is just a quick example.
You can share any .pdf report or product of yours, and add your squeeze page for those who want
to receive more relevant stuff from you.
If you think about it, this section is even more powerful than the public „Warrior Special Offers“
section, because all of them have PayPal accounts here.
I hope you are seeing the power of this.
Warrior Forum alone can build a huge business, if you are in the IM/MMO space.
But, wait. There’s more… 🙂
I have a bonus method for you on the next page that will absolutely blow you away.
How do I know that? Because I was when I first discovered this 🙂
„Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ by Raimundas M. 22
Bonus Method
Your Own Pop-Up on the Warrior Forum
„What? A pop-up? How?“
This is actually more advanced stuff.
Basically, you can have a pop-up shown any time someone open up the Warrior Forum.
Believe it or not, you can have it on any section you want.
Want ONLY buyers?
Add it on the „War Room“ „Warrior Special Offers“ and „Classified Ads“ sections.
It’s done through the third party advertising networks (PPV traffic networks).
It won’t show up for all of the WF visitors, but only for those who have an adware installed.
Basically you can show any pop-up you want on any website on the whole internet for peolpe who
have the adware installed on their computers.
And it’s legit!
Three leading PPV networks (in no particular order) right now are as follows:
I personally use
„Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ by Raimundas M. 23
It cost me ~$0.02-$0.033 for my pop-up to show up on the Warrior Forum, and you can target
any Warrior Forum URL you want.
Yes 🙂
If you want to learn in more details about this bonus method, check out the
uft_bonus_method.pdf that came with this product.
I hope your head is spinning by now, and you simply can’t wait to start driving traffic to your
squeeze pages, blogs, affiliate offers, or sales pages.
You have EVERYTHING you need in your hands now to take action and drive insanely quality Bizz-
Op/MMO traffic.
Thanks, again, for picking up the „Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ WSO.
Make sure to check out my other products (see below) 🙂
I will talk to you later.
– Raimundas M.
„Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ by Raimundas M. 24
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„Unstoppable Forum Traffic“ by Raimundas M. 25

Untapped Traffic Giant

Untapped Traffic Giant
by Pedro Lopes
This report was diligently researched and compiled with the intent to
provide information for persons wishing to learn about making a profit
using online resources.
Throughout the making of this consumer report, every effort has been
made to ensure the highest amount of accuracy and effectiveness for
the techniques suggested by the author. The report may contain
contextual as well as typographical mistakes.
No information provided in this report constitutes a warranty of any
kind; nor shall readers of this report rely solely on any such
information or advice.
All content, products, and services are not to be considered as legal,
financial, or professional advice and are to be used for personal use
and information purposes only.
This report makes no warranties or guarantees express or implied, as
to the results provided by the strategies, techniques, and advice
presented in this report. The publishers of this report expressly
disclaim any liability arising from any strategies, techniques, and
advice presented in this report.
The purpose of this consumer report is to educate and guide. Neither
the publisher nor the author warrant that the information contained
within this consumer report is free of omissions or errors and is fully
Furthermore, neither the publisher nor the author shall have
responsibility or liability to any entity or person as a result of any
damage or loss alleged to be caused or caused indirectly or directly by
this report.
About The Author
My name is Pedro Lopes and I’m a full time internet marketer. I was
originally born in Brazil and now reside in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
I started my career in internet marketing in mid 2013 when I came to the
decision that MLM wasn’t good for me and I needed to look elsewhere. I
spent quite a bit of my time throwing my hard earned money at ‘push
button’ products trying to get rich quick and like many people that did so, I
fell flat on my face. The whole experience was quite humbling.
In early 2014, I invested what was my last dollar into a coaching program
and this ended up being the best decision I’ve ever made. Since then, I’ve
met and partnered up with some amazing people who have helped turn
around my entire career.
I’ve had the privilege to be part of some amazing projects like this one
and Ninja FB Tactics for example, and I could not be more thankful for the
influence this community has had on me! It is an absolute blessing to be
able to help so many people who are in the same struggle I was in!
On behalf of everyone involved, I would like to thank you for choosing this
course and promise you that I have given my absolute everything to make
this worth every penny!
Having said that. Let’s get to it, shall we?
Why Pinterest?
Who Is This For?
Setting Up
Pinterest Basics
Website Setup
Building Your Audience
Engagement Techniques
Monetization Techniques
Why Pinterest?
Pinterest is by far the most underappreciated, yet fastest growing social
network out there.
This is quite the phenomenon, at least until the rest of the world catches
on, which they will.
But for right now, Pinterest stands relatively untapped in comparison to
other social media giants, and the people that take initiative and stamp
their foot in this social network while it’s still at it’s brewing stage will
benefit massively!
The sweet part about this untapped giant is that if you learn to tame it, it
will reward you with massive amounts of free, targeted, quality traffic. The
type of traffic that you would otherwise have to pay an arm and a leg for.
In the case of Pinterest, all you have to do is place yourself in front of it
and today you’re going to learn exactly how to do that. In this report, you
will be given a game plan for how to siphon traffic from this giant and your
business will benefit like never before.
First, let’s take a look at exactly what we’re dealing with here. Why should
we be considering Pinterest?
70 Million
I’ll begin by giving you 70 million reasons. 70 million people who are
actively using Pinterest as I’m typing this right now.
Now, that’s a relatively small number compared to the other big guys, but
Pinterest is scheduled to grow to 200 million strong in the next 2 years as
people begin to realize its true power.
But as of now, we’re sitting at 70 million. While significantly smaller than
the big guns, somehow it packs a bigger punch. How?
One word, “engagement”. Get this, even though Pinterest is the new kid in
town, it is capable of sending more traffic to your website or blog than
Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit combined !
This is simply because of their interface setup which is perfect for user
engagement. Pinterest may be smaller in overall volume, but if used
correctly, you will benefit from a whole lot of engagement from your
audience, more so than you will get from the other guys.
Pinterest is also a very diverse and unique social network. There’s just so
many ways to engage with your audience from a single account. You can
create specific boards for a specific kind of audience or engagement you
want which gives you several angles to choose from, you’ll learn more
about this later in the report. The other social networks are relatively one
dimensional when it comes to this.
One interesting stat in regards to this is a whopping 70% of brand
engagement on Pinterest is user generated. This means that businesses
are getting a ton of action without even doing any promotion. This is due
to the natural virality that a single post or “pin” can receive. You will learn
how to do this as well.
Buyer Intent
This is a big one! Pinterest users are lot more likely to buy than users of
other networks.
This has been studied and documented. In fact; on average, each pin is
worth about .78 cents to a business on Pinterest who is featuring their
Pinterest users also spend approximately double the amount than
Facebook and Twitter users. The key thing with this figure is that this is
with no spike in traffic, Pinterest traffic is just that more valuable.
To put it simply, Pinterest users pin things with the intention to buy. This is
one of the biggest features of the whole networks itself, it gives its users
the chance to create boards of interests, sort of like a wish list. This
means that if your brand is on Pinterest, you’re allowing your users to
interact with your merchandise like never before. This is massive, not only
for sales, but for exposure as well and of course, ultimately more sales.
Who Is This For?
There are certain types of markets and niches that are dominating
Pinterest these days while it’s still at its infancy. This does not mean that
your market has no place there, it just means that it hasn’t been
established yet. Rest assured, as the numbers of users rise, it most
certainly will.
For now, let’s talk about what angles to approach Pinterest with if you are
keen on engaging with its currently very active users. Here are some
niches that are booming on Pinterest right now:
● Health/Fitness
● Cooking/Recipes
● Clothing
● Art
● Craft/DIY
● Jewelry
● Beauty
● Kids
● Home/Decoration
● Travel
● Weddings
By looking at this list of niches, if you have gathered that Pinterest is a bit
more populated by women than men then you would be right.
70% of Pinterest users are in fact, women. This is something to keep in
mind when you’re considering your approach.
If you want to see some great results with Pinterest, I suggest you have a
look at the niches you see above and pick one that you think you are most
knowledgeable about. This will make it a lot easier and enjoyable for you
and you will be able to experience Pinterest at its greatest strength.
If you have a blog or a website in one of the listed niches, then you need
to get yourself a Pinterest account set up as soon as yesterday!
If you don’t have a blog yet, it’s ok. Setting up a website is super easy
nowadays and anyone can do it. What’s even better is, if there’s anything
you don’t quite know how to do or just plain don’t want to do, you can
always delegate such tasks to outsourcers. My favorite places to go to get
things done for me is either or There is not a
single task that you need to get done online that you won’t find someone
in these two websites that is willing to do for you for a reasonable price!
Having said that, there is a module in this course that covers getting your
blog up and running. From purchasing a domain to WordPress setup.
Again, by no means am I ruling out any niches that are not listed above.
For example, although the internet marketing and make money online
niche isn’t exactly thriving on Pinterest quite yet, it is by no means dead.
Matter fact, you would only have to have a look around the website and
you will find that internet marketing is very much alive in there with various
users promoting their blog content and offers. It just simply hasn’t reached
its heights yet, this does not mean you should wait until it does for you to
capitalize on it. get in there now and establish yourself as an authority.
My personal advice is to set yourself up an account with whatever niche is
your forte and if it is one of the ones listed, that’s great! If not, pick one
from the lust that you would enjoy the most and set up an account and
blog for that aswell.
Setting Up
Now that you’re a bit more informed about why you should be using
Pinterest and which angles to approach with, it is about time we start
taking some action.
The first thing we need to do is set up a business account. It is important
to have a business account and to have it set up the right way. Pinterest
has some awesome resources for accounts that join as a business so
we’re gonna wanna do that.
If you already have an account and want to convert it into a business
account (this is what I did for one of my accounts) you’ll be glad to know
that you can do that, in fact it’s rather simple. ←Use
this link to get to the right page.
Below the big red Join as a business button you’ll find the Convert now
button, click that and you’re on your way.
Now let’s get your account set up properly.
Account Set Up
If you’re starting from scratch, then from the homepage, select
Businesses at the bottom.
Then click the big red button on the next screen…
The following screen, you will enter your basic information for your
Once the account is created, we will want to edit our profile and add as
much information as possible about our business.
It is important to make sure you fill out all the fields. Many people leave
this part off or forget to do it. You want to be as descriptive of your
business as possible.
Also, you will want to make sure your website is verified. This is big for
your credibility. You’ll have two options as to how to do this. The first is by
installing a code to your website, the second is by uploading a file via
FTP. I found the second way is easier. All I did was download the file and
upload it to my site folder via FTP. You can use FileZilla for this. If you
have trouble doing this, you can simply call your hosting company and
they will be happy to help you out.
It is also important to integrate some other social accounts with your
business accounts. You can do this by visiting your account settings and
selecting Social Networks .
You will see a screen that looks like this…
This will help you boost your social presence with other networks and let
them know that you are on Pinterest. The point isn’t to get social
interaction on those other networks, the point is to bring that interaction
over to Pinterest where you’re much more likely to go viral.
So now that you have your account set up and all your information is
filled, it’s time to learn a little more about what we’re doing. The next
mosule we’re gonna discuss some Pinterest basic terminology so you
know which buttons to push and why to push them.
So let’s get to it!
Pinterest Basics
We’re gonna start this module off with some basic Pinterest terminology.
So you have a better idea of what means what and how to use Pinterest.
Here are some basic Pinterest terms:
● Board
● Pin
● Repin
● Group Board
First let’s talk about what a board is.
From your profile page, you will see your boards. This is where you’re
going to submit all your content, your boards will contain everything
you’ve pinned or repinned. You can pin things from your own blog here or
repin things that you’ve found on other boards. Both are important for your
own exposure and for you to build a following. More on this later…
Next, let’s talk about pins and repins . What is the difference between
Pins are content that is shared on Pinterest from an outside source,
meaning they came from a blog or website. A repin is content that is
shared form within Pinterest itself.
So if I have content I shared from my website or any other website on one
of my boards, this would be called a pin . If I found something I liked on
Pinterest and I clicked the button from within, then that is now
called a repin .
One interesting stat to take note of is that 80% of pins on Pinterest are
actually repins. This means that most of the activity going on is from
within and recycled. This is a great indicator of the viral power of this
Now let’s dive briefly on what a group board is. Group boards are a
powerful way to get your content out there in the Pinterest world and will
give you a major boost in going viral with the network.
You can create a group board by inviting users to your boards or just
create a new one and invite from there. Either way, your board officially
becomes a group board once you get people to join it.
Here’s an example of me creating a new board and inviting people to join
Alternatively, you can turn any board into a group board by simply
selecting it and clicking the invite button.
The more contributors you can get onto a group board, the better chances
of whatever content you pin in there getting repinned and going viral.
How People Use Pinterest
So now that you’re familiar with some of the key terminology behind
Pinterest, it would be good to know how all of this is used by the daily
Pinterest user so you can better prepare your content for them.
There are four key reasons why users interact with content on Pinterest:
1. Wish List
2. Planning
3. Discovery
4. Inspiration
These four things are found in just about every Pinterest user’s boards on
their profile and it’s some good bit of information to know being that we’re
the ones that’s going to be creating this content.
Think of these as repin triggers, if we cover at least one of these with the
content we share on Pinterest, we are playing the game right and our
audience will oblige by repinning our pins and making us go viral on the
In other word, give the people what they want!
Website Setup
I wanted to dedicate this module for those that need a bit of a light on how
to set up a website or blog from scratch. Don’t wanna leave anyone
If you’ve already got your blog set up or already know how to do this, you
may skip this module. We’re just gonna discuss some basic technical stuff
and some WP plugins for a successful blog.
As far as hosting goes, I always use Bluehost because I think they
provide the best hosting and customer service.
If you want to save some money on buying your domain, you can go to and then point the domain over. This is very easy to do.
You will save some money this way with the domain itself, but I would still
host it with Bluehost .
Once you have your domain and you’re logged in, you will want to install
From the home page of your Bluehost account you want to click cPanel.
From there, go to the Website Builders tab and click WordPress.
Follow the instructions and you’re done!
Now that you have your WordPress blog set up, you can either use the
WP themes or browse for other free ones.
By selecting Add New Theme you will see some more options you can
use. You’ll find that there are many to choose from, many of which are
quality and free.
Any new WordPress blog needs one or two plugins to be optimized, so
here is a WP plugin starter pack for a blog that’s going to be connected to
Pinterest Pin It Button
This plugin will automatically add a pin it button over any image that’s on
your WP blog. This is a must if you want to have a Pinterest ready
website that gives your visitors every opportunity to share your content.
Pinterest Pin Board Widget
This plugin is a widget that allows you to display all your Pinterest boards
on the sidebar of your website calling for more interactions from your
Super Socializer
This plugin adds social sharing buttons to all of your posts and/or pages,
not only for Pinterest but for other social networks aswell.
WordPress SEO by Yoast
This plugin is for SEO purposes. It’s good to know while you’re posting
whether your posts are SEO optimized and what needs to be done to
make it so. This plugin will help you do that.
SEO Rank Reporter
Another SEO plugin that will send you reports to help you track your
rankings for keywords every 3 days.
Jetpack is a plugin I think every blog should have. It comes with some
many features that just about cover everything you’ll need for a
Wordpress blog.

Jetpack by

So that about covers it. Now it’s time to put this whole thing to work. In the
next modules you will learn what to do to be successful on both fronts,
Pinterest and your blog.
We’ll begin by building up your Pinterest audience…
Building Your Audience
Now that you have a Pinterest account and you have a blog, it’s time to
learn some of the best ways to get some of this viral traffic, we’re gonna
discuss it from both sides of the equation, starting off with the Pinterest
side. Let’s start building that audience shall we?
Following For Followers
Now that you’re on Pinterest, it’s time to get involved a bit. This strategy is
simple and it holds true for any social network that you want to build a
following in.
You’re gonna want to focus on people specifically in your niche and you
can do this by simply using Pinterest’s search feature.
Make sure you designate the search to find pinners that are in your niche.
The strategy here is to follow as many people as possible but still keep a
slight filter.
Pinterest will put your following privileges on hold once you hit 200 follows
in a single day. Having said that, it helps to keep an eye on following not
only people in our niche, but people who are likely to follow back.
Now there’s no exact science to this but, people with a more moderate
number of followers will notice that you’ve followed them more than
people who have a following in the thousands.
200 follows a day gives quite a large cap space to work with and there’s
nothing wrong with just following everyone who’s in your niche, but if
you’re gonna add a filter to this, it would be wise to follow accounts that
are still under 1,000 followers.
Not all will follow you back, but some definitely and once you start that
following, you will officially have your foot in the door.
Repinning For Followers
One sure fire way to announce yourself to the Pinterest community is to
get involved in other users’ boards.
For this to work to the fullest, it will also help to have some boards already
set up with content in them, especially if it’s original pins from your blog.
Again, just like the following strategy, what we’re looking for here pins that
are getting a moderate amount of action.
Here’s a pin that fits the bill. It’s got a little bit of interaction going on, not
too much [check] and it’s in our niche [check]. This is a pin that would be
worthy of a repin.
When you repin something from someone, they will be notified of it which
brings them to your profile which could lead to two possible things, they’ll
either follow you which is a follower gained or they will repin something of
yours which is even better because now you have started going a little bit
That user’s followers will see that they’ve repinned your content which will
start the same process again, you’ll get followers or more repins or both!
Actively repinning related content will build a perpetual flow of interaction
coming back to you. It is quite tedious but it will get you results.
Although I don’t personally do this because there are some risks involved,
there is the option of using a Pinterest bot to carry the load for you. If this
is something you’d like to look into, here’s one that seems to be pretty
popular these days:
Fiverr Help
If you’re going to be followed to get followed, it may help that you touch up
your perceived appearance before doing so. Reaching out to Fiverr for
this is the best way to go.
This isn’t something that you want to go overboard with but I have found
out by testing with other networks like Instagram that if you have
followers, people tend to follow. So how do we get followers before getting
followers? Fiverr.
There are plenty of gigs on Fiverr like THIS ONE that will give you a
following. One thing to keep in mind, no matter what the gig claims is that
these are not real followers, but they don’t have to be. The reason why
we’re doing this is for appearance purposes only. Having said that, we
don’t want to go overboard either.
Make sure you search only high quality gigs with good feedback and don’t
order any more than 500 followers as it’ll just be overkill. Remember,
we’re doing this for appearance only, this is just to help your prospective
follower to make the decision that they do wanna follow you because
other people seem to be doing it too.
Lastly, another thing to keep in mind here is to make sure you’ve done
some pinning and repinning yourself before ordering a gig. Nothing looks
more phony than an account with hundreds of followers and no content.
Inviting People To Join Your Boards
By now you should have some boards with some nice content in them,
whether it be pins or repins. Inviting people to contribute to your boards is
a great idea.
This benefits both you and your invites. They’ll be delighted because they
can share your content on your board and you’ll benefit because this will
set off a chain reaction for you once people start getting involved.
If you have done some following already, you should have a good amount
of people identified that you can send an invitation to. So start inviting!
We’re gonna build more on this in the next module where we transition to
audience engagement. You’ll learn about different types of boards and
engagement techniques that will make you stand out from the crowd
which will lead to repins, followers and ultimately the main goal, more
customers and sales.
Engagement Techniques
In order to get the most value out of your Pinterest account, it helps to
have some strategy, especially in the boards you have set up. Content
alone is great but it’s not gonna quite cut it, there needs to be some
strategy involved and some intent.
Different Types Of Boards
Here are some different types of boards to keep in mind when adding
content to your Pinterest profile. Each of these have a different approach
and it’s wise to implement all of these to set yourself up for maximum
Here’s the list of boards that you want to focus your content around:
● Products and merchandise: This one’s pretty obvious, if you have
a business and you have products, this is the board to showcase
them in. This is the promotional board, all images shared here
should lead to your website where your audience can come back to
and buy.
● Portfolio: This is similar to the above board but not as promotional.
Use this board to showcase not only your products but your
accomplishments and any awards you’ve earned.
● Resources and helpful content: This board will get some nice
interaction so it is wise to make these images link to a relevant blog
post. This will bring visitors to your website and will also create
some exposure for you as people love to share helpful stuff.
● Storytelling: This is a good board to get creative with, share
anything from day to day activities in your business. I like to call this
the Instagram board, meaning you can use this to post things that
are happening now and now and create a story around it. Feel free
to throw a couple pins in there showcasing some products you offer
that tie into your story.
● Things that you and your audience are passionate about: Out of
all of your boards, this one might get the most interaction. This
board can contain anything from quotes to inspirational pictures. It’s
important to share content like this because of it’s viral factor. This
type of content will get a lot of repins and bring traffic right back to
your Pinterest page and blog.
● Behind the scenes: If you can incorporate a board like this, your
audience will love you for it. This is more of something you should
do when you have some brand recognition going for you. If people
have an interest in your brand, product or service, they will be
delighted to get a sneak peek of what’s going on behind the scenes.
Now that we have a better understanding for these boards and what their
specific goals are, I want to point out that not all pins have to come per
blog post. Meaning, you don’t have to write up a new blog post just to
create a new pin. A pin can simply be an image, it could be multiple
images from the same blog post or just a stand alone image. As long as
it’s something that calls for engagement then you will get some action.
Also, not everything has to be promotional, in fact you’re better off on
Pinterest if it isn’t. This is why you will have different boards, different
boards for different goals.
Joining Boards
We’ve covered quite a bit on inviting people to your boards in this report
but if you can get yourself to contribute to another board that has an
already established following, it will do wonders for your own following.
Joining popular boards on Pinterest isn’t as easy as just clicking a button
though. It requires you to interact with some people. Keep in mind that at
the end of the day, interaction is good and if it leads to you being a
contributor to a popular board then it is awesome!
When you do a search for boards on your niche on Pinterest, you will find
that some of them contain the group symbol below that the red arrow is
pointing to.
These are group boards which means that there are more than one uses
contributing to it.
To join a group board, you want to private message the owner of the
board and request an invite.
Although a message like above should suffice, you can mention that
you’re going to bring value to their board by contributing with the best
quality content.
One thing to note is that the user whose board you want to contribute to
has to be following you.
So a good practice here is to keep tabs on your new followers, follow
them back and then see if they have group boards. Every single one of
these that you join and contribute to is like a mini jackpot for your traffic
Earning yourself a place as a contributor to a board that has a large
following will be a game changer for you so it’s important to make as
many friends and connections as you can. Also, make sure your profile
has some quality content to showcase as this will be a deciding factor on
whether or not someone will allow you to contribute to their board.
Speaking of content, it’s about time you get a better idea of what you
should be posting and what gets better responses and interaction.
Original Content
A little later in this module, we will get into some cool tools to use to easily
create some killer images, but first let’s discuss about what’s gonna catch
your audience’s attention.
The first thing you want to make sure you do is to offer original content.
While it’s ok to post some recycled stuff here and there like some quotes
and pictures, but it’s better if your stuff is original, something your
audience hasn’t seen before.
Use your creativity here and of course, keep your audience in mind and
make it relatable.
Height vs Width
This is quite the golden nugget here. You’ll notice if you browse your
Pinterest feed that it scrolls up and down meaning that images with more
height get more exposure than images with width.
Naturally, you should use this to your advantage. As your audience is
scrolling through their own feeds, the images that are longer in height will
stay on their screen longer, this is true for desktop and mobile browsing.
When creating content or even when sharing anything, keep this in mind.
Creating and sharing long images will give you an almost unfair
advantage over images that are next to it that are shorter in height. This
will literally double or triple your chances of getting some engagement for
your image.
You don’t need to be a creative or technical wizard when it comes to
creating images.
Canva is a tool that currently has my Photoshop collecting dust. I use it
mostly for creating Facebook ad images on the fly but I am now using it to
create content for Pinterest.
You can define the image specs for your canva to 2 x 1 in regards to
length and width and start creating awesome content for your audience to
engage with.
The best part is that it is absolutely free and web based. No downloading
anything. They do have some images to offer for sale but you will never
need to use them because you can simply upload images of your own.
I definitely recommend checking out .
Infographics are a big hit on Pinterest right now. There’s nothing your
audience will love you more for than to see some informative content and
an image at the same time. It’s the best of both worlds!
If you have any informative blog posts on your website, add an
infographic to go with them and share it on Pinterest. Make the
infographics go from top to bottom and give them some height so your
audience can scroll as they read. is a great tool to use to get these done. Alternatively, you
can reach out to Fiverr to get these done for you for cheap. Here’s an
example of good gig .
The Pin It Button
We touched on this a bit earlier in the report. If there’s anything that is
most critical to your website for it to get some viral action on Pinterest, it is
the pin it button.
Every image on your website should have a pin it button so when you
have visitors, they can simply tap or click on it and you are on your way.
The Pin It Button Plugin does this automatically for you so you don’t
have to do it individually for every image. Once you have this plugin
installed and activated, whenever an image is hovered upon on your
website, it will show a pin it button which can be used by you or your
visitors to post it to Pinterest and link back to your website.
Monetization Techniques
By this point, you now have a better understanding as to how to use
Pinterest for the powerful social network that it is. It is time to talk about
your options on how to monetize all this traffic.
The Perfect Pinterest Funnel
There are many ways you can use Pinterest to make money and we will
cover a couple options, but I wanted to begin this module with the easiest
most effective way to do it.
This will include a combination of some of the things you’ve already
learned plus the addition of some tools and strategies on the receiving
end of your traffic, aka your website or blog.
The basic setup of your funnel goes like this:
1. Infographic or image
2. Squeeze page
3. Prospect opts in and joins your list
4. Prospect gets redirected to thank you page which is CPA offer
or other affiliate offer
So let’s break this down in a little more detail and cover everything you’ll
need to do…
Infographic or Image
You already know of the tools to use for this. You can either create it
yourself by either using Canva or Venngage or head over to Fiverr to get
the job done for you for cheap.
Make sure the image is eye catching, longer in height than width so you
get a better chance of clicks and repins.
Finding An Offer
We’re gonna be focusing on some CPA offers for this funnel so we’re
gonna need to join some networks.
Before we do that, we need to find which offers to promote and which
networks we can find them in.
OfferVault is a great website for this. It lists all offers from various CPA
networks. This will help you find not only the best offers but also which
networks to join to promote them.
Here’s a list of the best CPA networks based on recommendations:
● PeerFly
● NeverBlue
● MaxBounty
● Convert2Media
● CommissionJunction
● ClickBooth
● ShareaSale
● MarketHealth
Which one should you apply to? I’d say all of them, some are easier to get
into than others. This is also what OfferVault is for, so you have a better
idea of what network is a best fit for you. As far as your application
process goes, if there’s any piece of advice I can give you when applying,
it’s two things:
1. Be honest in the application, that’s the best way to go.
2. Call them up, if you want a sure fire way to get accepted, call them
up once you apply.
At the end of the day, you may not get accepted to all of them for one
reason or another. That’s why we’re applying to all of them 🙂
If you want some more information on getting accepted to CPA networks
so you can feel a bit better about applying before you do so, here are
some great resources that break everything down.
Lead Magnet
Before we get into creating your squeeze page and opt in form, there’s a
critical component that is necessary to all funnels, and that is what’s
called a lead magnet.
A lead magnet is usually something you give away for free in exchange
for an email address.
This is usually a digital product either of your creation or you can use a
PLR product.
If you don’t have a product, the best thing to do is search for a PLR
product. PLR products are products that are created by other people who
have given you the rights to sell or give away.
My favorite place to find PLR is ResellRightsWeekly.
com . This is my
marketplace of choice. It is $19.99 a month to join but you can have a trial
for just $1. I highly recommend checking it out, you will find something
you can use here on just about any niche, from fitness to dog training.
You will have an endless amount of content to share and give away from
this site.
If you’ve seen RRW before and you just don’t like it for whatever reason,
then I recommend trying Edson Buchanan’s program, Resell Rights Plus .
It’s fairly new so it’s a little more modern. A lot of content and a lot of
quality, definitely worth a look.
Squeeze Page
Your squeeze page is going to be created right from within a WordPress
post in your blog.
We’re going to use a plugin called Optin Revolution . This plugin triggers
a popup once someone lands on your page which you can use to get opt
The first thing we want to do is install and activate the plugin on your WP
Before we put this to use, let’s set up and opt in form using our
autoresponder. I’ll be using Aweber for this example.
Step 1 is to find the Sign Up Forms tab
Step 2 is to click the Create a Sign Up Form button
Step 3 is to design your form, your form design is going to be done right
from within the plugin so when creating it on Aweber we’re going to keep
it as plain as possible like the image below.
Step 4
Give your form a name and add your Thank You Page .
This is where your affiliate link for your CPA offer goes.
Step 5 Installing your web form
The red arrows display the points of interest here:
1. You want to select the code for Raw HTML Version .
2. Also, make sure you uncheck the bottom box since your form
doesn’t need it.
Copy the code and paste where it belongs in your squeeze page
generator software or in this case, your new plugin.
I recommend taking a quick tutorial of the plugin to get a better idea on
how to use it and where exactly you should put that code for your opt in
Once you’re familiar with how to use the plugin, you can go ahead and
create a new post on your blog and add your image or infographic to it.
Find Posts on your sidebar and click Add New .
In the following screen, give your post a title related to the content you
shared on your infographic or image and click Add Media to find your
image and upload it to your new post.
Congrats! You now have a powerful funnel set up that you can share on
You can set as many of these up as you want. One for every blog post or
image on your site. Make sure the images are attractive and that you
have something relevant to give away as a lead magnet and that the back
end offer is relevant as well. You will make sales and build your list at the
same time that you can send back to your site or promote affiliate
products to.
Amazon Store
Creating an Amazon store is a great way to monetize your blog. Amazon
stores save you the headache of having to keep an inventory and at the
same time allow you to sell just about anything in the world and make
commissions for those sales.
This is a very powerful combination to use with Pinterest as you can
easily populate your website with merchandise and use those posts to
populate your Pinterest boards, particularly your “products and
merchandise” board.
This gives you the freedom to work with just about any niche and if you’re
creative, you can see the potential here. As long as you follow the
engagement techniques on this report and build yourself an audience, you
will have an endless amount of traffic hitting your Amazon store on a daily
Now you don’t have to be a technical wizard to have an Amazon store up
and running. All you need is an Amazon affiliate account and you can
learn how to create one by clicking here → Create Amazon Affiliate
Also, as far as the technical part goes of building an Amazon affiliate
online store, you will find that there are plugins to help you have that done
and set up in no time. There are even themes like Covert Store Builder
that instantly turn your WP blog into an Amazon store as easy as point
and click.
An Amazon store plus the natural viral power of Pinterest can turn your
website into a virtual 24 hour a day cash register. You have the tools, you
have the knowledge and the plan, now it’s time to take action!
So what are you waiting for? There are millions of users just waiting to
engage with your content on Pinterest. All you have to do is use what
you’ve learned to get in front of them. Sometimes, all it takes is one repin
from a large account for you to go viral. The only way to make that
happen is to take action!
Not everything is gonna work out for you right away, sometime it will take
multiple attempts to get things right.
As long as you know that you are now working with a powerful and viral
social network, you can rest assured that as if you treat this giant the way
you should, it will reward you tenfold.
Remember, until you take action with this and connect it to your ideas and
goals, all it will ever be is a good idea. Having a good idea is not enough,
don’t stay stuck in the potential boat, take consistent action and know that
not every action is gonna be a home run.
Like the late great Zig Ziglar said…
“By the mile it’s a trial, but by the inch it’s a cinch.”
Thank you so much for reading this report!
Pedro Lopes

Reddit Traffic Magnet

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Thanks for buying a copy of
“Reddit Traffic Magnet!”
It means a lot to us. We try our best to help and share the knowledge we have. Best Wishes for your Success.
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Table of Contents
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Introduction ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 16
What Is Reddit? …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 18
Why You Should Be Using Reddit? ……………………………………………………………………………………………….. 20
Why Reddit rather than using the other social media networks? …………………………………………………….. 21
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10. Viral Marketing: ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 23
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12. Wide Variety of Topics: ………………………………………………………………………………………………… 24
13. Build Readership: ………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 24
14. Free Social Signals: ………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 25
My Simple 3 Step Formula for Getting Reddit Traffic Swarm ………………………………………………………… 26
How I Got 1800+ Downloads Of An Android App Within 24 hrs From Reddit?…………………………………… 28
How I Got Tons and Tons of Views on My Images ………………………………………………………………………….. 30
Some Real Time Traffic from Reddit: ………………………………………………………………………………………… 34
How Reddit Works? …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 37
Creating a Powerful & Safe Reddit Account ………………………………………………………………………………….. 39
Submitting a Link on Reddit ………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 42
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Find a Relevant Category/Subreddit on Reddit ……………………………………………………………………………… 44
How to Check Shadow Ban? ………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 46
How to Get Started With Reddit? ………………………………………………………………………………………………… 48
Step1: Account & Profile Setup ………………………………………………………………………………………………… 48
Step 2: Gain Some Link Karma …………………………………………………………………………………………………. 48
Step 3: Selecting Right Subreddit ……………………………………………………………………………………………… 50
Step 4: Its Ninja Mode : …………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 51
Manage All Social Accounts from One Gmail Account ………………………………………………………………….. 55
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Very Warm Welcome 
First we want to congrats you on making a right decision and we hope this guide will help you in getting success with Facebook.
Yousaf Saeed
My name is Yousaf Saeed. I have been doing Internet Marketing for more than 7 year. I am mentored by many top Gurus and Expert. Including John Thornhill, Marc Miburn, Bill Hugall, Adeel Chowdhy, Shane Farrell, William Murray and few others too.
I am a Flippa Supper Seller with 100% rating. I am also a Trainer, Mentor, Author, Product Developer, do Product Launches, Joint Venture, Sales Funnel and lot more. I have helped and trained more than 10,000 people locally. Now want to help you.
Click Here to Connect with me
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First let me share some Case Studies. So you can know the actual value of this amazing free traffic source. This will also help you get an Idea and give you different strategies which you can use in your Business. Let’s Start It.
How Vylo Generated 6,000 LEADS FROM REDDIT?
Reddit is a great place for Startups. It is a very cost effective place to get leads if you are planning to start working a new Idea. You can also check out for the potential of your idea by discussing it on reddit subreddits. is a great example of a startup that shared their idea on reddit and they managed to get some mind blowing responses from reddit along with 6000 leads too. is web based chat system for gamers where game lovers can chat each other about the different games. This site
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has two types of membership accounts. One is free and other is premium. Premium has more features as compared to free.
Before starting up, Vylo submitted their Idea on Reddit for some reviews from the normal user. They wanted to check the potential of their Idea and Reddit turned out to be the right place to look for the right audience for an honest review. Here is a snapshot of the post from Vylo team that submitted it on Reddit
Their team actually wants to get feedback and test their product so they have decided to test it with Reddit. They decided to test
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 10
it initially with small audience just because that how user experience with this kind of products and to know about more bugs which may occur. Also large audience may cause failure of the product rather than improvement. So they make a plan to work on it.
There is always a huge target audience for gaming online and Reddit has some special subreddits for this type too. So they got a great response and awesome feedback From Reddit Post about their startup idea. Their Reddit post got more than 1100+ comments and they also managed to capture 6000+ email Leads from that Post.
When Vylo was asked about how why they thought to select Reddit to work out for their startup, They stated that they choose reddit because their team thought that if our post able to get some up-votes then we easily judge the potential of our product that should we scale-up this project or not. To be honest we didn’t meant as promotion of product on reddit (as reddit hate self-promotional content) which we easily can do by paid advertisement.
What Vylo Team did was they posted around 12 Reddit posts on different startup, technology, gaming etc subreddits. They also
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 11
spent some budget on a single Reddit Ad and this also turned out to be one of the top sources for their Leads from Reddit
Their key to get these leads is just because of posting the right sub-reddit, being good with their users and continuously engaging them with the product.
So you can easily understand that how much sub-reddit is important in getting a decent amount of traffic from reddit.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 12
How Ask Me Anything (AMA) GET 15,000 WEBSITE VISITORS Along with 800$ of sales in one day From Reddit?
There are a very people who don’t know that Reddit is one of the best social media networks that can help them to promote their business in a short time. Reddit can help to generate website traffic, leads and even sales too. You just have to keep calm while working on Reddit as their spam filters are very tight and they have some strict admin moderation in subreddits.
So they only allow unique and quality stuff for Reddit Audience. That can be the reason that most of the people keep themselves away from Reddit. But If you follow rules and provide some interesting things to Reddit users, then its surely going to be a Gold Mine For your business.
Best thing about Reddit is the perfect targeting of community for your business. That’s what ASKMEANYTHING clicked and they posted on A subreddit “League Of Legends” with more than 600k users, about their new “voice chat program” to get feedback. And again the response was over whelming. The post got more than 1000 comments and engaged a large community
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 13
on Reddit. This Reddit Post resulted in more than 15000 traffic in a single day.
Here is the link to the Reddit Post

The team was very much amazed by the results of just a single post that was only looking for feedback. So they thought to give Reddit one more shot. This time they posted in a Subreddit of
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 14
more than 700k users named as IAmA.
Here is the link to the subreddit post

Once again the results were mind blowing. The post got around 3000 upvotes and more than 1300 comments. This engagement resulted in again some hide traffic and this time around 800$ sales were generated too on that single day. How Awesome More It Can be!!!!!
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 15
It shows that you have to be creative and smart enough to work on Reddit and rest everything will be in large numbers whether it’s the leads, traffic or even the sales,,
So are you exited now?
Ok Good 
Now Let us tell you in detail how Reddit work and how you can get the above success too.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 16
Today, you cannot ignore the power of social media, which is playing an effective role in boosting your online business. Social media is a powerful source to get targeted traffic to your content. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Stumble upon and Digg are the most powerful sources to bring traffic to your site.
When we talk about social networking, the right plan will be the power to bring a traffic swarm of social traffic to any site. The change in technology of mobile devices such as smart phone and tablets helps us to increase social networking activities and people want to get connected every time when they are free.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 17
Driving traffic to your website is the key element for your online marketing success. Social media always has great importance in your online marketing strategy as it will generate a steady flow of traffic to you content. More traffic means more exposure so more money in your pocket.
Quality content is also a key but it doesn’t mean that you have the best website; there are some other factors too like building and increasing your site audience. If you are answering visitors question consistently then it will help you build a greater audience for your site.
The best thing in online marketing success is generating quality traffic with least expensive method. Your ultimate goal is to increase your ROI (Return on Investment) by generating leads from your traffic. Google and Alexa rank is always matter but social media will help you to get real traffic without spending much for paid advertisement on different platforms.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 18
What Is Reddit? is a very much popular social network and is also a reliable news website where people can submit/post Images, links and text posts on different topics for a healthy discussion and they also drive lots and lots of free and quality target traffic to their websites and blogs. It is basically a bulletin board system, collecting entries submitted by its users.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 19
Reddit is not like other social networks that are getting filled up with spammers and dead users. It has a strong and very active spamming filter which can catch you easily if you do not follow even a single rule, but if you do it very carefully, you can easily generate mass traffic you never seen before.
Using Reddit can be a bit hard for new members, which is why we compiled this useful and simple Reddit guide. Even you are still not convinced to use Reddit, here are some reasons that why you should not leave this opportunity on table.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 20
Why You Should Be Using Reddit?
Reddit is one of the most powerful social network site which allow people to share and read news about every topic from all over the world. Reddit is one of most growing social news website in social media. We can submit a wide variety of content almost on every topic such as Entertainment, Culture, Fun, Pop, Web2.0 etc. But there are some and rules and regulation of each category and you have to stay around it.
Reddit is a social site where people come for news and Fun. So if you want to market your content then Reddit is best for you.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 21
Why Reddit rather than using the other social media networks?
Here is question arise that why Reddit rather than using the other social media networks? Other networks have their own benefits, but here we are going to discuss about Reddit benefits and compare with other networks.
1. Google Adsense Friendly:
Reddit is far better than Facebook and other social networks other than that, Adsense like Reddit traffic as it gives low bounce rate and traffic from top countries like USA, UK, and Canada.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 22
2. Syndication:
Reddit divides your traffic in different social networks and to many other websites through back linking.
3. Referral Traffic:
Reddit creates referral traffic for your site that helps to increase the overall rankings.
4. Free Top Notch SEO links: Rank higher in Google with Reddit High Quality PR 8 Authority Backlinks. Reddit is marked as trusted by Google too and that’s why one can get strong social signals too from Facebook that will surely boost up the rankings in search engines.
5. Time Worthy:
If you will spend more time on Reddit, it will automatically generate traffic for you from different social Media sites/networks! So, you don’t have to worry about other networks.
6. Promotion Medium:
Even you are working on any online platform, you always need its promotion and marketing to increase its visibility for targeted visitors, so Social Media is
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 23
best way to market your business online.
8. Premium Traffic: Most of the users of reddit are mostly from USA, UK, and Europe etc. So you can get quality premium traffic from Reddit to your sites.
9. Traffic Quantity:
Just like other networks like Digg, Stumble Upon and other sites, Reddit front page navigation can also bring lots of traffic to your site if you handle it according to its rules.
10. Viral Marketing:
Reddit is a very effective network to go viral on social media without spending any penny on paid advertisement. Reddit front page show 25 links on the base of their positive up-votes. If you are able to get 20 Up-votes within first hours of submitting your links then you can easily get place on front page of Reddit which is hot news page. When you got a place on Reddit front page then you will get tons of quality free traffic easily Yeah! So get your servers upgraded too to handle the traffic swarm.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 24
11. Content Marketing:
Reddit users are very efficient and active they love the quality content and also share and comment on it. If your content is good. You will get a great response from Reddit hyper active users. But if your content is irrelevant or not up to the Reddit rules then you will face a lot of criticism and in some cases your account may banned too. So if you want to market your content then Reddit is best for you if you used it properly.
12. Wide Variety of Topics:
Reddit is one of most growing social news website in social media. We can submit a wide variety of content almost on every topic such as entertainment, culture, Fun, Pop, Web2.0 etc. But there are some rules and regulation of each category and you have to stay around it.
13. Build Readership:
Reddit also helps you get consistent readers for your blog and building long term audience for your blogs. You can easily do this when you are going with a proper plan to catch the power of social networking. Like Digg and Stumble upon, if you able to get a push on first page of hot news in Reddit, You can easily get
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 25
a traffic blast on your site and your post can go viral. Also you can convert and monetize this traffic for long term.
14. Free Social Signals:
Social signals also help you in getting organic rank in SERP. You can easily get social signals for your content by sharing on Reddit.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 26
My Simple 3 Step Formula for Getting Reddit Traffic Swarm
Step 1: Create a verified Reddit account
Step 2: Share funny images and get link karma 100
Step 3: After that share your content in relevant subreddit and get them on front page by getting up votes (read the method below)
Boom!!! Reddit Magnet will attract lots and lots of free traffic for you.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 27
Reddit can be a powerful source of targeted traffic if you follow simple rules. We were able to get 8k+ audience just in one day by using a 1 months old profile with link karma 21,002.
We have used the method which I have discussed in this eBook and I was able to get link Karma of 21002. After that our team starts promoting our blog contents there.
We have created a post on a blog on topic that is trending in that niche with attractive title and description and add some images. After posting it on my blog, I have shared it on Reddit and up-voted with my minor accounts.
After 24 hours, when I check the stats, the analytics showing 8k+ visitors from Reddit.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 28
That Reddit post got 3016 up-votes and 248 comments.
And in next 3 days, we have got a decent audience from Reddit.
This is the potential of reddit and you can exploit it for your business. We just tested reddit as a fun and it turns out to be great for us.
How I Got 1800+ Downloads Of An Android App Within 24 hrs From Reddit?
I tried a small experiment to find some mobile traffic on Reddit and was really surprised by the results.
I submitted one of my android apps in relevant subreddit and as a result I got 50% more downloads on my android app on that day. Here is the link to the Reddit post.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 29

Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 30
How I Got Tons and Tons of Views on My Images
The purpose of showing these stats is to show the potential of Reddit. Anyone can drive such traffic to his/her blog and easily and convert it.
The only point you must have to follow is to follow Reddit rules and submit unique and latest stuff on Reddit in relevant SubReddits.
Image Link Shared On Reddit
Reddit Post Link:
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 31
Image Link Shared On Reddit
Reddit Post Link:
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 32
Image Link Shared On Reddit
Reddit Post Link:

Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 33
Image Link Shared On Reddit
Reddit Post Link:
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 34
Some Real Time Traffic from Reddit:
Here are some of the real time traffic snapshots that one of my group members got by submitting his blog links on reddit.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 35
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 36
Imagine that you have share the link of your one blog post and has submitted it on in the relevant category. After sometime you check your blog analytics and analyze your blog traffic stats and find that you received near about 100 unique visitor of your blog.
Then after some hours, again you check the traffic stats and become shock that you site hits 1000+ .
What does this mean?
Actually after people start doing up votes to your post and share it on other social media like Twitter and Facebook which results in more traffic to your blog.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 37
Well, it only takes two minutes for you to submit link on Reddit and you can got 100+ visitor on your blog within few hours.
How Reddit Works?
First thing that you need to know about Reddit is that how Reddit works?
Reddit allows people to share links and images and people on Reddit up-vote these link if they like or down-vote them if they dislike. Even if they are giving a down vote it still means that those users are at least visiting your site once 
The authority of a Reddit profile is judged by link karma and comment karma of that profile. The more you have link and comment karma, the more you have authority and more people will up-vote your link.
“The number next to a username is called that user’s “karma.” It reflects how much good the user has done for the reddit community. The best way to gain karma is to submit links that other people like
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 38
and vote for, though you won’t get karma for self posts.”
If other Reddit users up vote your comments on Reddit posts, you will gain comment karma and if people up vote your Reddit submitted links then your link karma will increase.
The main problem where 90% people stuck on Reddit is that they can’t able to increase their profile link karma. People thought it’s a big headache to increase link karma so stop working on it.
This is really a big misunderstanding. Have you ever thought that you can increase you link karma from 0 to 1000’s within a day. Yes, it is possible if you work on it. Here we go that how you can increase your link karma too fast.
Reddit has very easy interface with everything on the front page so you can easily signup as on other social sites. The navigation bar is very easy to pick categories where you want to read new news. You can easily found news about every topic by just navigating from top categories.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 39
Creating a Powerful & Safe Reddit Account
First of all go to and click on register.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 40
Try to use a real name instead of a brand name or any name related to your niche. An account with real name will obviously will look more natural.
After creating your account, it’s time to verify it. Reddit has not made it necessary to verify your email but verifying email will be a plus point. After creating reddit account, if you don’t receive a verification email as most of the time reddit does not send it, then verify your account via
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 41
Most Important: One thing is most important here regarding having Reddit accounts that do not create more than 3 Reddit accounts on a specific IP. If you want to create multiple Reddit accounts and want to use then safely and securely then use a VPN or different proxy while creating multiple accounts. And same for using multiple accounts at a time, you must switch between multiple IP’s to keep your Reddit accounts safe from ban.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 42
Submitting a Link on Reddit
So now that you have created your Reddit account and verified it too, it’s time to submit links.
Important Note: After creating a new Reddit account do not start promoting your own links first. To promote your own links you must have to attain 100+ Link Karma as it will help to promote your link too well.
Well it seems very easy to submit a link on Reddit but it’s not so easy. There are some rules you have to follow before submitting any link on Reddit. Some common rules are
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 43
● Don’t Spam.
● No child pornography.
● Don’t post your personal information.
● Don’t mention “up-vote please”.
But there is also some other which is not clearly mentioned but you have to follow to avoid complete or shadow ban on Reddit. You must Always submit link in most relevant category/subreddit.
Each category is just like community on Reddit so they have their own rules which you have to follow to submit link in that specific category.
If you are not following the rule of a community and submitting a link there then they immediately shadow ban you.
Before submitting a direct of any post in any category or Reddit, you must have a high link Karma above 50 or above 100 is recommended.
After logging into your account, you can submit links by clicking on the Submit a New link Button or simply you can go to this link
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 44
Just enter a catchy and interesting title and url, Select a relevant subreddit and click submit. Boom you have just submitted a link on Reddit. Isn’t it simple?
There is another way of submitting your links to a relevant subreddit. If you can’t find a relevant subreddit in the options given by Reddit, you can find one.
Find a Relevant Category/Subreddit on Reddit
Choosing a right category on Reddit for your link is very important to get more up votes and increase link karma. So here is method you can do it easily.
Most people submit links in a category by finding or Reddit. This is simple way in which you may able to find right category for your post so there is a little risk factor involve.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 45
To get fully satisfaction that you have submitted link in right category, there is a website where you can easily a relevant category for your link.
Visit above mentioned site and click on the Reddit. Now there are lots of categories where you can find exact category for your link.
Recommendation: Most of Sub-Reddits don’t allow submitting links from external site or for promotional purpose. So first read all the rules or check if other members already have submitted their links. You can also research before submitting the link at website
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 46
How to Check Shadow Ban?
Always remember, do not try to spam by submitting a lot of links as your account will be shadow banned and your website can be permanently banned in Reddit.
Reddit is getting hard day by day. They didn’t notify you when they shadow ban you. But there are two ways you can check that either your profile is shadow ban or not.
One way is that open you profile link in new tab and copy your profile link.
Open another browser like if you are using chrome then open Mozilla or vice versa.
Now open your profile here by pasting profile link in it. If your profile page will open then your profile is active. If a “nothing found” will open then your profile is shadow ban.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 47
Second way is that open this link in any browser.
Just write your profile name of URL and hit enter.
This site will tell you that your profile is normal or ban.
Well after creating an account people don’t think that first they should learn how Reddit works.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 48
How to Get Started With Reddit?
Step1: Account & Profile Setup
Create an account on Reddit with real name and email. After creating account, you need to verify it by email. Sometime Reddit does not send you verification link. For verification, click on the preference tab and the click the password/email tab. You will find the verification of your email here. Now you are ready to work to work on
Step 2: Gain Some Link Karma
First thing you have to do is increase your link karma to be able to get mass traffic from Reddit. The concept behind the increase of link karma is that how many people up-vote your contents in a specific period of time. So you need share content in which people are interested and will share it to others.
Recommended: You must have 100 link karma before going to share links from external site.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 49
After successfully creating an account on now go to and create an account there. is an image hosting and sharing site and where you can upload images and can share on without any problem.
Now collect some images from Google or from other sites. If you want that more people up-vote your image, you need to share unique images there.
Here is a secret tip for finding unique images that will increase you link karma like a rocket :
After collecting images you need to check that these images are unique or not? So to check this, go to and copy your image link from Google or elsewhere and paste it there. This site will tell that your image is unique or already shared on
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 50
Now when you finally know got the image that is attractive and also unique and not already shared on the Then go to the and upload it there. After uploading it there, you need to share it on in the right category.
Step 3: Selecting Right Subreddit
When you are you are sharing anything on, Keep in mind that you should select the right category for your image, video or any other link. If you not do this, then you will be banned immediately on Reddit.
For the right selection of category, you have to use
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 51
For example you are going to share a funny image then most appropriate category is rather than
Category must be related to the content when you are going to share as it will increase the chance getting more up-votes and you will be save from banning on Reddit. After sharing unique images, you need to get up-votes. If you able to get 20 up-votes within an hour, then you are image automatically shifted to hot news tab and people start sharing it and up-vote this.
Step 4: Its Ninja Mode :
After the 10-10-2014 update, Reddit become very strict now and not allowing more than 3 accounts per IP. But still you can manage 6 accounts per IP by this method.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 52
First you should have both browsers (Firefox and Chrome) installed on your system. Make three accounts on Reddit from Firefox. After that switch to chrome and first install the any proxy for changing the IP address.
I will recommend you use zenmate for this purpose which is work best for me so far. Set the location of your IP to US server and then open the and create another three accounts.
Now you have you have total 6 accounts on Reddit. You have to choose one account for getting link karma and others are as helper to up-voters to increase the Karma of the main account.
You can easily attract the Reddit audience to get their vote for our images and links.
1- Always make sure that write interesting eye catching title for your post.
2- Description of your post should be what your post about and catch the attention of reader.
3- Don’t use Reddit suggestion as it will not provide you attractive title.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 53
4- Trending or events images are very handy to gain more votes.
Now select and share image on Reddit from main account using the step 2.
After sharing image from your main account, switch to other accounts and up-vote it and do some comments. Now if you are able to get more up-votes then you will see a rapid increase in your link Karma. Tip: If you have some online friend then you can ask them to create an account on Reddit and then up-vote our links. You can also join Reddit Up-votes groups on Facebook where people up-vote each other links. More Ways to Get Up Votes:
Here are some top active Facebook Groups to exchange upvotes for your reddit submissions.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 54
It seems difficult to manage six accounts by signing in them one by one and upvoting links. But here is solution for it.
Install an extension in your browsers at You can also find this extension at the bottom of your Reddit account. This extension helps you to quickly switch to your Reddit accounts from one another.
After installing this extension, add your all accounts in this extension. Then switch to each account by using this. This will not consider in spam and also Reddit allows you to do this. But keep in mind only 3 accounts from one IP so use proxy for rest of others.
Now you have to be patient and wait until your link karma reaches to 100. After that you can share your sites links and other contents. If you can’t wait for 100 link
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 55
karma of your main account then you can easily also get it from or
Manage All Social Accounts from One Gmail Account
This is very special method in which you can you manage all of you social account from one Gmail account. This will help your in managing your all social accounts like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Stumble upon and other social accounts from one Gmail account. You can manage your six Reddit account by using this method.
1- Create an account on with any name like
2- Complete and verify this Gmail account.
3- Phone verification will help you to make account more trust worthy.
4- Now open any social media site e.g.
5- Fill the form and in the field of email address, write
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 56
6- In this you will get all notification on the same Gmail account.
7- Create unlimited account using this and every time you will receive verification on you real account
This trick is very useful to create Reddit 6 account and other unlimited social accounts. Most of people consider headache of create separate Gmail account so this method is very handy for them. This is latest trick and only a few people know. You can use these multiple accounts to Increase your up votes by switching your ip’s.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 57
– ——————–Special Thanks ——————
I want to say a special thanks to Shezz Amin, Aly shallwani & Waqas Cheema. These guys shared so much of their knowledge and experience with Reddit that I was able to learn from them and I was able to compile this eBook. Thank You Guys.
Love and Respect for You All!!!!!!!! ———–A Special Thanks for Buying ———–
Thank you for reading this! I hope you’ve learned a lot from my eBook. Please let me know if you need any further assistance with If there are any questions regarding this eBook please send me an email.
Reddi t Traf fic Magnet Page 58
To get full pleasure out of this eBook, you just have to take action and implement all the simple steps.
Remember the mistakes are always in the simplest steps. So work properly and keep trying. You will surely get lots and lots of success on Reddit. ————–Best of Luck———–
To Your Amazing Success
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Rush Hour Traffic Keyword Research

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Table of Contents
Introduction Page 1
Chapter 1–The Basics of the Google Keyword Planner Page 4
What is the Google Keyword Planner? ……………………. Page 4
How do I use the Google Keyword Planner? …………….. Page 5
Chapter 2–The Ubersuggest Method Page 9
What the heck is an Ubersuggest? ……………………. Page 9
Find keywords that the keyword planner doesn’t ………. Page 10
Chapter 3–Google Keyword Planner Revisited Page 13
Probably the best use of the keyword planner ……………… Page 14
Conduct analysis on long-tail keywords …………………….. Page 15
Chapter 4–The Best Keywords Page 16
Learn to dissect the keywords
“Buying keywords” (mentioned in previous chapters) ……….. Page 17
Chapter 5–Competition Analysis Page 19
Techniques to conduct market analysis ……………………… Page 20
Determine how to rank keywords ……………………… Page 24
Conclusion Page 26
RHT Keyword Research
Before we get started, I wanted to personally thank you for purchasing this
I’ve debated with myself about the opening of this book for several weeks,
now. And, I’ve come to the conclusion that I could go one of two ways: 1) I
could pass myself off as the guru to beat all gurus, you know the kind; or 2)
I could be as up front and open with you as good decorum and the FCC will
allow. Just kidding, by the way (about the FCC, anyway).
So, I decided on the open and honest approach… it was a no-brainer,
really. Listen, folks, I’m just a retired Soldier who has been fortunate
enough to have served my country and make it home in one piece. We all
weren’t that fortunate. I’ve spent the last several months learning how to
create my own products and share them with people all over the world.
And, I thought, what better way to continue teaching and training?! What
you hold in your hand is my fledgling product… the first of many.
You see, I don’t have the “dire straits” story or the “rags to riches” tale. I’ve
been fortunate in my life: I met the woman of my dreams fairly early. Within
two years, we were married and we were off to start our new adventure as
an Army family. Flash forward about 16 years. 16 year-old daughter, 11
year-old son, marriage is still great, and I’m retired from the military.
It’s these times… the big changes that happen… when a person considers
how their life is going, and I love my life, but there had to be more. I
wanted to provide a future filled with time spent with my family and friends,
travelling, and most importantly, NO 9-5!
So I began learning everything I could about creating a passive income.
And, I got really good at doing stuff on the computer, but I had no idea how
to make any money from it. A few months ago, I purchased a program
from a gentleman who has since become my mentor and the book you’re
reading is my first step. When I say first step, folks this is just the
beginning! I envision an empire built upon the cornerstone that you now
have in your possession.
RHT Keyword Research
The most important and the primary purpose for writing this eBook, is to
teach you how to find keywords that very few other internet marketers of
SEO professionals are targeting. I will explain how to ensure that these
keywords are “buying” keywords. If you do not know what that means, if
you have never heard that term, don’t worry about that right now. I’m going
to go into more detail in a later video. I am going to take you through some
over-the-shoulder type analysis of the competition of a keyword. I will take
you step by step through the techniques I use to help me gain insight into
how well my competition in a particular niche is doing. It also tells me
exactly what I need to do in order to rank for a specific keyword within that
niche. Throughout the book I will guide through the use of some pretty cool
tools that I use to determine what is needed to rank for a term and to
decide what keywords work best for me. Finally, I will help you identify
buying versus non-buying keywords and show you how to find the
keywords that no other SEO or internet marketer is targeting.
In the interest of being 100% transparent,
there are a ton of ways to get eyeballs on
your squeeze page, sales page, online
storefront, or any other internet real-estate…
Pay-Per-Click (PPC), banner ads, social
media, and the list continues as far as your
imagination will allow. The problem with all of
these is that they all cost money… ALL OF THEM.
I don’t know about you, but I had exactly $0 to put towards advertising
when I was a newbie! Not a single one of the advertising strategies above
were even a remote option for me.
Learning how to conduct quality keyword research is essential to tapping
into the oceans of free traffic on the internet. By applying the knowledge
and learning to optimize your web-space, a bridge is built that spans the
gap between the broke newbie and the seasoned professional with a hefty
advertising budget.
SEO and keyword research, specifically, level the playing field… few people
can come up with $10K to just throw at a PPC ad campaign, but everyone
is capable of learning how to, through SEO, maximize the traffic that
reaches their offer through an internet search. In fact, it isn’t hard to
become really good at it.
RHT Keyword Research
I’m really looking forward to getting into the “meat” of this eBook, so let’s
get started!
I sincerely hope that you get what you need from it. If not, please shoot us
an email at: let us know what things are
giving you trouble in your internet marketing or SEO business.
Oh, and hang on for the ride!
Here’s to your online success!
RHT Keyword Research
Chapter 1–The Basics of the Google Keyword Planner
The first tool we are going to talk about in the series is the Google Keyword
Planner, formerly known as the Google Keyword Tool. Like the title says,
this chapter will be the down and dirty basics; What the planner is and how
to put it to work to help you find high volume, low competition keywords that
you’re going to use to optimize your blogs or your virtual store fronts or
whatever internet real estate you happen to own. So let’s go ahead and
get started.
The first thing that we’ll need to do is go into Google Search and we are
going to type in “Keyword Planner.”
Okay now, we’re concerned with first organic entry. It is going to take us to
the home page of “Google Ad Words Keyword Planner.”
RHT Keyword Research
One of the main changes that has occurred between the Tool and the
Planner is that you now have to log in. You have to use your Gmail
account and password. If you don’t have a Gmail account, it takes about 5
minutes to get a free Gmail account. Once you have it, you can come back
in here, you can log in and you can use this tool.
Now, when the planner loads,
you are going to have four
options on the left side of your
screen. The first one we are
gonna’ really talk about is this
first tab (obviously), The
Search for New Keyword and
Ad Group Ideas. If you click
inside that, you are going to
see a few fields that you can
fill in information for.
We really only want to be
concerned now with the main
box, “Your product or service”.
For the sake of example, we
are going to use “weight loss”
as our niche. So if “weight
loss” is our niche, we could
enter something in here like
“how to lose weight fast.”
Okay, so that’s going to be our
broad keyword. This is more
than likely a very high competition keyword. I don’t know because I haven’t
searched it, but more than likely it’s going to be high competition, high
What we are trying to do is use the Keyword Planner to give us ideas of
words that relate but may not have as many searches or competition. As
you scroll down, you have areas that allow you to change the parameters
of your search. For countries I typically stick with the 5 major English
RHT Keyword Research
speaking countries; Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Great Britain or
England. The reason is simple, I mean, this especially in the United
States… this is where my customers reside. This is where my marketplace
is. So that is where I stay. If that is not true to you, change that to
whatever makes sense for your purposes. The same with these down
here. I don’t typically mess with these just because the defaults have
worked for me in the past. I haven’t messed around with trying to target
any more than what I have right here. Alright, so what we are going to do
is, we’re going to’ click on “get ideas” and the Planner is going to default to
the “Add Group Ideas” tab.
We don’t really need to be too concerned with that right now. That’s more
for the marketers that are looking to do Ad Words or Pay-per-Click
advertising. For SEO purposes, for what we are trying to accomplish with
this, it’s really not that helpful, so we are going to stay in this Keyword
Ideas tab.
What we have done up to this point is we have taken a broad keyword,
typed it into the Planner and let the Planner give us keyword ideas related
to that main idea that we used as our search. Now if you scroll down, it will
tell you that the Planner returned 800 keywords. That’s not bad.
What I have just shown you guys is the building block of SEO. This is the old
way though. And, you may not be able to tell from my authorship style, but I
am not going to teach you the old way. Throughout the next chapters I will be
showing you how to conduct keyword research like no one else is doing. This
method will result in long-tail keywords, “buying” keywords with high-volume
searches and low competition that will be extremely easy to rank. When I say
that the competition for these are going to be low… guys, I’m talking about 100
or less competing pages in the search engines for these terms.
RHT Keyword Research
What we just walked through is how every other person out there is
conducting keyword research. In my opinion, that’s why so many people
fail. Not just with keyword research, but with many other tasks involved
with being an internet marketer, or being an SEO professional. If you stick with
the old ways and you don’t keep up with the trends and what’s going on,
you’re methods are going to be outdated really soon.
Okay, I’m off my soap-box…
Now we need to go back to the main planner
page, and go into the “get search volume for a
list” tab. What this does is gives you a search
volume… a monthly search volume, as the title
says. It will not give you suggestions for other
terms, it’s only going to give you search
volumes for the terms you type into the main
box, or for the terms in the file that you upload.
So you can put in a group of terms, let’s say:
“how to lose weight fast”, “how to lose weight”
and for all the guys, “how to get a six-pack”… you can put as many words
in here as you want. This is going to give you the overall concept of what
I’m talking about, though. You have the targeting parameters, just like in
the previous tab. Again, I just leave these where they’re at, and just hit “get
search volume”. This function is probably my favorite within the planner. I
won’t get into all the details right now, but I’m going to show you how to use
the results from this page to find some really, really crazy keywords.
But, as you can see, the three that I typed in up here, are now right here in
our keyword ideas tab and nothing else is there. But, it’s showing
RHT Keyword Research
competition for each of these keywords… competition and average monthly
You don’t really need to be concerned with the other two sections of the
planner. For one, I don’t even know what this “multiply keyword list” does!
I’ve never used it and I don’t know anybody who has. The other one, “get
traffic forecasts for a list of keywords”, is geared more for the internet
marketer, or the SEO professionals that are trying to get in there with
AdWords and pay-per-click and that kind of thing. This is not going to be
helpful for us in SEO. So, the first two tabs are going to be our best
buddies, but that’s really all you need, guys!
That’s all you need to have massive success with your SEO efforts.
RHT Keyword Research
Chapter 2–The Ubersuggest Method
In this chapter, we’re going to be covering what I call “The Ubersuggest
I know there are a lot of you out there that have the same question going
through your mind right now, “What the heck is ubersuggest?”
I’ll be explaining the details throughout this chapter, but basically, it’s this
awesome little tool that I use to find keywords that the keyword planner
doesn’t. In other words, the terms that you get from this tool are being
targeted by very few, if any, of the other internet marketers or SEO experts
out there… this, my friends, is GREAT news for us!
The method for working with Ubersuggest is pretty straight forward, but it
does have some really cool features that I will be pointing out as we go
through the rest of this chapter. In a nut-shell, though, you’re going to use
a broad-based keyword term, somewhat related to your product, niche, etc.
This will be your starting point.
Again, for the purposes of this chapter as well as all of the other chapters
within this book, we are using “lose weight fast” as our search term.
1) We’re going to enter our search term into Ubersuggest
2) We will then expand all tabs
3) Ubersuggest will present all long-tail keywords
I know that a little of this sounds confusing, and it should, because we
haven’t gone over any of it, YET. I just ask that you hang with me, guys,
this will all become very, very clear.
So, starting at our Google search page we’ll type in… you guessed it…
“ubersuggest”. The one we want will be the first one, but I want you to
notice that this is FREE boys and girls! I like free!
RHT Keyword Research
We click into the ubersuggest site and, you’re just going to type your
related keyword in the search bar. So we type in “lose weight”. Then all
you do is hit “Suggest”. It won’t look like anything happened… but, it did. If
you scroll down, you’re going to see a whole bunch of keywords… 374
suggestions found. That doesn’t sound like much but, if you click on any of
the words it’s going to expand out. To another set of words. In the next set
of words, if you click on one of them, it expands out. This is going to
happen over and over and over again.
What I want you to do, is take 15 or 20 minutes and go through all these,
get ’em down three or four levels. Make sure you get down to the bottom
’cause the screen kind of moves when you’re clicking on these so, make
sure you scroll back down to the bottom of what’s happening.
Okay, so I’ve opened up several of these tabs and you can do one of two
things, you can go through and click on the little plus signs and they’ll be
added over on the right hand side in your “get file”. That’s what I call it
anyway. I don’t know what it’s actually called, but it’s a “get file”.
RHT Keyword Research
So you can use that, or you can do this: Scroll up and click on “Select all
keywords”. When you scroll down, you can see that all of them are
selected and ALL of them have been added to our “get file”.
What we’re going to do is go over and click on “Get”. You’re going to see a
window like this:
Place your cursor inside this box and you right click, select all. Now, you
can do a few things here… you can use the short-cut (I like to use the shortcut)
CTRL+C; you can also do a right click and copy if you want.
RHT Keyword Research
Alright, now from here, this is really, really simple. Okay. You’re going to
pull up your program of choice… I like excel, click inside the document, and
you can either CTRL+V, or right click and paste. You now have a list of
long-tail keywords.
This list is going to be very important as we continue with the next
chapters, guys. So, hang onto it… save it somewhere you can find it. I’ll
explain how we’re going to utilize these keywords and analyze the
competition for ’em in a future video.
Not only that, this list is going to keep you from having to re-create a new
list or do a new keyword research process every time you want to change
your SEO, or every time you want to test a new term.
Keep this list.
Note: **Save this file as a “.csv” file. This will allow us to use it when
we get to the next step in the process.
Now, I urge you to go through Ubersuggest and use your niche and get this
list. We’ll be using it in the upcoming chapters.
In the next chapter, I’m going to show you how to REALLY use the Google
Keyword Tool.
RHT Keyword Research
Chapter 3–Google Keyword Planner Revisited
In this chapter, guys, we’re going to go back into the Keyword Planner and
use it for what is, in my opinion, probably the best use of the keyword
planner. We’re going to use it to conduct some analysis on the long-tail
keywords that we were able to get out of Ubersuggest in Chapter 2.
In Chapter 1, I took you through the Keyword Planner and showed you the
traditional way of conducting keyword research. The problem with that is
that I don’t want you using the Google Keyword Planner as your sole tool…
or even your primary tool, for your keyword research. A lot of people go
wrong doing this. It’s been engrained into people’s heads for so long that
this is the right way to do business. Now, when people type their broad
keyword into keyword planner and it spits out all those suggestions, those
suggestions have been seen by 99.9% of all internet marketers and SEO
experts out there! 99% of them are targeting the same exact words. So, if
you’re going to find words that no one else is using, you have to think
outside the box a little bit. You have to use sights like Ubersuggest, which
we covered in the last chapter. If you haven’t read the chapter and done
the work, please go back and do so, because what I’m about to cover here
won’t make any sense to you unless you’ve already done that work.
So, from here, we’re going to go ahead and go back into the keyword
planner. Alright, in the keyword planner, we’re only going to use this
second tab… the “get search volume for a list of keywords or group into ad
groups” tab.
Inside you’re going to
see the standard setup,
you’re going to have a
main area where you
can put in all of your
keywords, one-by-one,
separated by commas
or by putting one per
line, just as it says.
This is very time
consuming… a very big
RHT Keyword Research
pain in the ass. But you have the option to choose a file.
If you click on the “Choose file” button,
the planner will let you browse and
find your keyword list (I hope you
remember where it is). Simply find
your list, select it, and click on “Open”.
You’ll also have some targeting
parameters that you can change, but
just like before, I’m going to leave all
that stuff alone for this, finally, you’re
going to click on “get search volume”.
Literally guys, it took me like 15 seconds to get from the home page to the
page you see above. Now, this is where the good stuff starts to happen!
You can sort these results by competition… high to low, low to high. The
planner also gives you suggested bids.
I like to search based on competition, all the low competition in one spot
and then I just scroll through. I try to keep the average monthly searches
somewhere around 1000, but the clicks per month doesn’t really matter
because you’re going to be optimizing your site for a lot of these words…
into the hundreds, depending on how much SEO you’re willing to do. Once
you get these into ad groups or keyword groups that you’re going to
optimize your site for, if you get 10 or 12 words that are pulling 1600
RHT Keyword Research
searches per month, you’re up to 16K to 20K searches per month just on
that hand-full of keywords. You see… the results compound.
This is what I want you to do. Yes, there will be homework, but this is
easy… what I want you to do is go in there and (in the military, we used to
call it “knob-dicking” *sorry if I offend anybody). I just want you to go in
there and click buttons and mess with the filtering… see how it effects the
data. I want you to group your keywords into separate lists of words that
complement each other and document them on a separate text document.
In the next chapter, I’m going to help you determine if you can actually rank
for the group of keywords that you’ve picked, okay?
RHT Keyword Research
Chapter 4–Best Keywords for SEO
In this chapter we’re going to dissect the keywords that we have in our list
and identify those that are going to be the ones to use in our online efforts.
This is where we get into the “buying keywords” that have been mentioned
in previous chapters.
If you’ve made it this far, you’ve been through the planner, I’ve taken you
through that. I’ve shown you the Ubersuggest Method on finding long-tail
keywords, and I’ve also taken you through what is the proper use and the
best use of the keyword planner for internet marketing and SEO purposes.
What we’re going to do now, is shave down the list that you have further by
weeding out the bad keywords. Not all keywords are equal… that’s just the
way it is… some are going to convert at a higher rate than others, which
makes them more attractive to us as internet marketers or SEO experts.
As those internet marketers and SEO experts, though, we must focus on
and seek out those “buying keywords”. In our example of “lose weight”,
“buy supplements to lose weight” or “lose stubborn belly fat” would
represent targeted long-tail keywords… “buying keywords”. Whereas, with
“how to lose fat”, this is not necessarily the case.
It’s important to approach our research from the client’s perspective. Put
yourself in their shoes. This will help you understand what motivates them
to search for something online. When they go online in search of
something, how they search for it gives us a ton of information about their
motivations. For instance, the keywords they use can tell us whether
they’re looking to buy or whether their just shopping around. If we look at
the examples I used before, it’s pretty obvious that “buy supplements to
lose weight” is a term being searched by someone who has their wallet in
hand and they’re ready to buy. “Lose stubborn belly fat” may not be as
immediately apparent, but chances are that this search is motivated by
emotion, and… let me tell you something, EMOTION SELLS… it sells. On
the flip side, someone searching for “how to lose weight” is just searching
for information, you know, window shopping. The chances that this person
is going to buy are far less than the first two. That’s not to say that it’s
impossible, but it’s going to be a much harder sell. Does that make sense?
RHT Keyword Research
So, let’s go back to our
google keyword planner,
the analysis of the key
words from Ubersuggest.
Once you sort the results
by “average monthly
searches”; you can kind
of take a look at the
keywords, but remember
you want to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, right? One I might consider
is “lose weight fast pills”. To me, someone searching that specific key
phrase has their wallet in their hand and they’re ready to buy something!
But, someone who searches “lose weight calculator” is not looking to buy
anything, they just want to calculate their body fat or something, right?
So, as we scroll on down the page, we can start to identify pain points,
“lose weight without exercise”, “lose weight without dieting”, “lose weight
overnight”, “lose weight fast”… all of these are pain points. People are fed
up with whatever’s got them where they are in life and they’re fed up with it,
they’re ready to fix it, and they don’t care what it costs. Does that make
There’s two reasons people buy… two reasons why people do anything in
life… it’s the avoidance of pain or the pursuit of pleasure. But, it’s a wellknown
fact that people will do a lot more to avoid pain than to attain
Another thing we look at is how you can target a particular keyword. For
instance, let’s go back to “lose weight smoothies”, for instance. You can
couple that with an Amazon store-front with an offer for say, a smoothie
machine… is some of this stuff starting to make sense? Once you begin to
look at things from the opposite direction, it’s pretty simple to find a path
that meets your marketing needs. Just keep this in mind… if you don’t have
anything to sell, you’re not going to sell anything… and having that keyword
does you absolutely no good, and you’ll basically be wasting your efforts.
So, be able to tie whatever keywords you find to a product that you can
Another thing I want to point out is, as you go through, you’ll notice different
little sub-niches that you can go into… women, men, pregnant women,
RHT Keyword Research
women over 40, men over 40… it’s just an endless list. If you see one of
these that you want to target, my suggestion is that you take that keyword
phrase and use that as your broad term back into Ubersuggest, and start
your keyword research all over again because you’re going to get much
better keywords, based on that sub-niche. Make sense?
That will just about wrap up this chapter, guys. I know it was a quick one,
but there’s really not much to it. As you do more and more of this “picking
the best keywords for your targeted market”, it’s going to become second
Just to recap, you want to go for the “buying” keywords. You should feel as
if someone would have their wallet out when they started typing into the
search bar.
“It doesn’t matter what it is… I got my wallet sitting right here, I’m typing in
this keyword, and the first thing that comes up, I’m buying it.”
See what I’m saying? You want those kind of keywords. Also approach
your research as if you were the buyer… what motivates you to buy? All
I’m going to say is that this one technique, just this one shift of perception
will change everything about the way you conduct your keyword research
and will lead to much better results from your marketing campaigns or SEO
In the next chapter, I’m going to really get into analyzing the competition
and seeing what’s going on with the competition.
RHT Keyword Research
Chapter 5–Analyzing the Competition
In this chapter, I’m going to be covering the techniques that I use to
conduct my market analysis, and determine what I need to do to rank the
keywords that I have identified throughout this guide. The tools that I like to
use for this are:
• All-in-title search using google
• OpenSite Explorer
• Majestic SEO
I’m also going to talk a little bit about back-link analysis, but I do want to let
you know that the OpenSite explorer and majestic SEO are both paid
memberships. They do offer a free membership, or a free trial, with limited
use of the various tools. The free membership is probably going to be okay
for newbies, but as you progress in your endeavors as an SEO expert,
internet marketer, entrepreneur… whatever your specific vocation may be,
you’re probably going to need to upgrade to one of the monthly plans. At
the time of this writing, majestic seo had a monthly plan at $79 a month,
their quarterly plan (if you choose to pay quarterly) was $49 a month, and
the OpenSite explorer has a $99 a month fee for their basic plan which
covers 5 campaigns.
So, let’s go ahead and get into it. We’re going to go right back into our
google keyword planner… this is where we got the competition analysis
results for the long-tail keywords that we got from Ubersuggest.
While you should have a shortlist of the keywords that you’re interested in
targeting, for the purposes of this guide, I’m just going to choose one of
these keywords and we’re going to walk through the process.
RHT Keyword Research
I think I’ll go with “lose weight really fast”. It sounds like a good one…
seems like it has a pretty good pain point. All we’re going to do is just copy
this and paste it into our google search engine. Basic google search.. copy
and paste your keyword into the search bar and you search it. This search
revealed 37 million hits, right away, that’s a lot. What we have to do here is
establish how many of these sites are actually targeting our specific
keyword phrase and the ones that are ranking just because they are
popular sites. When you scroll down, it’s pretty easy to sort which ones
have been targeted via SEO and which ones are simply popular.
Right off the bat, the first few are going to be authority sites, or just simply
popular sites: “Cosmopolitan”, “The Four Hour Work Week”, I’ve never
heard of “Authority Nutrition”, but I’m sure they are very popular in certain
circles, “”, “Fitwatch”… I’m not too clear on “Fitwatch”, I think this
may be the one I want to use further in the chapter, but we’ll get back to
that in a minute.
What we’re going to do first is go back up to our search bar here and we’re
going to type in front of our keyword “allintitle:”, and we’re going to hit
RHT Keyword Research
What this is going to do is give us a list of pages… 9180 results… that
number represents the pages, of those 37 million that initially come up, that
are targeting my primary keyword phrase. They’re optimizing for that
phrase. This is a very good number for us, people. What we’re looking for,
typically, is less than 30k pages of competition. If the “allintitle” search
yields less than that, you should be able to rank pretty well with that
keyword, and relatively easily.
So, we’re done with the “allintitle” search. We have an idea that we can
rank for our keyword phrase, so we’re going to go back to the typical
search, and we’re going to find one of these sites, that isn’t an authority
site. I mentioned “Fitwatch”, I think we’re going to try that.
Typical fitness webpage, as far as I can tell. But we’re not really concerned
with that… what we’re going to do is copy its URL and we’re going to take
this over to OpenSite explorer.
RHT Keyword Research
OpenSite explorer is set up a lot like google, you’ve got your search bar,
and all you have to do is right click and paste that URL in there and click on
Now, a real quick
explanation of these
authority grades… the
authority grades track
the high-level back-links
to the site and page. If
you have over 30 in the
“domain” category and
less than 30 in the
“page” category, this
means that there’s a
good number of backlinks
pointing to the site itself, but not necessarily to the page that we
landed on. Ideally, you want to be looking for a domain authority of 50 or
less and a page authority of 30 or less. This will give you the best chance
of ranking for that keyword. As you can see, this particular site meets
those criteria… so far, so good.
The next thing we want to do, is go to Majestic SEO.
RHT Keyword Research
Again… you just right-click and paste and hit search. This is what comes
Here you see that the trust flow is pretty low and the citation flow is, fair to
middlin’, I guess you could say. I’m not going to get into all the nasty
details with regards to trust flow and citation flow, but here’s kind of how it
works: These two numbers create a ratio, citation flow over trust flow
(CF:TF). For instance, if you have a citation flow of 40 and a trust flow of
20, you’ll end up with a ratio of 2:1, right? Or, 0.5. The max ratio possible
is 0.9. Typically, the better the site is, the higher these values will be and
the closer they will be to each other… this ratio nearing one.
RHT Keyword Research
Now, scroll down the page until you find this:
This chart shows what
words are being optimized
within that website. I would
advise against targeting the
primary keyword over and
over and over again. I
would instead, focus on the
non-targeted anchor text.
How you implement your
chosen keywords,
however, is way beyond
the scope of what we’re
talking about in this guide.
This… “read more”, we
don’t even worry about that
right now, but as you move
your cursor around, you can see which words are being targeted and at
what percentage. “How to lose 10 pounds really fast”, “how to lose 20
pounds really, really fast”, “how to lose 20 pounds really, really fast”, and
so on. So, five of the seven are targeting the same exact keyword. Again,
I’m going to tell you that I would suggest against that, okay?
What you ideally want to look for on this page is that the trust flow and the
citation flow are both under 10 and you want to see a clear imbalance in
the use of the actual keyword as anchor text. Again, we’ve shown a clear
imbalance in the use of anchor text. We’re a little over 10 on our “Citation
Flow”… double that, but like I said, these are guidelines. You want to look
for something that’s under 10, but with a clear imbalance down in the pie
chart, you still have a very good chance of being able to rank for that
So, you’re going to repeat that process with all of your keywords, and from
this process, you’re going to create a new short-list of the keywords that
meet the criteria that I just discussed.
• You want to have a TF and CF of less than 10,
• A clear imbalance of the actual keywords as the anchor text, and
• From the OpenSite explorer, you want your domain authority less
than 50 and your page authority less than 30.
RHT Keyword Research
So, those are the things you want to look for with all of your keywords.
You need to keep that list in a secure location. Thus far, you’ve put a lot of
work into creating it, and it’s going to become vitally important as you begin
the setup of your website and your upcoming campaigns.
RHT Keyword Research
I sincerely hope that you’ve taken a few nuggets of wisdom away from this
guide. I’ve enjoyed putting it together and I’m looking forward to getting
started on the next one.
Once again, thank you very much for choosing us as your source for
learning to conduct keyword research.
Here at Cutting Edge Ventures, our goal is to help as many people as we
possibly can achieve success online.
We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed this eBook, and will take this
knowledge forward and use it to attain levels of success the likes of which
you have, up till now, only dreamed.
This has been a Production of

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You do NOT have any resell / reprint / distribution rights to this guide. No resell / reprint /
redistribution rights exist.

Terms of Use / Ownership

If you do not agree to the above terms, disclaimers, and legal notifications, please contact us
with your payment info and transaction details for an immediate refund and erase this book and all
information herein in its entirety.
This PDF is a short one because there is only so much I can write about one of the easiest methods
of making money online. I am not one for writing fluff or bullshit just to fill up a PDF to make it
appear more valuable, I like to get to the nuts and bolts fast when reading a course and take
Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 4 years you will already know what
is all about, for those Newbies reading this who have never heard of Fiverr I will quickly give you
a brief overview so you will be on the same page as the rest of us.
Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, referred to as ‘gigs’ beginning
at a cost of $5 per job performed, from which it gets its name. The site is primarily used by
freelancers who use Fiverr to offer a variety of different services, and by customers to buy those
services. Currently, Fiverr lists more than three million services on the site that range between
$5 and $500. (wikipedia)
The Screenshot below is of my Fiverr account, as you can see it shows more than enough completed
gigs to prove that I know which sellers to choose for this method. As you can see I have 2 gigs in
progress, the top one is for a client I picked up using this method and the other one is something
I’m testing for my next WSO 🙂
I have in total 425 completed gigs, most of which did a good job, some were shocking but after
spending over $2000 I’ve managed to collate a list of what I call “Super Sellers” that go above and
beyond which in turn helps me to pocket a nice little profit each day/week/month for doing very
little work.
(see screenshot below)
OK now that I have proved I have the necessary Fiverr qualifications let’s get to the nuts and
bolts of this method. You have probably guessed by now that we are going to be using gigs to
complete the packages we offer for sale online. The good thing for you is you haven’t got to spend
$2000 testing gigs, you haven’t got to guess which packages to sell and
you haven’t got to figure out how to sell more services to your new clients! In the file you
downloaded when you purchased this WSO you will find
Ad Copy, Swipe Files, Places to Advertise, Packages to Sell, Links to
Fiverr Sellers.
For the purpose of this WSO one of my clients Neil has given me permission to use his website as an
example. Neil bought what I call a “Hook Package” from me which I advertise on Ebay for £99, the
reason I call it a “Hook Package” is because it is a great package for a low price which a
potential customer will find hard to resist. Once they have taken the bait you have them on your
hook allowing you to turn them from a
customer into a client. After fees I still made a £30 profit on this package but more importantly I
am building a relationship with him which will turn him into a long-term client. So lets dig into
the package I sold him! Below are Screenshots of the 3 gigs I use for the “Hook Package”
Gig 1 Hook Package

In my opinion this is by far the best gig on Fiverr in terms of value, customer service, quality
and time, I have used this gig on my own sites and can’t tell you what a life saver it has been.
Joy from India has sold thousands of gigs with almost a perfect 5 stars, for $5 you get a great
deal but you would have to do a bit of work yourself which would defeat the object of this WSO. We
need to order his gig extras.
(see screenshot below)
I buy his gig extras because he does everything from the keyword research to 4 months of
linkbuilding for SEO maintenance and even includes all of the reports which you can pass onto your
clients. He also gives you a free gig extra if you buy 2 gig extras so I always order the first two
listed and get the third one free, in total I spend $65 with this seller. Take a look at what his
service offers below:-
Most Experienced SEO Analyst and Strategist at Fiverr!!
I know what you Really want is Safe, Top Page 1 Rankings & Targeted
Visitors!! So here i am to help you out … So what will you get for the $5 gig ?
Boost in Google rankings for your Keywords with my Basic SEO Campaign
Gig extras ? Any Guarantee?
For the First Gig extra (Highly recommended), i will run the Most effective SEO campaign which will
cover Web 2.0, Wiki, Social bookmarking, Social networking, PDF, Article submission, RSS modules
from Top selected websites ensuring your website is on Page 1 in Google within 60 days and its 100%
For the Second Gig Extra I will give you a Brief On Page Audit report and will run the Basic
campaign for next 4 months (for maintenance)
If the website doesn’t ranks at the first go then, it might need further campaigns for which i will
bear the expenses 🙂
After order, i will suggest if your keywords are good to be ranked and you will benefit by them or
not. If not, i will give you 3 Best Keywords!
Buy (gig extra) 2 times you get 1 (gig extra) for no extra cost
For $65 you are getting a great deal for your client, I have seen services like this cost hundreds
of dollars on other websites and I have used Joy many times so I can vouch for him 100%.
Gig 2 Hook Package
This is Gig 2 of the Hook Package, in order to hook a customer and reel them in you have to sweeten
the pot so here is some more bait below.
(see screenshot below)

Again this seller has sold thousands of gigs and has 5 Star Feedback from his customers and quite
rightly so, I can vouch for this being good traffic. Although he is offering a great deal of
unlimited search traffic for 2 months for $5 I like to sweeten the pot and go with his gig extra.
(see screenshot below)

So as you see from the screenshot if I pay an extra $20 I can get 12 months of search traffic
instead and have an extra 3 keywords optimised. I added this gig to the Hook Package because the
customer will see work being done immediately with targeted traffic going to his site. Let’s take a
look at the service this seller offers:-
Order 1 gig with 1 gig extra or any 2 gigs together before October 15th and get another gig totally
free [condition applies]
Do not worry about the order cue, I can deliver up to 100 orders everyday and I always deliver on
100% Satisfaction
True Organic Traffic
100% Adsense Safety
No Bot No Fake Guarantee
Google Analytics Trackable
I will deliver keyword targeted UNLIMITED search traffic for 2 Months. Most webmasters or
blog-masters suffer in the same problem and that is website traffic. I can solve this problem for
you. I will send you high quality unique search visitors to your blog/website for 2 months. The
most important part is that, these traffic will boost your Serp. The stats can be seen on Google
analytics. These are unique ip human visitors. I guarantee satisfaction.
For me this was a no brainer to add to the Hook Package, the seller offers so much value for $25
it’s easy to see why he gets so many orders, this gig along with the other Hooks are gold and will
catapult you to God Status in no time with your customers.
Gig 3 Hook Package
This is Gig 3 of the Hook Package, I only use 3 Gigs in this package to get a customer on the hook,
our aim is not to make gazillions of dollars from the hook, our aim is to build up a client list
who will buy from us time and time again, since August I have 17 Clients who have bought a lot more
than the Hook Package from me and out of those 17 I am in talks with 4 of them to maintain their
sites on a monthly basis. OK lets check out gig 3.

(see screenshot below)
As you can see this seller has also sold a lot of gigs and has great feedback. I use this gig
because this seller offers the perfect gig extra to compliment our other 2 gigs! By putting these 3
quality services together into one package you offer potential customers enough bait to land them
on your hook. Let’s check out the gig extra.

(see screenshot below)

The gig extra I order gives me 300 Tier 1 Sites of Web 2.0 Blogs, Wikis, Article Submissions, and
Social Bookmarks for an extra $5 which is great for SEO purposes, Google loves natural and
diversity when it comes to building links. Below is what this seller offers.
Monster SEO Service for 30 Days!
We would run my SEO campaign for 1 Month on your Website or Your Tier
1 Websites!
Check Extras for Tier 1 (Check image 2 to Understand Tiers) Monster 30 Days SEO includes:
500+ High Pr .Edu/Gov/Org Site L’inks to your Money Site
100+ Web 2.0 Submissions
30+ Web 2.0 Profiles BackLinks
200+ Article Submissions
200+ High Pr Blog Comments
50+ Social Bookmarks to your Sites
800+ High Pr Wiki Submissions
50+ Image Comments
200+ High Pr Forum Back-Links
50+ Directory Submission
300+ Url Shorter Pointing to Your
300+ Indexers
300+ High Pr Trackbacks
50+ Guestbook
300+ Generic Texts
All of them in Drip Feed!
Limited Time Offer! : Free Life Time Traffic Gig for Free =
Use our Gig on any Site like Youtube Video, Facebook Page, Twitter Profile, WordPress Website,
Amazon Page, Product Pages, Ebay & get more sales out of your Keyword Research w/ Backlinks
Get more Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, more Visitors with the Best Online Marketing S.E.O Gig,
get complete SEO Report of BackLinks Afterwards!
100% Satisfaction & Money Back Guarantee! Order Now! to Rank High in Google
I think you will have to agree that for $10 it’s a heck of a service and will certainly help toward
hooking your first client. All 3 sellers offer reports which you can hand over to your customer
making you look very professional. That is the first part of this example finished so let’s
Neil paid me £99 for this package, I hooked him on Ebay. I paid a total of
$100 for all 3 gigs, Neil got a great deal, I made about £30 but more importantly it gave me an
opportunity to turn Neil from a one time customer into a repeat order client. A screenshot of
Neil’s website is below.

We will now move onto the second part of this method which I call “Now I’ve Hooked Them What Do I
Do With Them?” Not very creative I know but I’ve got to call it something 🙂
After Neil purchased my Hook Package I made a point of emailing him to thank him personally for his
business, I ordered the gigs after getting the required details from him I checked his website out,
it’s a nice design but it could be better, Neil is a self confessed technophobe and has ordered
many services in the past which have promised to catapult his website to Page 1 but it never
happened. I offer a full money back guarantee if I don’t get his site to page 1 within 30-60 days,
I can do this because I have full confidence in the Fiverr sellers I use. I noticed Neil had
keyword stuffed
his content and there were spelling mistakes so I will rewrite that for him for free, it will take
me about 10 minutes and strengthen our relationship.
There are always a few things I make a point of checking after a customer orders my Hook Package,
the first thing I do is check their website to see if any improvements can be done to the design
and/or content. The second thing I check is to see if they have a Google Map listing and if they
have, can their position be improved, the third thing I check is if they have a
video listed on Youtube and Google. I perform all of these searches covertly because I don’t want
to appear pushy, this will not get you a life- time client!!
A few days after Neil purchased the Hook Package he emailed me asking if I knew anything about
Google Map listings, he has a listing on Google Page 1 showing in position G and was worried it
would slip rendering him onto Page 2. I don’t know much about it myself but I know a man who does
so I sold him the service in the screenshot below.
Neil was very happy to pay me £45 for this service, in total I paid $10 for
30 Maps and $5 for them to be done in 3 days. I then sent the full report to Neil. I made about £35
profit for less than 15 minutes work, Neil was happy and so was I. This seller has done quite a lot
of work for me over
the last couple of months, he has a very professional approach and gets the
Job done – 2198 buyers can’t be wrong!
I checked Google and Youtube to see if I could find a video for Neil’s business but couldn’t so I
emailed him to ask the question, he told me he had got a video for his business but it had barely
any views and was not visible on Google. He was very happy to pay me £59 to get his video on Page
1, so let’s take a look at the gigs I ordered to achieve this.
(see screenshots below)
A Press Release in my opinion is a necessary part of the puzzle for top rankings online and looking
at this gig 1420 buyers realize this also. I have used this seller many times, he is professional,
always delivers on time and provides a report you can pass on to your customer. We don’t need to
buy any gig extras. Cost $5. Let’s see what we get for our money!
I will write a high quality 400 word press release and submit it to top
25 high PR Press Release Distribution Network. Top authority
premium sites including,,, CREATES BUZZ FOR YOUR BUSINESS: Automatic placement of your press release in thousands
of top search engines, news sites, blogs, social networks, newspaper sites, TV news sites, radio
news sites.
Reach thousands of media contacts, bloggers and potential customers worldwide.
All press releases remain live for at least three years. All press releases are SEO optimized
I think you will agree that’s a whole lot of service for $5…
(next gig below)
So the next gig I ordered for Neil’s video was for this seller to submit it to all of the top video
sites which will give Neil’s video some great backlinks. Check out the gig description below. Cost
Traffic Geyser 2.0 is Now Here on Fiverr! Anyone with Traffic Geyser can submit your video, however
actually getting it to rank in search engines, is the secret sauce.
Discover Why “How you use Traffic Geyser” makes a difference. TGeyser Is a Tool, and knowing the
secrets to getting “Successful Submissions” makes all the difference! We own and operate a
successful V i d e o Marketing Business since 2009, we get “Paid” to get traffic from videos
for local businesses, it’s all we do and what we do WORKS, it must “rank” for us to get the phones
We wrote the book on Vid Distribution Best Practices, there are over 40 things you should be doing
to get get views to your videos. We use those same techniques on your Video. I will use our
Titanium 2.0 account these will be submitted via Optimized Profiles.
Your content will be DRIP FED over 7-14 days NOT all at once to protect your video from getting
Google Slapped.
TG does not give list of links after submission but you will get a “detailed report” with schedule
dates. Note: We do in our Gig what others charge for we link your video to 20 bookmark/share sites
with TGeyser including twitter, facebook, ping,etc
A Traffic Geyser Membership isn’t cheap but in the long run it would be a great investment, with
this method your client is paying so ordering a gig like this for $5 is no big deal because the
whole idea of this WSO is not to do the work yourself.
(next gig below)

The final piece of the puzzle is this gig, it takes 12 days on average to complete so for speed I
always order the gig extra for $10, the seller will complete in 2 days and you look like a
superstar to your client! Let’s have a look what the seller offers. Cost $15.
With All in one youtube SEO pack You will get: Youtube views
Link wheel from high PR WEB 2.0 sites
300 Wiki blast
Social Bookmarks
10 Facebook Share
10 Twitter Share
All backlinks will be pinged and submitted to Instantlinkindexer for faster indexing and video
ranking. Article will be submitted in English language only.
Neil ordered this service from me almost 2 weeks ago, so far by using these 3 gigs his video is
number 1 on Youtube for his 3 keywords, if you would like to check, his keywords are Driving School
Doncaster, Driving Lessons Doncaster, Driving Instructor Doncaster. Google have just
updated their algorithms recently so I didn’t expect to see his video ranking very high yet but for
Driving School Doncaster his video is already sitting at the bottom of page 6. Driving Lessons
Doncaster his video is at the top of page 7. Driving Instructor Doncaster his video is at the
bottom of page
So for a cost of $25 Neil’s video which was nowhere to be found 2 weeks ago is Number 1 on Youtube
and climbing up the search engines, I was
able to provide this service because I know which gigs work! Neil paid me
£59, I paid $25 to the sellers, so my total profit for minimal work was approx £44. At the time of
writing this WSO I have 17 clients just from this method alone, I expect to gain more clients on a
daily basis.
Let’s have a look at this method in short:-
List Hook Packages For Sale Online.
Extract More Cash By Selling Your Customer More Services. Outsource The Work To Sellers On Fiverr.
Pocket The Profit.
Everything you need to succeed with this method is included, nothing is left out, you just need to
take action. This method is easy so don’t over complicate things.
I wanted to keep this PDF short so used Neil as an example to show you how easy this method is. I
have sold small services and I have sold big services, you will find more valuable information in
the .txt files.
I am trying to build a buyers list so at the time of purchasing this WSO you will have entered your
email into my optin form, the main reason for this
is I am testing gigs and services all the time so when I find more profitable ones you will be the
first to know – and yes of course I will try to sell you something from time to time 🙂
Hope you have enjoyed my comeback WSO. Best Wishes
Gradi x

Simply traffic


Copyright ⑥ 2014 Kevin Birch All Rights Reserved http://www.
Page 1
“Simply Traffic” – On Tap!
Published by:

Kevin Birch
64 Gorsey Lane Ashton under Lyne Lancs, UK

Copyright © 2010 – Kevin Birch. All rights are reserved. No part of this report may be reproduced
or transmitted in any form without the written permission of the author, except for the inclusion
of brief quotations in a review.
Note: This e-book is optimized for viewing on a computer screen, but it is organized so you can
also print it out and assemble it as a book. Since the text is optimized for screen viewing, the
type is larger than that in usual printed books.
This Product Cannot Be Sold Or Given Away Without Authorization And
None Has Been Granted!

Copyright © 2014 Kevin Birch All Rights Reserved
Page 2
“Simply Traffic” – On Tap!


This guide has been written to provide information to help you get good quality traffic to your
squeeze and offer pages. Every effort has been made to make this guide as complete and accurate as
possible. However, there may be mistakes in typography or content.
Also, this guide contains information to help your traffic production only up to the publishing
date. Therefore, this report should be used as a guide
– not as the ultimate source of getting traffic.
The purpose of this guide is to educate. The author and publisher does not warrant that the
information contained in this guide is fully complete and shall not be responsible for any errors
or omissions. The author and publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any
person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or
indirectly by this guide.
Copyright © 2014 Kevin Birch All Rights Reserved
Page 3
“Simply Traffic” – On Tap!

About the Authour

Hi – I’m Kevin Birch living in Manchester, England.
I have been marketing products offline since
1975 and since 2004 online.
In 1998, I was awarded a BS Sc. (Hons) degree from the University of Salford (UK) in Video, Imaging
and Communications.
The relevant modules that I studied included included Communication Skills, Pyschology and
Multimedia (including graphics, video and audio).
They are all important components that you need to understand especially in the world of online
I have been married to Sian for 33 years and have 3 children.
I hope you enjoy this guide . . . but more important, take action and make the content work for

Copyright © 2014 Kevin Birch All Rights Reserved
Page 4
“Simply Traffic” – On Tap!

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Quite a few years ago I bought some products from a well know Warrior who has been hanging around
the forums for as long as I remember!
One of those products that I always remember, probably purely by the title, was ‘Crap Advertising
I’m remembering those methods purely because the writer wrote that the reason they were listed in
his manual, “Primarily [they are included], because most people don’t have a CLUE how to use them
and they use them so incorrectly that it’s almost laughable.”
More about that later.
I must say at this point, that the method outlined in this guide WAS NOT
listed in the ‘Crap’ manual. . .
The reason that I’m including this particular method in the same genre, is that most of the
advertisers using this method are clueless at how to present their ads to this particular
The people viewing the ads, are sitting there, glued to their monitors physically clicking on ads
and waiting anywhere from 5 seconds to 60 seconds per ad . . . before they can move on to the next
ad . . . and before they earn their commission that ranges from anywhere between $0.001 and up to
$0.02 . . . for clicking on the ad!
Is that souless or what?
Doing the math, they are only earning about a maximum of 5 bucks an hour – and that is IF they
actually stick with the activity as it’s one of the most brain dulling, monotonous online tasks
that you’ve ever seen.

Please note: I’m not suggesting that you sign up to do this as I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s not
the best model to follow to earn a decent online income!

The method I’m outlining, was talked about (but not in depth) in a recent
WSO of the Day, and if you are interested, its at: Red Hot Traffic Firestorm

Copyright © 2014 Kevin Birch All Rights Reserved
Page 5
“Simply Traffic” – On Tap!

The writer of the Red Hot Traffic Firestorm made some fairly bold claims without going much into
the nitty gritty, how to do it etc., but as it sounded
‘doable’, I decided to throw a few bucks at the method, over a few weeks to do some testing.
I decided to log the results as the method uncovered some interesting results about the ‘ad
clickers’, which were:
• They are probably newbies, burned by every ‘get rich’ scheme out there

• They are already wanting to earn an online income

• They could be laser targeted down to a specific continent or even country – this is priceless in
the right hands!

• I could get targeted subscribers from Tier 1 countries, (ie those from USA, Canada, Australia
and UK) onto my list for only around $.067 each!

I assure you that if you follow my system to the letter you will see results with it.

This method utilises traffic from Paid to Click (PTC) sites, of which I’ve tested 3 of the biggest
PTC sites out there.
Chapter 2 – Paid to Click Sites
Definition: Paid To Click is an online business model that draws online traffic from people aiming
to earn money from home. Paid-To-Click, or simply PTC websites, act as middlemen between
advertisers and consumers; the advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website, and a part of
this payment goes to the viewer when he views the advertisement.
Please note PTC sites are heavily used by newcomers who are drawn into the websites by search
engines. Scam PTC sites are known to attract new users with cheap offers for upgrades and referrals
and disappear without trace after a short time.
So, I won’t need to mention that you need to be very careful and do your due diligence before
jumping into this with a lot of cash – I did have an unsavoury experience with one of the sites I
Copyright © 2014 Kevin Birch All Rights Reserved
Page 6
“Simply Traffic” – On Tap!

The 3 PTC sites that I tested are:
• Clixsense
• Neobux
• 2 Dollar Clicks

The first thing I noticed when I logged on to these sites was that virtually every ad that I looked
at was just a plain website – far too much for anyone to take in, in just a few seconds. The
advertisers were clearly looking for immediate purchases, which I’m sure you agree is just a wate
of traffic.
We all know the money is in the list . . . don’t we? And so I tested a few different types of ads:
1] A minimilist squeeze page which forwarded onto a paid offer of a PLR manual I picked up a couple
of years ago – taking the advice from the Red Hot Traffic Firestorm, I priced the offer at $4.97
Copyright © 2014 Kevin Birch All Rights Reserved
Page 7
“Simply Traffic” – On Tap!

2] A variation on the minimilist squeeze page above with a hook saying:
“Learn How to Turn $1 into $1k in 30 Days”
This squeeze page directed subscribers to a paid offer of a simple PLR product I picked up from one
of the memberships sites I belong to . . . and priced it at measly $1 🙂
3] A really ugly squeeze page which forwarded to an offer for 2 simple PLR
products priced at $4

4] A more detailed squeeze page which forwarded subscribers to a free download:
Copyright © 2014 Kevin Birch All Rights Reserved
Page 8
“Simply Traffic” – On Tap!

5] Another fairly simple page that enabled users to a free download of a
PDF created form PLR deal I picked up from the Warrior Forum.
The PDF only included an introduction to the product to whet their appetite, forwarding interested
people to the full product for $3.97

Copyright © 2014 Kevin Birch All Rights Reserved
Page 9
“Simply Traffic” – On Tap!

Chapter 4 – Results
My disclaimer – your own results may differ from my own and are totally dependant on the type of ad
credit you purchase and the time of day the ads are started as well as the quality of your squeeze
page / offer.
At this stage, an explanation into how buying ‘clicks’ differ between CTP
sites and solo ad sellers.
With solo ads, you are buying a specific amount of clicks to you ad, and the seller will only stop
after ‘x’ amount of clicks have clicked your ad . . . note, clicking doesn’t mean subscribing!
Prices per 100 clicks for solo ads could be anywhere between $35 and $60
With CTP sites you are bulk buying clicks, so for $14.80 you could buy as many as 10,000 ad credits
depending on the CTP site you choose.
The ad clickers would be shown ads (again depending on the CTP site) for only 3 seconds . . . and
your ad clickers could come from anywhere in the world, ie totally unfiltered.
Also, the ad clickers will be in a rythm of viewing and clicking in a very short period of time . .
. your own ad would have to be exceptionally good to get any sort of reponse . . . but the quality
of subscriber would be questionable.
You can trade these 10,000 credits to purchase a slower ad rate, ie have your ad shown for 15
seconds, 30 seconds or even a minute.
Obviously, its not going to take your ad clickers over 30 seconds or more to view your ad and
hopefully subscribe – in my view, showing your ad for lionger periods this would be a waste of your
ad resource . . and advertising dollar!
The beauty of selecting a 15 second ad view (or longer) is that you can filter your ads to a
specific audience, ie USA, or UK, or Canada etc, or a mixture of them!

Copyright © 2014 Kevin Birch All Rights Reserved
Page 10
“Simply Traffic” – On Tap!

However, there is a penaty to pay for this . .. the ad credits that you have purchased will produce
a lesser amount of actual clicks , , , but that penalty is worth paying as you can laser target the
audience that views your ads.
Hope that makes sense? If not, the examples later in the guide will help explain this further.
Traffic results to filtered squeeze pages
Overall, the traffic sent to the minimilist squeeze page (#2 above) was the most responsive
I purchased a $14.80 ad pack, filtered the countries to the UK, USA, Canada and Australia and from
the assigned 1,000 clicks and got 19 subscribers. 2 of those subscribers bought my $1 offer – thats
10% of my new subscribers that purchased the offer.

So in effect, I got 19 subscribers from 1st tier countries for $12.80 – paying only $0.67 per
subscriber – an excellent result.
Some of these subscribers have gone on to purchase other offers I have sent them.

#3 (the ugly squeeze page) outperformed #1 (the 1st minimilst squeeze page) and both sending
subscribers direct to offers, didn’t perfom as well as squeeze page at #2. The traffic sent to #3
didn’t produce any sales.
I did test the ugly squeeze page to a $2 offer instead of $4 which produced
1 sale, but didn’t get as many subscribers as I did with the minimilist squeeze page (#2)
The free download produced 3 subscribers (fortunately, I only sent 50% of the traffic to this page)
and that to date hasn’t produced any further sales from the links contained in the free fownload

Copyright © 2014 Kevin Birch All Rights Reserved
Page 11
“Simply Traffic” – On Tap!

Traffic to filtered squeeze pages
When I assigned credits to my ad (#2), I selected (from what should be the
Continents as I mentioned ealier) North America, Oceana and Europe
I got 48 subscribers – pretty good I though, until I looked at their counties. They were coming
from Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Estonia, Lativia etc, and absolutely none from North America or
I did not take the time difference in those countries into account.
Chapter 3 – Setting up your ads
Over at Clixsense you’ll need first to set up an account.
You’ll need to confirm your email address in the normal way and then you will be able to logon.
The next thing to do is select the ‘Advertise’ option, and from the drop down menu, select ‘Manage
My FTC Advertsing’:
From there, you’ll need to buy some ads:

Copyright © 2014 Kevin Birch All Rights Reserved
Page 12
“Simply Traffic” – On Tap!

Buying CTP click at clicksense (and the others) need a little explanation:
At this stage, we are only interested in Regular Ad Credits – ywe are not interested in banner ads
at this stage. You can select any amount of credits you need, as listed.
So, if, for example, you bought a 5,000 credit ad pack, you would be able to assign the credits in
various ways.
You would be able to throw the full 5,000 (or a percentage of them) on Micro Exposure ads. Your ad
will be shown for 3 seconds.
Or 1,000 credits on Mini Exposure ads –
your ad is shown for 15 seconds
Or 500 credits on Standard Ads – your ad is shown for 30 seconds
Copyright © 2014 Kevin Birch All Rights Reserved
Page 13
“Simply Traffic” – On Tap!

Or 312 Extended ads – your ad will be shown for a full 60 seconds. At this point you do not have to
think about your options here.
For your 1st ad purchase, you will need to have your payment (ie PayPal) adress confirmed via email
– this could hold up having your ads etc authorised.
The next thing to do, is actually set up your ad and click where shown
You’ll be shown this pop-up. Complete every bit of information as
Your title should be clear, and to the point as you have only a maximum of 40 characters.
It’s also important as the ‘Clicker’ will eb able to see it and will form part of his/her decision
to select the ad to click or not.
The URL is the actual URL to your squeeze
/ offer page.
Copyright © 2014 Kevin Birch All Rights Reserved
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“Simply Traffic” – On Tap!

The description is also key and with the title, will form part of the ‘Clickers’ decision.
Please take note of the type of ads that go against their TOS.
Once the ad has been authorised (this doesn’t take too long – some of mine have been quite
instantaneous, others a few minutes or so. Eventually, you’ll get an email inviting you to assign
the credits to your ad.
At this point, you’ll need to select, Micro, Mini, Standard or Extended ads as shown: – right now
we are only interested in 2 types of ads:
With Micro ads, you can assign all 5000 (if indeed you bought this ad pack) of the ad credits to
your advert – or you could split them over another or
more of your ads.
Please note that Micro
Ads are unfiltered
If you select Mini Ads you can filter your 1000
clicks (yep, you are penalised for filtering your clicks) a number of ways:

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“Simply Traffic” – On Tap!

1] You can filter by Country (or combination) – by the way, it should say
Continent instead of country!
2] You can select physical countries . . . this is where you can select 1st Tier countries
individually. As you see, on this partcualar ad, I selected 4 countries which were: the USA,
Canada, Australia and the UK
Chapter 5 – Conclusion
Please understand that the ‘Clickers’ are in there purely trying to maximise their earnings and
don’t want to spend too long looking at your page – they want to be in and out.
They may work their CTP sites in different tabs so your ads may be only be viewed for a tiny amount
of time before the next ad is clicked.
So, Mini ads give the ‘clickers’ a better opportunity to react to your ads, standard ads are just
that too long for your clickers at 30 seconds.
So, you’ll get more advertising for your dollar if you select Mini. However, giving your ‘Clickers’
a little longer (ie your ads on Standard
exposure) to look over your offer after subscribing may do well, but it
wasnt’ tested.
The time of day you post your ad has massive implications on the quality of subscriber you get,
depending on the country/continent you select.
When you assign credits to your ad, you can monitor the statisitics that its producing.
If your ad isn’t perfoming too well, you can pause you ad and tweak it to see if will perform any
Don’t forget that to measure the difference that your tweaks make, only make one change at a time!
You can send various types of traffic to your site, for instance you could split the credits as you
assign them, selecting different filtered traffic to each assignment.

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“Simply Traffic” – On Tap!

If you do pause the traffic to tweak your ad, all traffic from each part assignment will be paused
– you’ll need to restart the traffic flow to your ad after it’s been tweaked.
Neobux only gave me an option for 30 second ads If you pay via PayPal, they also need a full 24
hours before your credits are released to be assigned – I got a little frustrated by this
And finally, 2 Dollar Clicks was a mess . . . the clicks I purchased were never assigned to my ads,
and the owner didn’t respond to 3 support desk emails.
It was only after I complained via PayPal that that I eventually had my cash refunded – fortunately
I only spent $5.
Looking at the Google reviews for 2 Dollar clicks, it seems as plenty of other people were in the
same boat as me.
My advice – stay well clear of 2 dollar clicks!
I hope you enjoy this traffic generation method – it’s really exciting to see those subscribers
being added to your list, and at so low a cost!
I know one particular heavy hitter who paid out $1,600 for 1000 subscribers . . . my maths makes
this $1.60 per subscriber as against my
$0.67 rate.
Yes, I’ll agree that the quality may be different . . . but its all down to the way you interact
and make relationships with your list that counts.
I would love to know how your campaigns get on – send me an email at with
your results
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